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  1. Hedd

    Dragonstar 5E

    I'd have to go over the weird implants specifically but most of them speak for themselves already. Anything that gave a skill bonus before would just give advantage so many times a day. As for ships, their system was already separate from the core system so I don't see any real need to change it much. I may try to set up an online RP server for my tailored Dragonstar setting if my RL and motivations allow.
  2. Hedd

    Dragonstar 5E

    A repost from a PM for people who were interested: The concept is pretty simple really. I turned most of Dragonstar classes into paths for the core class they resemble. Mechanic is a rogue path, Diplomat is a bard path etc. Most of the equipment and core mechanics are the same, the DCs just need a little readjustment. Add Use Device, Freefall, Pilot, and Navigate to the skill list. There's levels of growth in all the paths. You can usually split the benefits of each of the unique classes between the levels with the base class being pretty obvious. Mechanic and Pilot share Rogue abilities so using them as a base is pretty easy. Technically you could use Pilot as an open path too usable by any class but rogue is the most applicable. Take Mechanic for example. Rogue base with the Mechanic Archetype. Lvl 3 - jury-rig, guerilla repair, minor upgrade, 1st & 2nd favored tech, sabotage Lvl 9 - Moderate upgrade, 3rd favored tech Lvl 13 - 4th favored tech, major upgrade Lvl 17 - 5th favored tech, Extraordinary upgrade, Masterful upgrade Most of the other classes work the same way, including the prestige classes. Not only does it keep the core classes relevant, but it also gives them more options and you don't get a gimp diplomat who can't dig himself out of a back alley gunfight. All the races are handled in either the 5.0 players guide or Monster manual. The exception is the Soulmechs which I've never liked so I use Warforged rules from Eberron.
  3. Hedd

    Dragonstar 5E

    I've converted all of the Dragonstar classes and adjusted races and such for 5.0. Made most of them paths for the core classes. Mechanic for Rogue, Pilot is a path that can be taken by any class. Added Use Device, Freefall, and Pilot to the skill list and boom, 5.0 high space adventures. Armor really hasn't changed so there wasn't any need to change things there. Ship vs ship was compartmentalized so no issues there. Pretty easy really.