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  1. How would that work with the probe Droid in the CIS specialist pack that gets attached to a corps unit?
  2. The one that comes to mind for me is Kalani. He isn't as mainstream as some of the other characters but he does show up in the Clone Wars and Rebels, so he is probably the most recognizable Super Tactical Droid.
  3. I dont know if i would say there is lots. Rebels would have possibly 3 releases and empire would have 2. Rebels: Cara Dune, Security droids, Jump troopers Empire: Moff Gideon, Transport(from rebels as well)
  4. That's true to an extent, I don't see them dropping the rebels and imperials completely out thought. But my main point is you get caught up quicker because all of the releases go toward one faction instead of split across two. So in your example above FO and the Resistance would get 3 each where as a scum would get 6, or it could be split Reb/Imp 2 GAR/CIS 2 Scum 4. That would still get Scum caught up faster as scum would be getting more per wave than either of the other two factions. That doesn't mean that FFG would do it that way, and I have been wrong before about Legion so who knows really.
  5. I actually see that as a reason to release a scum faction before the sequel trillogy. It would be far easier to get one faction "caught up" rather than two.
  6. I think the easiest way to deal with that problem is to release vehicle commanders as a pilot upgrade card that has a courage value printed on that.
  7. it is possible that Maul will be for a scum faction. The Devs did say that they were going to have some content from the Mandalorian coming around the end of the year. With the end of the last season of the Clone Wars featuring Mandalor, Maul being in command of Deathwatch, and Deathwatch being the Mandalorians in the flash backs in the Mandalorian, This could indicate a Deathwatch/scummy release for the Clone Wars erra.
  8. yeah, you don't actually see him do it, all you see is him walking toward the Sith temple with Lukes X-Wing and what looks like a TIE/ln in the background. As i mentioned earlier the novel fixes the mistake with a slightly less ridiculous brand new TIE scout that is just a TIE /ln with a hyperdtive.
  9. I believe their ship got damaged and they couldn't make it to Coruscant, they also chose Tatooine because the trade federation didn't have a presence there.
  10. That is one of the ideas that I had when thinking of how these things would work. Its one way of dealing with the problem of the base taking up too much area, and it would allow for the units to step over low obstacles like barricades and what not. It would also allow for infantry to run around through the legs.
  11. Well at least the author of the book paid attention, and only created a new variant of the TIE fighter called the TIE scout which is hyperspace capable.
  12. the sale is postponed till next week
  13. i would like to know as well
  14. Do you have the source for that?
  15. it looks like a new expansion will be announced on February 20.
  16. It wasn't my intent to start that argument up again, it was rather to point out that the arguing was about where Maul should be, not if he was around. I do agree that the debate has probably run its course and the only thing to do is wait and see.
  17. Maul does fight during the clone war, where the argument comes in is what faction should he be in. By the time of the clone wars Maul isn't allied with the separatist, so putting him in the CIS faction would seem out of place. At that time he is starting to take over the Criminal underworld which eventually leads to him in control of Crimson Dawn and The Shadow Collective.
  18. Here's my idea for a Mandalorian squad: Death Watch Corps 3 units Red defense dice speed 2 Vibro knife: Melee 1 red 1 black Westar- 35: range 1-2 1 red, 1 black Upgrades: Extra trooper Heavy weapons Armament Gear Keywords: Beskar: Add 1 block result when you defend against a ranged attack They would come with armament upgrades like: Whistling Birds: Flame Thrower: Blaster Rifle: Gear upgrades would include: Jet pack: Whipcord: My idea behind this is to make them a corps so you could create a legal army out of them. They would be on the expensive side of things to keep their numbers limited. They would be able to serve in any role that the current corps do depending on the armament upgrade taken.
  19. The earliest that i would expect an announcement would be Gen Con this year with a release Gen con 2021. I think a Scum faction makes the most sense due to only needing to add units for a single faction. That being said it might be better if they do what they did with the clone wars in X-Wing and release faction starter kits. These would include a commander and 2 corps, all the faction specific cards you need + the 4 generic command cards. There would be a support released along side it to give the same number of unit choices that a half core set gives you.
  20. and none of those happen when he is in the Empire, he is a lot more active in the clone wars than the GCW
  21. kidnaps several of the rebellions leadership and attempts to execute them. He also openly taunts Vader. Those don't seem like actions of someone who is afraid to get their hands dirty.
  22. This is how I would do a "Scum" starter set. I would start by making scum the "faction of subfactions" by releasing generic scum corps, support, and special forces. I would then release a "Scum" starter set with the Hutts sub faction and a Mandalorian sub faction. The set would contain Jabba, and Gammorrean Guards for the Hutt Faction, Gar Saxon( or any of the other Mandalorian leaders), and Death Watch troopers for the Mandalorian sub faction, and 2 units of Scum Mercenaries and Swoop riders as generic scum units that could be used by either subfaction. I would do it this way because as we move on any new faction will find it harder and harder to catch up to the existing factions. To have a starter like this a new scum player would immediately have access to 4 different units in the core set while each Generic scum release would increase the options of all of the sub factions. With Jabba the Hutt it fills the roll of scum in the GCW era and it would be units that are recognizable from the movies. The Mandalorians would cover the hype of the new show as well as introduce a Clone wars era Scum faction for those who care about timeline continuity.
  23. Kalani also makes an appearance in Rebels
  24. that was with only GCW releases, FFG is slowing the release schedule and still going to release GCW content. I would agree if it was 18 months of just CW releases but not with GCW releases as well.
  25. You are right that the resistance doesn't have enough units to make a faction right now, but FFG didn't say that they aren't going to make them. I believe they just said that their original plan was to do a core set and that the plan had changed. Regardless any new faction won't be released for at least a year, more likely two. The clone wars was just released and they need time to catch up, heck they will only have 3 of their force org chart filled until February and then they still won't have a special forces unit or operative(r2 and 3po count as that for GAR).
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