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  1. jcmonson

    Clone wars factions speculations

    for the CIS starter: 2x Corps: B1 battle droid: 42 points 7 minis white attack melee-3 white defense no surge 2 courage speed 2 extra trooper upgrade:(they have an upgrade that adds 2 troopers for 12 points) grenade upgrade Keyword: Battle droid: This unit ignores the effects of suppression tokens Support: STAP: Similar to the imperial speeder bike Commander: Grievous: 190ish points attacks: hold out blaster: Range 1-2 red black lightsaber: Melee 6 white pierce, impact lightsaber: Melee 6 white pierce, impact surge to hit speed 2 health 7 courage 2 upgrades: Extra weapon: Comes with 2 extra lightsabers Extra weapon key words: Arsenal 4 Battle droid: This unit ignores the effects of suppression tokens followed by Corps: B2 Support: Droidekas Dwarf spider droids Special Forces: IG 1000 Buzz droid Heavy: crab droid AAT Vulture Droid Operatives: Jango Fett Ventress Maul (i know not part of the CIS but he is so iconic) Commanders: Duku Palpatine Kalani tactical droid ...
  2. jcmonson

    Leading The Way. Pathfinders article.

    For Bodhi, i was thinking something similar to the coms specialist, with his operative cards dealing with causing confusion with your opponent. For example your one pip could allow you to issue orders after your opponent.
  3. jcmonson

    Leading The Way. Pathfinders article.

    I actually think Cassian should be a commander, as he was in charge of the "squad" up until the final mission. I would imagine he would be on the cheaper side of things but with a Personnel upgrade for K2. K2 would have a card for being an operative and an upgrade card similar to the generic commanders. Baze and Chirrut would be an Operative team and Bodi would be an operative as well.
  4. jcmonson

    "limited edition" ships?

    I wish FFG would put it up on their site to sell during adepticon as well to allow those that can't attend an opportunity to get them as well.
  5. jcmonson

    New SW Board Game Announced

    No worries
  6. jcmonson

    New SW Board Game Announced

    yeah, I left that part out, but my fist sentence says basically the same thing. My point was that IG88 is confirmed in the game as a character or crew.
  7. jcmonson

    New SW Board Game Announced

    IG-88 will be making an appearance as either a character or crew. So IG-88 could be one of the 3 and it would add another bounty hunter. That is from this quote from the product page: Lando Calrissian may excel at rigging a game of sabacc, but IG-88 is more likely blast a hole in an organic!
  8. jcmonson

    So Rebels.

    I don't think that is necessarily true. They are sure to add multi-faction characters, most notably Palpatine. He will surely go CIS, and if they really wanted to milk it the Republic as well. The bounty hunters could be done in a similar way.
  9. jcmonson

    What CONTENT is missing?

    I would like to see more keywords like Bounty. Something like Smuggle: A unit with Smuggle can place a contraband token on that unit. At the end of the game if you have a unit with Smuggle and a contraband token in your opponents deployment zone then you gain a victory point. If a unit that has a contraband token is defeated the token remains on the play area where the unit was defeated. A unit with Smuggle may pick up a contraband token that is laying on the play area.
  10. jcmonson

    prediction time 2019

    I think that Kallus could fit the bill
  11. jcmonson

    prediction time 2019

    You can also see them before order 66 on the beach.
  12. jcmonson

    prediction time 2019

    your leaving off Darth Sideous
  13. True that's why I used the word appear. I would think that they would include it in both descriptions or neither if that was the case but as you said I could be wrong and it also wouldn't be the first time they messed up on a card(Han Promo card).
  14. It doesnt appear to be the case as the description for Light Transport states small base troopers only and the description for Transport leaves it out.
  15. I believe that would work as the keyword doesn't limit the trooper type. unfortunately the F1.4d laser canon isn't on a small base and the x-34 limits it t small based and single unit troopers.