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  1. If i have a ship with squad leader that does a coordinate action. The coordinated ship does a red action. Who gets the stress first? The ship that coordinated or the ship that did the boost? For the sake of this discussion, i have lolu with squad leader and he coordinated han solo to do a boost. But they are both in arc of a first order shuttle that assigns a tractor to the first person that gets a stress in their arc. Who gets the first stress???
  2. For second shot of cluster missiles does the defender need to be in arc??
  3. Wheres my thweek pilot card and my ship base chit??? FFG seem to have forgot someone!!
  4. Oh thanks... i didnt even think of looking there!!!
  5. Are there any known force users on the scum side? I came up with maybe Maul, if he ends up on scum, but nothing else. Is there any that could be seen coming in 2.0 for us scum players? Or will our illicit slot be the tradeoff for force powers??.... Thoughts?
  6. Soooo hype! Drawback is i dont wanna play 1.0 anymore i wanna play 2.0. After ive seen how good xwing could be, some of the love is gone out of the here and now.
  7. So... title or tlt off of ghost?
  8. Adaptability nym, with harpoons and harpoon ndru and fenn rau
  9. On a RAC with both palp and kylo, who gets the boot and why?
  10. So... I have a bare assajj... And 5 pts left in my list... Latts razzi and ptl? Or k4 and trick shot and some illicits??? Or???
  11. Also, if it is a box that means there will be a booklet with missions in it. And missions are fun and added value, in my eyes at least.
  12. If punisher gained reload action for free, and maybe a point cost reduction on missile/torpedoes, would that bring it in line of where it would be balanced with other ships?
  13. I feel like last time there was a holiday Monday they released an article on Tuesday
  14. Force Friday is a US only deal.....
  15. This, if it comes, will likely be a scum ship. There is no scum faction in Armada, so all scum ships are either rebel or imps. The other madolorian ship (protectorate Starfighter) is scum already. And in rebels at least, maul flies one of these and he is definitely not flying for the rebels or the imps.
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