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  1. Cross faction upgrades are no longer a thing. If you only play scum, you only need to buy scum stuff. Source: (and I'm sooo In)
  2. Alex: "What are you, the FFG forums?" haha
  3. Yeah, probably true. Still think more players would be better served from more small based ships and fewer large based. But, whatever really. X-wing 2.0!
  4. The info on the Kits is in the FAQ: Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit 3 – A-wing 2 – ARC-170 2 – Auzituck Gunship 2 – B-wing 2 – E-wing 2 – Ghost 2 – HWK-290 2 – K-wing 2 – Millennium Falcon 2 – Phantom I 2 – Phantom II 2 – Sabine’s TIE Fighter 2 – U-wing 2 – X-wing 2 – Y-wing 2 – YT-2400 4 – Z-95 Headhunter Galactic Empire Conversion Kit 2 – Alpha-class Star Wing 3 – Inquisitor’s TIE 2 – Lambda-class Shuttle 2 – TIE Advanced 3 – TIE Aggressor 3 – TIE Bomber 2 – TIE Defender 4 – TIE Fighter 3 – TIE Interceptor 2 – TIE Phantom 2 – TIE Punisher 3 – TIE Striker 3 – VT-49 Decimator Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit 2 – Hound’s Tooth 2 – HWK-290 2 – IG-2000 3 – Kihraxz Fighter 2 – Kimogila Fighter 4 – M3-A Interceptor 2 – Mist Hunter 3 – Protectorate Starfighter 2 – Punishing One 3 – Quadjumper 2 – Scurrg H-6 Bomber 2 – Shadow Caster 2 – Slave I 2 – StarViper 2 – Y-wing 4 – Z-95 Headhunter
  5. Well, let's first acknowledge that FFG had a pretty difficult task in determining the specific contents of the Conversion Kits. We all have different collections. The Kits need to adress this, be reasonably encompassing and yet not so packed that the customers would feel obligated to pay for a lot of stuff they didn't need. Someone was always going to be disappointed. Still, what we got doesn't really make sense to me. Especially the spread between small and large ships. I'd wager cardboard space is the primary limiting factor. Removing components for one large based ship (1 dial and 2 large bases) should easily make room for two small ships (2 dials and ¨2 small bases - no reason to include the unique pilots again). With that in mind, the rebel Conversion Kit could have included this: Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit (my whishes) 5 – A-wing 2 – ARC-170 2 – Auzituck Gunship 4 – B-wing 2 – E-wing 1 – Ghost 2 – HWK-290 3 – K-wing 1 – Millennium Falcon 1 – Phantom I 1 – Phantom II 1 – Sabine’s TIE Fighter 1 – U-wing 5 – X-wing 4 – Y-wing 1 – YT-2400 6 – Z-95 Headhunter Instead of this : Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit (official) 3 – A-wing 2 – ARC-170 2 – Auzituck Gunship 2 – B-wing 2 – E-wing 2 – Ghost 2 – HWK-290 2 – K-wing 2 – Millennium Falcon 2 – Phantom I 2 – Phantom II 2 – Sabine’s TIE Fighter 2 – U-wing 2 – X-wing 2 – Y-wing 2 – YT-2400 4 – Z-95 Headhunter Same goes for scum and Empire. I might just be projecting my own whishes... What makes more sense to you?
  6. Yeah, I was refering to TLJ A-wing. But maybe that ship has sailed into hyperspace by now...
  7. Solo is scheduled to be released on May 25, so a wave centered around that film is probably unlikely to be spoiled anytime soon. In fact, we have yet to see a trailer for the film. I'd be really surprised if did not get the new A-wing soon, seeing as the the A-Wing is in dire need of some love and this provides the perfect oppertunity. Personally I'm really coming around to the idea of prequal stuff and hoping for that.
  8. Well, it costs nothing and gives you the eqvivalent of one free action early. It might also come in handy later, as Miranda is not unlikely to have Slamed away from a bad engagement. Might as well pick up a free TL on the way back to the frey. And, while at r1-2 of here opponents, she will probably opt for focus anyway.
  9. Not really - but that might just be me enjoying the cruise-play much more than harpoons. I did come up vs. a PS 11 QD with a 2 pt bid so the 3 pt bid felt well worth it.
  10. Thank you Oh, I did nothing crazy in terms of tactis. I would usually deploy fairly spread out and try to get Fenn and Thweek into flanking positions from one direction each (well that was the goal). My opponents would usually go after TBC first, who would usually start in one corner togheter with fenn and bank inwards. TBC hits really hard and is the easiest to take out. Vs. scary stuff, like tripple Harppon scgurrgs I baited with TBC and used decloaking to keep him just out of combat, while taking unconstested shots with the others. This only works for so long ofc., and it probably means no Cruise - but it should set up a 2v2 endgame which fenn and thweek can close easily. Vs. less scary stuff, like palp aces, I would use the decloak to set up a good firing lane and just step on it, bringing the others in the same turn. Vs. big turrets I deployed in a tight cluster and just chased them down, no need to get fancy Yes, I would drop plasmas from Fenn. Assuming you're keeping focus for defense (you probably are), plasmas will only net you about 1 extra expected damage vs. shieded targets at r3 compared to using your primary weapon and spending the TL on rerolls. If at r2, you're better of boosting into r1 and focusing anyway. About what to do with the points. It's really down to your playstyle I guess. The banky barrel roll and boost actions gives the SW pretty great repositioning, even with just the one action. So I would personally go for Stims on Thweek. Good luck!
  11. Yeah, I can see that working. I think Thweek is pretty awesome and I agree on the upgrades for him. But 95 % of the time you will (should) opt for PS on Thweek, so seeing as he will always tie with you opponents highest PS, he deserves a 3 pt bid imo. Your list is very similar to one I took to a tournament win recently: Talonbane Cobra (28) Veteran Instincts (1) Cruise Missiles (3) Cloaking Device (2) Stygium Particle Accelerator (2) Guidance Chips (0) Vectored Thrusters (2) Vaksai (0) Fenn Rau (28) Push the Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) Concord Dawn Protector (1) Thweek (28) Fire-Control System (2) Autothrusters (2) StarViper Mk. II (-3) Virago (1) Total: 97 View in Yet Another Squad Builder The reasoning behind my list is that it has tools to deal with pretty much everything in the meta ATM. A 3 pt bid and 2 ps 11 will take down imperial ps 11 Alpha rather easily. 2X Autothrusters and high PS handles turrets well enough (Nym/miranda/dash primarilly). They can all (well Fenn and Thweek at least) outfly the jousting lists (Tripple Scurrg/FSR-variants and so on). And the list also hits like a truck. The reposition cloaking device provides makes setting up 5 dice cruise pretty straight forward, and if you overshoot, well he will roll 5 anyway. Win condition is basically kill anything above ps 9 and let Fenn and Thweek clean up.
  12. I've had the same feeling. The great nerfing, the release of TLJ and topping it off with a solid, balanced wave including the Gunboat might go a long way towards explaining a resurgence in X-wing.
  13. No first hand knowledge. From the online reviews and general forum chatter on other game sites they would appear legit but with slow shipping (about a week) and poor customer services... so your are probably safe
  14. I've been playing something similar. Second slaver had boba instead of insipiring recruit. Filled it out with thweek and a 2 pt bid if I remember correctly. Worked wonders. IR and Maul go hand in hand.
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