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  1. I did miss the Destiny disclaimer on your mill scenario so apologies on that. I do not nor will I have any interest in Destiny. Do they have cards now that straight mill or is it still dependent on dice rolls? The counterspell point stands though, many if not all the colors have counters now they are just not usually as powerful or cheap as counterspell, ergo the Ratatouille principle of anyone can do it with varying difficulty is still valid. @Darth Meanie made a good point too about counters. Part of the strategy in a counter deck is bluffing. Do I have a counter, I left the right mana open. You can bluff plenty in a concealed card game. Thane gives you an option to not really bluff but he does have the ability of control or damage not many ships can do both. He can be extremely flexible and unpredictable in the right hands. Thane on the table also can do one thing that no other Xwing really can. He can leave his foils closed 100% of the time and remain a threat. If you use him as a straight control piece and have other heavy hitters he can simply run around flipping crits and still be a valuable member of your team. I just personally don’t like a weighted ability like his. Is it broken? No. Is it stronger than it should be? Possibly. It does depend greatly on your opponents ships. It’s much better against certain things than others. I do find it interesting that several people have found it difficult to use. It’s a single result shot, at range 3 arc possibilities, obstacles be damned, it just seems more a victim of rebel weakness or low hull meta than all that hard to land. All rebels need is a good damage dealer and anything with 3 hull or more can be at the mercy of dealt cards. All this talk has me determined to make a good squad with him now, just wish the rebels weren’t circling the bowl. A good fast bomb layer could be fun with a Thane sniper.
  2. You can always counterspell the counterspell and mill has weaknesses too like cards you can play from your graveyard or effects that hurt your opponent when forced to discard. Not seeing the problem there as some of you don’t with Thane. 😜 Granted Thane is no counter spell but there is counters to anything in games if you look and should there not be one the offending effect should be banned. Also to continue the analogy RDW is one the mightiest archtypes in magic and it is based on kill your opponent first as I have seen several suggest for Thane. Point being you see things as npe that I don’t and vice versa so viva la diversity.
  3. I get what you are saying but doing damage is not always linked to doing cards. Having to do nothing but roll a single result and you get a pick from available. Direct hit is great but other crits can absolutely set you up for a hammering and since thane is int 5 there are precious few ships that would have to shoot before him. It’s not the damage from him that concerns me it’s the setup with almost no cost but in arc and roll a non blank on 3 dice. That’s where I was coming from. People hated Kylo for a different but similar reason. Exploiting crits just seems a little excessive to me.
  4. Did I miss a ruling on Thane? Why are some acting like it’s random? It says you look at them and pick, to me that reads you get to see which one you’re flipping beforehand. Is that incorrect?
  5. True but direct hit isn’t the only crit that can cripple you if they know it’s there. Disarm tokens are the only defense to this and I seriously doubt they give us the ability to force a disarm. I’d have 0 problem with his ability if he had to actually hit. Then you cancel 1 result to flip.
  6. It’s not high variance at all, you look at and pick one card. It is situational in that they need damaged. It’s not very useful on low hp ships and massively useful against high hp ships. Your best defense shouldn’t be kill him first. It really is a poorly designed special.
  7. LordFajubi

    Upsilon DOA for second edition? Umm....

    The card spoil will be interesting. I’d like to know for those 3 dials on the upsilon how many pilots you get. Willing to bet only 2 generics and the rest are uniques.
  8. LordFajubi

    First Order conversion kit article

    Hopefully the Upsilon has a complete **** dial or it’s going to have stupid levels of firepower out it’s foreward arc. If not from go we are 1 cannon away from disaster. Adding attack dice generically is never a good idea, we saw this in 1.0. So it needs to handle terribly to offset the offense. Costing a lot will help too but there needs to be a sharp down side for the number of reds it can throw at once.
  9. LordFajubi

    TIE/rb stats, ship ability and pilot ideas

    Since this droid brain is supposed to be a thing how about something like snapshot. If a ship ends it’s move in your arc you get an immediate shot and may only use calculate tokens to modify. I also like @ficklegreendice‘s idea of it keeps calculate tokens to a max of say 2-3. All this would require it’s primary att is 2 so maybe something like... 2/2/5/0 with a crud, but not complete crap, dial. No k’s or auto turns, but give the thing at least hard 1’s maybe even as red.
  10. LordFajubi

    Resistance Conversion Kit upgrade preview

    True but he also says he has experience navigating tight corridors in the briefing and likely tells them he can handle it so the other guys, who have tons more space experience, are all for the rookie taking point. That and Luke doesn’t look surprised when red leader tells him that. I imagine this was discussed beforehand and was always the backup plan. Now why they trust him on his word...
  11. LordFajubi

    Resistance Conversion Kit upgrade preview

    To be fair Biggs likely volunteered to keep an eye on a non soldier (his real life friend) with no actual combat experience. The trench run is easy, no one asked Luke to do it he just goes to it as they are literally seconds away from losing. Do you really think anyone is going to tell him no if he’s willing to risk his life as no one else was in position or alive. 2 designated leaders fail before Luke tries it. So this really isn’t all that unbelievable. Biggs is his friend and Wedge is just a nice guy newbie at that point. Not waying in on anything else but that scene is actually believable.
  12. LordFajubi

    Resistance Conversion Kit upgrade preview

    Still not biting on this, well played FFG and I wish Res players good games but I don’t care if it comes with gold foil pilot cards. Not buying it or anything outside my chosen factions. These upgrades have the greatest chance yet to become broken, hopefully they don’t accidently or purposely do that.
  13. LordFajubi

    Resistance Conversion Kit upgrade preview

    Because it’s like 100 years old at this point and hasn’t been maintenanced in like 20
  14. LordFajubi

    Tournament regulations?

    Not to mention in a 2.0 world a one ship build seems like absolute suicide. No one ship has anywhere near the offense AND defense to go solo and I see very little to no chance that one will. I don’t get at all why some people are twisting their shorts over this, unless they have issues being told no.
  15. LordFajubi

    2.0: Do Qi'ra and Trick Shot add up?

    Chris and Alex are experts, the people who write the articles have proven with most certainty they are not. I agree with you on what the intent was but I also know until it is officially answered it will cause discord.