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  1. LordFajubi

    Boom Owl Knows What I'm Talking About

    I never bought one of these, did he always have a stop? And how exactly is a fast nimble ship supposed to stop. I really liked this ship on screen but stopping just isn’t cricket. Nm that must be a different dial.
  2. LordFajubi

    More icons would be a +++

    Can we grunt and point while explaining it to new people? I’m down.
  3. LordFajubi

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    Which only helps in knife fighting or you are spot on at long range anticipation. You’re not blocking a turret shot from a small base very easy and alpha strikes are nearly impossible to block unless the attacker is careless. Maybe with boba, I don’t know. This is valid but with evade nerfs probably wouldn’t have happened as often. But overall agreed, my big problem is with stupid modded red dice. They did that in 1.0 to counter-balance your point. If they do it here, it will be a freaking disaster and non token stackers will disappear faster than free cake at a jenny craig convention. Agreed.
  4. LordFajubi

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    This right here. They have taken token stacking away from ept’s and just given it to individual pilots. Token stacking is alive and well and will be ridiculously prominent at tournaments. Not you in paticular Dragoon but to those insisting 2.0 is different...in some cases maybe but overall not really. And I really wanted to like 2.0. The limited pallet of upgrades will disappear, the token stackers ARE present, we just need double modded multi-shots and this will be very close to 1.0.
  5. LordFajubi

    First Look Trailer - Star Wars Resistance

    Adding to the not impressed pile but as others have said, this is a show for kids. This is to sell toys and plushies. I have 0 faith in any kind of good story. It’ll be stupid jokes and ships going zoom zoom. It reminds me of the Voltron reboot on netflix. Hate that cartoon and will likely hate this. Now the 2 @svelok mention, knights and blame are pretty cool.
  6. LordFajubi

    The VCX-100 just kinda melts...

    I truly hope you are correct Fickle, truly, we’ll see though. I never under-estimate ffg’s harebrained capabilities, in any product.
  7. LordFajubi

    The VCX-100 just kinda melts...

    Don’t know if you’re kidding but I agree with this time line 100%. It may have variance for margin of error but definately starting to see 2.0 as same **** different day. Of course in wave 1 things aren’t super broken, the only real difference between this start and 1.0’s is the starting ship counts. I’m even laying real odds they repeal mobile arcs because it doesn’t even need to be ties, there are viable swarms everywhere now and they can unite to become Voltron on any non swarm list. Area damage and possibly pwt will return because the synergy is too good for 5-6 ship lists.
  8. LordFajubi

    The Day Twitter Broke X-Wing

    How bout if they remove the range restriction completely for enemy ships but add the caveat you can not have an enemy ship in firing arc? Obstacles by definition can’t be right next to each other and this would solve the problem without giving unfair advantage. Might also eliminate middle rock placement because you could pinch move that in one turn. I do disagree with people saying this is a rare occurrence. Placing in field is a HUGE advantage, especially for ordnance carriers. This was gonna happen, the event just forced it.
  9. LordFajubi

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    Basically yes with the ability that ffg has promised a shipless upgrade option. Anything past wave 1 will require further purchases to complete. As per your generic upgrade concern, valid and depending on your patience level might require you to go multi-faction. Ffg has stated everything generic will be available to all respective factions but they never promised how or when just that it’s possible.
  10. LordFajubi

    The Day Twitter Broke X-Wing

    I don’t get the thread title. How did twitter break xwing? Looks to me boba fett broke xwing, though a case can be made that ffg broke xwing 😊 Hilarious oversight in playtesting though. No one saw this in the many months they claim people road tested 2.0?
  11. LordFajubi

    The Empire betrayed at Coruscant

    Why do people assume imperial players united in this effort? A single guy could have accomplished this. I didn’t vote at all but I sure as **** wouldn’t have voted for ruthlessness. FFG failed hard making an unrestricted voting option like twitter their vehicle for this choice. Honestly if what they wanted was a fair vote, paper ballot the day before the event would be closer to democracy. Each participant gets one vote. I really love how people attack imperial players because of a few outspoken activists/loyalists. Like any other factions broken list players are beacons of fair play and good form.
  12. LordFajubi


    just gonna put this here. Seems some stores are paying more than 2 a deck. Tsk tsk ffg. Also core shortages are claimed. Cannot confirm or deny these claims but thought it was interesting to see it on more than 1 board. Anyone else heard core shortages from their stores?
  13. LordFajubi

    2.0 is kind of a mess

    Clearly you have never paid $50+ for a card in a ccg and had it banned on you. It happens. Crying I paid money for this is no more valid than people crying they hate playing against it. If it’s abuseable it’s bannable the health of the game is the most important not your personal buying choice. Not trying to be snarky, truly, but I have seen this reasonning for decades in ccg’s. This is really no different. I feel for people upset but I can not endorse others suffering so a purchase can be justified.
  14. LordFajubi

    2.0 is kind of a mess

    I agree with you if the center piece is static but to use the vader example, the Vader with synergy to black squadran would not be the same vader, they’d have to make ANH vader for that who could have completely different abilities. It can be done just not easily if you shoehorn it. This also lets FFG continue selling new content for old ships. Win win for them.
  15. LordFajubi

    2.0 is kind of a mess

    It would be kind of a marriage between quick builds and regular play. Yes that might be the best vader plus tie config but how is that any different than what we have now? There is always a top crust to building, this would just give new people a competent starting point with an effective balance to practice. And it could very well be the best at it’s bracket but could still see better or as good formations not using the synergy load out. Hard to balance, maybe, but not harder than balancing anything new with 30 some existing pilots now per faction 😊