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  1. they could make generic Jedi a detachment so you can still get the feeling of a lot of jedi running around but not have insanely powerful squads of them.
  2. not to mention the new keyword that forces an attack on a nearby unit if the target is available.
  3. Sidious is fair game as he did as much fighting during the clone wars as he did as the emperor during the GCW. I actually think that the republic will get chancellor palpatine as well. I don't think Maul will be a CIS commander though. He would be an operative as he spent his time hunting Jedi rather than leading an army.
  4. i think what's confusing is they announced new product, say its slated for 2020(CW) and Q4 2019(Bunker and escape pod), then go on to say that there is product coming out before the announced product but they don't announce this product. That brings the question of why not announce the product that is coming out this year?
  5. Wookies would fit the bill for the counterpart to the B2, and making them a corp unit would differentiate them from the Rebellion.
  6. Not to mention that the new Imperial ship for Armada is rumored to have an episode 9 tie in and it wasn't hidden.
  7. CW core is going to be released early September so that might not fit into the typical release schedule.
  8. I hadn't thought about that, I was just happy to hear that I wont have to wait until the end of September to get my Droids on the table.
  9. Thanks, They also say that TCW core should be out early September.
  10. Do you have a source for that? It wasn't in the livestream or Q&A.
  11. Crabbok's Video from Gencon shows the back of the Huge ship conversion kit. It appears as there is a shot of the new maneuver tool on the back. Crabbok Gencon video The tool is at 5:04
  12. yeah it was mentioned during the stream.
  13. They are definitely on unseen bases, I am curious to learn what the indents on the sides are used for? I don't think we see the tanks move sideways.
  14. Ah ok, i stopped after they took the break for the Q&A. I'll have to find it in one of the videos that gets released later.
  15. Are you at the in flight report or has the Q&A been put on video?
  16. I agree I was surprised that all the TCW releases are 2020, except the core set and initial release units.
  17. Yeah, i was making more of an observation than am argument. I think the "late 3rd quarter" thing puts it firmly in September. I will say this though the Shore troopers and Dewback will be spoiled soon enough because they are also getting an early release at Gencon.
  18. just to point out that the Shore Trooper/Dewback article hasn't dropped yet, but both of the Clone Wars core set ones have.
  19. i think you are right about this, especially if they are going to keep to the estimated 80% Clone Wars 20% GCW release schedule.
  20. i don't think we will hear anything about the Resistance until Gencon 2020 at the earliest. That gives the clone wars time to fill out as factions.
  21. Yeah but it was significantly larger as well.
  22. I would have the FO have a high courage value on their infantry to represent their conditioning. As for the Resistance we will have to wait until the Rise of Skywalker to see what would fit for them. I don't think the AT-AT would be a hard sell at $200, and i think the rest would sell fine at between $100-$150.
  23. I don't think that most of the people that are asking for a "Scum" army are looking to run all Jawas or anything like that. They are looking to run armies like the Hutts, or Crimson Sun, or even the Shadow Collective. These groups don't fit into the current Rebel/Empire or even the CIS/Republic, yet they play a huge role in Star Wars. Part of the beginning of A New Hope, the Frist half of Return of the Jedi, parts of The Phantom Menace, and the entire Solo movie deal with this shady underworld. The Hutts for example have enough units to cover all of the same slots that the Empire and Republic have with visually distinctive units with an unique play style. Other criminal organizations can do the same thing. The idea that people have about sharing corps units could be handled by releasing the Shadow Collective, which was a group comprised of most of the major crime families.
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