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  1. jcmonson

    Clone Wars Daydreaming Thread

    Yeah, for the core set I bet its Grievous/Obi-Wan with Duku/Anikin coming in as a close second. I actually don't see Maul as a commander at all but as an operative. I also see them releasing Palpatine for both the Republic and the Seperatist as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and Darth Sidious respectively. My prediction for the first 4 commanders for each side are: CIS: Grievous, Duku, Nut Gunray, and Poggle the Lesser GAR: Obi War, Anakin, Padme, Cody
  2. jcmonson

    At-rt vs 1.4fd turret

    I imagine that they would also be good at breakthrough as it forces the opponents to come to you.
  3. jcmonson

    What’s too big for Legion?

    I totally agree.
  4. jcmonson

    What’s too big for Legion?

    I imagine if they release it, it would be with a new gameplay format, similar to Epic in X-wing. They would practically have to release star fighters at the same time as a way for the rebels to deal with them. That is the single hardest thing about the AT-AT. I mean we have a direct movie quote saying that a 6 dice attack can't hurt it. How do you make an AT-AT in a game that keeps that kind of invulnerability and still make it fun for the other sides? All the AT-AT would have to do is aim and shoot every round and simply erase units from the board. Here is where the real problem is, the AT-AT would have to be vulnerable to a lightsaber, a 6 dice attack, or the Harpoon and tow cable, a one dice attack, while at the same time being invulnerable to the main blaster cannons on the T-47, a 6 dice attack, or a z-6 squad, possibly a 11 dice attack. The tow cable we have in game also doesn't have the same effect that it does in the movie.
  5. jcmonson

    What’s too big for Legion?

    Yeah, though the cargo version was less armoured and larger. The cargo version would be the easiest one to implement from a gameplay prospective.
  6. jcmonson

    What’s too big for Legion?

    there are lots of things to take into account with the AT-AT. The first is the scale of the model. I feel that this is the easiest of the issues to overcome. The next is the base, there would need to be some sort of new type of base created as a single circular base would take up too much room on the battlefield. If they do decide to make it in scale with everything else each foot could get a large base. I don't think a single base would work as it would get in the way of the terrain on the board. The last consideration is how do you make it feel right. The only things we see kill one are a snowspeeder with a tow cable, Luke with a grenade, several orbital bombardments (Battlefield II in the battle of Jaku). We already have cards in game that represent all of those things and the damage they produce can't even take out an infantry squad with the exception of Luke. Getting the feel of the AT-AT right would be the hardest thing.
  7. jcmonson

    Front Load Prequal Armies

    i think they will have to release a commander, a corps, and a support unit for each side at release so that they can field a full legal list at 800 points right out of the gate. They will probably come out with a heavy as well to match the release of the GCW faction at launch.
  8. jcmonson

    CIS Heavy / Support Options- thoughts?

    true but the droids only have 1 commander, Kalani, as Grievous is really some sort of hybrid. The droids also have the Tactical droid which could easily be the generic commander.
  9. jcmonson

    Clone Wars Daydreaming Thread

    Vulture droids, buzz droids
  10. jcmonson

    FFG Playmats Suggestion

    i only use the images on mats as rough terrain that doesn't block LOS. That being said I also try to avoid mats with buildings printed on them for this exact reason.
  11. jcmonson

    CIS Heavy / Support Options- thoughts?

    The jyn and pathfinders article, it's on jyns blaster and the pathfinders weapon upgrade.
  12. jcmonson

    CIS Heavy / Support Options- thoughts?

    I would like to see the B2 battle droid as its own unit. I would actually prefer it if the B1 didn't get a heavy option and instead got multiple extra trooper units. I would tend to think that the Droidekas will be support and with the recently spoiled "reconfigure" keyword it should be easy to show them having both modes.
  13. jcmonson

    CIS Heavy / Support Options- thoughts?

    I could see them as a pair as well, but no more. I would like to see the Vulture droid in walking mode as a heavy, possibly paired with a weapons upgrade that allows it to deploy a support unit of buzz droids. I imagine you would have to keep the unit of buzz droids off the table until they were shot. The weapons card could read something like, "Deploy 1 unit of buzz droids to this card instead of the deployment area. When making an attack place the buzz droids from this card in melee for a crit, in range 1 for a hit, or in range 2 for a miss."
  14. jcmonson

    Scum yes or no.

    For me breaking the "Scum" faction into smaller factions is because they could make unique factions representing different criminal groups. For example the Hutts would be a low tech slow moving high health faction that favors Melee attacks. Crimson dawn however would favor ranged attacks with a higher level of technology, they could have fewer troops per squad but have a higher attack and defense than the Hutts. In X-wing it makes sense to lump them all together because each of the crime families would have only one or two types of fighter craft and that would make a boring faction to play as. Both of these factions would be different than the current two and the clone wars factions because they would rely more heavily on operatives than commanders, though they would each have at least 2 commanders to be able to fill out the force organization chart. They could be released as one big "Scum" faction but I think that it would be a waste of an opportunity to create an interesting design that captures the feel of each of the Crime organizations. But the main reason is because they are actually different factions in the Lore. The argument that Devin.pike brings up doesn't actually apply to this argument because both Jyn and Luke were part of the Rebellion during their respective time periods. Haha and Maul were never part of the same organization. Putting them in the same faction would be more synonymous with Vader and Luke being in the same faction because Luke brings Vader back from the dark side and Vader saves Luke from the Emperor.