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  1. Fair point, fair point, but if Vong ever end up in Armada, I will quit the game or refuse to play Vong players. Vong, as was stated earlier in the game, are the anti-thesis of Star Wars. It would be like putting Star Trek ships into Star Wars for me. I wouldn't want to play it. There are PLENTY of things for them to bring around for our collective enjoyment as you put it, without further ruining the setting.
  2. That was the ONLY thing I liked about the Vong set-up. If they weren't so "better than you" it might of been...semi-bearable. I mean, the Empire's military projection was more than enough, with two Death Stars, to have ripped the Vong a new one. Then again I'm die-hard loyal to the Empire so... Also, the only other thing that makes me angry about the Vong is... I grew up reading the young jedi books...following Jacen's progression to the dark side in the end was painful and to me enjoyable...BUT...the Vong sections ruined it a bit. I know their story (Jaina and Jacen) wasn't great but I still liked it...
  3. When your opposing player puts mines out as their mission. "**** the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"
  4. Just for gee-wiz: Vong almost made Disney Canon. Clone Wars was going to include Vong at one point (concept art exists) but it didn't get to it / decided not to. So either Disney would have said TCW was non-canon or Vong would of made it in... (though not their stories, which were the WORST part about them... bloody mary-sue the race.) With Vong gone... Chewie is alive GCW-based conflicts can continue Coruscant isn't half alien-jungle Fugly race design isn't existant AS FOR ARMADA... here is how Vong would be. 20+ Health, 10+ Black Die that attack at medium range on each side, ships heal every turn automatically, etc. Vong's fleets literally TORE through armadas of Star Destroyers. It took a kami-kazi'd Super Star Destroyer LOADED WITH EXPLOSIVES FROM FRONT TO BACK to destroy one of their big ships. Vong were 'unstopable' by everything currently in Armada or will be in Armada. If anything, we will see Episode 7 fleets, The Clone Wars, or even Old Republic. LONG before we see Vong (ie: never. We hope.)
  5. Do all the command tokens generated by Garm disappear?
  6. While that is true, I still stand by my point that this was more aesthetics. The game just looks weird without fighters... fleets look empty...
  7. Yes but a fleet of CR-90s, all with overload... exhausted by one CR-90, you have 6+ more blue dice coming in. Activating A-Wings with a fighter token and you have a death pit...
  8. Can confirm this is how I lost a shield monster.
  9. Thematically, I agree - Rebels wouldn't have too many fighters so running fighter-less is somewhat feasible. However gameplay-wise, their squadrons are just too good to NOT run at least a few. Even just a smattering (official navy term) of A-wings can ruin the best laid plans of a Rhymer list. Plus that black die can put the hurt on a shieldless Vic. maybe I just need to write a post on how cool A-wings are.... God yes, A-Wings are great... just need to be cautious with Fel. If you engage Fel with A's you need at least 2 squadrons.
  10. Yeah, sorry on the wording, but yeah. Dual-volly then ram to kill.
  11. Scale isn't the issue, nor upgrade. I'm saying it looks wrong from a logic-standpoint not to have fighter escort. Any time I build a list that will 100% work without fighters - I just feel a need to willingly hinder my list's capabilities for the sole purpose of putting in some X or Y Wings. Because they should be there in any 'real' sense.
  12. Agreed! Ramming should be used only to garuntee a kill. I recently did this to kill a Gladiator Insidious as it attempted to get rear-arch after my Guppy took it to one health. I couldn't risk it opening on my rear... My experience with ramming intentionally is that the enemy usually rips my ship apart. Only ram when you are going to garuntee a kill. (Saw a mission-enabled Vic 1 perform a ram then dual-front-volly on an objective victory II with Motti. One-Hit-TKO)
  13. Does anyone else feel this way? When you step back and look at a pure ship-build and go, "Really need some X-Wings or TIEs or Y-Wings.." It feels wrong for Imperials not to have some TIE squadrons out there, or Rebels not to fly with some escorts... Points-wise, we all want the best build possible. I mean, I just suggested a no-fighter rebel build in another thread; yet I also thought "man that will look silly without some X or A Wings..." Who else tends to try to fit some fighters in, if only for the 'feels right'? (Personally I feel fighter compliment should be a base of # of basic X or TIEs by default with a capital ship capable of carrying them.)
  14. Guppy build as described in OP, minus an officer, with Mon Moth. Neb B Salvation, no other upgrades 2x CR-90 B's with Overload Pulse, One touting Leia. CR-90s fly with Guppy, then peel off to over-load-pulse any target the Guppy plans to attack. That is 299 points, 1 point under for bid to initiative. No fighters. Mobile as hell. Dual CR90B will rip apart a gladiator's shields and keep up with it if need be if someone decides to get close... Neb + Guppy have enough anti-fighter to deal with bombers.
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