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  1. Still a Rumor, but Ubisoft and Activison may get the Star Wars License

    What you describe was pretty much my career in galaxies outside accepting jedi. I hated Jedi and thought it was a mistake adding them to game. I absolutely refused to become one but unlocked every force power I could to help me be a bounty hunter. I was pretty good too but they made jedi such an alpha class that unless you had a crazy burn weapon or attacked as a group (which made no sense for a BH) you were screwed. I became one of the best shipwrights on the server and a very good pilot. So I took to the skies and burned many jedi and muggles alike. I was a scurge of orbital space and brought much glory to my emperor and empire. Pity you didn’t get to try galaxies, it would have been right up your ally.
  2. Has Anyone Tried the 5 X-wing list yet?

    What if the refit is xwing and uwing like people think but it gives you a choice between +1 mod or -1 cost? Best of both the hot xwing mods are 0 cost, the uwing needs a cost reduction not mods. Torp slot upgrade too because neither need them.
  3. do we really need another U-wing

    Didn’t need the first lol
  4. Still a Rumor, but Ubisoft and Activison may get the Star Wars License

    So much this!
  5. Still a Rumor, but Ubisoft and Activison may get the Star Wars License

    It’s called KOTOR. Kotor 3 would be cool if someone does it right. 😊
  6. Any guesses when the new FAQ shows up?

    Because it’s an un-nerfed possibly non sucking imperial...😜
  7. New preview: save the dream

    Check the pic, someone already pointed out there is only 3 xwing ship plates. If you want to run 5 you’ll be buying 2 of these and ebay 1 xwing card. FFG strikes again, glad I proxy.
  8. K-Wings On Ice

    Maybe it has some killer Lazy-boy like seats? If you’re gonna fly in straight lines a lot might as well do it in comfort and style. Honestly the only real reason I can come up with is passenger space. Like 3po gibbering to han while in combat. This way the guy holding the ordnance button doesn’t get spooked by a surprise booga booga. Weak I know but it does kinda make sense.
  9. K-Wings On Ice

    I’m not afraid to join you, I like it too. Not my favorite ship but not the abomination some people make it out to be. I do think most scum ships look like total crap though so I further minority myself.
  10. Is Lando a better pilot than Han? (movie question)

    Make it happen Disney, make it happen!
  11. Which preview will be out today?

    Lol, mmk.
  12. Which preview will be out today?

    They have seriously over extended themselves this time. They have a lot of irons in the fire at this point. Something HAS to be neglected. I think the quick genius/ts errata is perfect proof. When have they “fixed” something so fast? Doesn’t happen often for sure and they usually hemhaw around for way too long before begrudgingly trying something. The fact they nipped it in the bud so quick, says to me at least, they don’t want nor do they have the time to be bothered with xwing. Also I still have solid money that missing sku is a cancelled product and to avoid the not again and mismanagement rage backlash they are sweeping it under the rug until they can do something about it.
  13. Lack of Imperial flavor?

    Again this is evade, does nothing to bomb or splash damage and is preventable by bumping and token nullification. I get not all ties should get this but vanilla ties and interceptors would greatly benefit from a defense against the numerous answers to swarms.
  14. Lack of Imperial flavor?

    No it’s called do that and nothing else without ept help. I was suggesting a constant freebie. 😊
  15. Lack of Imperial flavor?

    How about instead of regen, because imperials have none, ties could equip a title that negates the first damage suffered each round? It still leaves them vulnerable to the natural predators of tlt and splash damage but the opponent has to try a lot harder. It wouldn’t be 1 and done for shieldless ships and kind of illustrate the fact that ties are supposed to be hard to hit. They fold like chairs to unavoidable damage. No damage should unavoidable completely to a tie fighter.