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  1. Regional @ Dark Sphere in London 26 players 16 Empire - 10 Rebels Ackbar 2 Dodo 3 Vader 3 Motti 7 Ozzell 2 Madine 1 Raddus 3 Sloane 2 Thrawn 1 Tarkin 1 Sato 1 1st Vader 2x ISD 2nd Motti 2x ISD 3rd Sloane no-ISD Reports of being apocalyptically snowed in are wildly exaggerated.
  2. For some Central London love there's the CLWC (Central London Wargames Club) every Monday and Thursday, sporting a sizeable Armada group. Very close to Mornington Crescent tube station, there's also parking available and in proper London fashion we play in the function room of a pub. We are currently battling once again fiercely over Corellia, though have standard games and special scenarios on a regular basis. Post or MP me for more infos
  3. Great effort and very useful list. Does look like the most important event of them all has been missed though! October TBC London Masters
  4. #LONDONMASTERS #SOLDOUT #NATIONALCHAMP With more then a month left till the event, we are delighted to announce that London Masters 2017 is officially sold-out! The team and sponsors like to thank all players very much for their enthusiasm as well as their trust in the event. Furthermore, we are very excited to announce that our new National Champion Rikki Porter has confirmed his attendance! Not only does he provide an invaluable challenge for players to best their skills and tactics against, he also kindly agreed to follow the tradition of having a bounty attached to him, following in the footsteps of our 2016 champion Laurence Evanson, who will return to compete in London Masters 2017! If you did not manage to get a ticket, please contact us for a spot on the reserve list. Get your fleets ready! Full event info: https://www.facebook.com/events/152474615305111
  5. We just announced the amazing wooden spoon prize, kindly sponsored by the play mat masters at Deep Cut Studios! Have a look at the official Facebook event page.
  6. Here's the estimated time table for the day. Last year we managed to wrap 10min ahead of schedule ^^ 9:30 Registration Opens 10:00 Player briefing 10:15 Start of round 1 12:30 End of round 1 13:00 Start of round 2 15:15 End of round 2 15:45 Start of round 3 18:00 end of round 3 18:30 Start of round 4 20:45 end of round 4 21:00 Awards ceremony Please note that we deliberatly provide ample time between rounds to allow players to finish their games and to not pressure new players. About hotels in Bromley, i'd be happy to do some research and provide recommendation soon. I'd also suggest to drop a post on the Facebook event page for the community to provide tips & suggestions.
  7. Haha, i was about to start an official thread for London Masters today and seen that Mad Cat beat me to it Please feel free to ask any question, which i aim to answer quickly. We have just announced this years participation prize, something never seen before in Armada! Check it out on our official Facebook page! Last year we had a fantastic 28 players join the fun, which we hopefully beat this year. Note that the event will once more be limited to 32 players max, so get your ticket soon. There are already about 15+ tickets gone. About the wooden spoon prize, we have managed to secure Deep Cut Studios as a returning sponsor. They provided an amazing prize last year and are set out to ramp it up this year! More announcements coming soon!
  8. I have recently reached out to the UK distributor Esdevium Games about the availability of Carneval of Horrors. Here's the reply: Hi Florian; Carnevale of Horrors is due to arrive in the UK at the end of January. It will probably ship to stores who pre ordered it on w/c 06 /02 /17. It has already sold out to pre order so make sure you contact your local seller and reserve your copy. Regards Chris Chris Francis Hobby Telesales Team Supervisor
  9. Right, we played the scenario with a group of 3 investigators as a stand-alone. Included in the group where Zoe, Rex (lead investigator) and Jenny. Both Rex and Jenny took 10 exp for an additional basic weakness. We started our venture into the museum, making good progress during the first 2 turns. And with the third turn our luck ended and we found ourselves racing against the clock. After the dust settled we lost the scenario. However, it was really fun and the writing was very good. The mechanics worked out great and added a welcome element of surprise and 'plot twist' to the scenario. Everybody enjoyed it and the game took just under 2 hours. I'll avoid giving anything away and can write you a PM for a more in-depth discussion of our feedback. One thing i would like to suggest for review is allowing for a bit more time exploring the museum during the first Agenda. As a group we thought a threshold of 5 might be more suitable. On top of that it felt like there are a bit too many discard pile re-shuffle triggers, but we might have been unlucky hitting a specific Treachery a bit too often, hence advancing the final Agenda very quickly. As a suggestion, how about instead adding the elder thing token to the scenario with an ability like this: '-3. If the skill check fails, shuffle the encounter discard pile back into the encounter deck.' To sum it up, the scenario was well designed, had great writing (adding another layer of you know the inspirational source) and was very fun. Would definitely recommend it and looking forward trying it again very soon. Maybe solo.
  10. Quick question before our first play trough tonight. Does the chaos bag use the core set configuration? I take it the answer is yes, and would suggest a note on the set-up instruction card.
  11. Looking forward having you on board! Please let me know if you have any questions
  12. The Crosse Keys Sellswords are proud to announce they will be teaming up with Dark Sphere to host the first Crosse Keys Kingslayer tournament for FFG’s Game of Thrones 2nd Edition LCG. The Crosse Keys’ Kingslayer 2017 tourney is an independently organised event by the local community and the first of its kind in the Greater London area. Join us on the 11th of Match 2017 for a fun day of epic card battles, give aways as well as a wooden spoon! Each player will receive a custom made plot alt art card that won’t be available anywhere else. Additional prize support will be announced in due time. Everybody is welcome, especially new players as well as seasoned veterans alike. The Kingslayer format makes use of slightly adjusted deck building rules and allows a player to construct a deck from a single core set only. This makes it very beginners friendly, as no large collected of AGoT LCG cards is needed to play in the event. For the full official format rules of Kingslayer please visit the FFG website here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/7/22/becoming-a-kingslayer/ Players will compete through a number of rounds based on the total attendance, which would be expected to be 4 rounds. Please note that this is a swiss round only event, there will be no top cut. Otherwise the tournament follows FFG’s tournament guidelines and etiquette, positioning itself in the relaxed tier. The official event page on Facebook can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/172569279893551/ The estimated timetable for the day: 11:00 Registration Opens 11:30 Player briefing 11:45 Start of round 1 12:40 End of round 1 13:00 Start of round 2 13:55 End of round 2 Lunch break 14:30 Start of round 3 15:25 end of round 3 15:45 Start of round 4 16:40 end of round 4 17:00 Awards ceremony Celebratory drinks at the local pub Please allow for a 5th round based on total attendance. This would move the Award Ceremony to about 6pm. Tickets are £5 and seats are limited to 40 players, so secure your spot soon! DISCLAIMER: This non­-profit event is not affiliated with or endorsed by FFG.
  13. That's some real creativity and effort you are showing off. Absolutely well done!
  14. Printed and soon on our groups schedule. Will provide thoughts and feedback in due time.
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