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  1. One of the people in the epicenter of the Gamergate controversy. Basically wrote an article slamming video gamers after being a video game journalist for years. Longer story than that of course.
  2. Yikes it's by Leigh Alexander. I wonder how long it will be until she turns on board gamers.
  3. Thanks so much! I really appreciate all of the tips. Looking forward to trying it out. Anyone tried the End of the World line?
  4. I guess, I was thinking more along the lines of using the dice system vs. a D20.
  5. Does anyone know, or has anyone seen if the CoC game has been adapted to use this dice system? It's such a great system, but sometimes I'm in the mood to play something horror oriented. Especially thanks to FFG's excellent Arkham Files games.
  6. I would think if enough noise gets made FFG will do something. Think about Imperial Aces and Rebel Aces. If I had to guess those didn't come out of a "new set" idea, but a fix old stuff idea with new ships to sell an errata (Which is brilliant). I imagine there will be some sort of new mechanic that gets added to Han at zero cost. Also we had RtH announced the day after TS came out, but we've had no news recently. Who knows what's coming down the pipe.
  7. Wait what's the Gideon buff? It's the On a Diplomatic Mission upgrade card that's in the Leia Ally Pack. Long story short it makes Gideon cost 4pts and earn you 1VP each round. Oh that's right! More of that kinda stuff please? Might even go as extreme on Han like the A-wing fixes in Rebel Aces.
  8. Wait what's the Gideon buff?
  9. Very well put. I hate that I will probably be running that Best list at a store championship, but only in a reactionary way. That might be hypocritical of me.
  10. Yeah it definitely seems like they want more heroes on the board, but right now there is no incentive. If Heroes could attack twice maybe that would help. That being said moving the point value of skirmish to 50 pt. teams might be an experiment too. Armada moved but it was supposedly the plan all along.
  11. So I came into gaming by playing Heroclix in which there are hundreds of current rotation miniatures to build teams with to play skirmish fights. That being said I like Imperial Assault better as a game. The only thing I've noticed about FFG and it's meta is that (Especially if you listen to podcasts about it) it seems like you only have a chance if you play with one or two teams. I know that X-wing's diversity has improved as we are now in Wave 8, but when I hear things like, "The math for playing Han, IG-88....etc" it discourages me from wanting to even try them, which kind of sucks. I feel like maybe this makes the tournaments slightly more bland than just casual play, but it could be that we only have so few figures yet. Also like in Heroclix it seems like support pieces can really win games and as of now Imperials have there piece (rightfully so) nerfed and Scum has....none without skirmish upgrade shenanigans.
  12. I was just thinking that because man that's a dirty head start.
  13. Oh I did lol. It was pretty miserable to fight against especially with devotion and Luke and Leia in tandem too.
  14. His command card gives you control of all terminals regardless of who is standing next to them. The objective card says at the end of the round score five VP for each terminal you control in enemy territory. In 4 player there are three enemy territories that you now control a terminal in. Therefore it should give you 15 pts. I'm probably missing something but makes sense.
  15. I'm not so sure. It seems like the status phase happens at the end of the round. That's when command cards are drawn for control too.
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