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  1. Even at the start of ESB, Luke might be FR 1, he does spend a fair amount of time with Yoda to improve it.
  2. I'd say yes, provided that there's a force sensitive to activate the holocron (which in your case there is ).
  3. @Jereru You don't happen to live in Australia do you?
  4. Hehe, I like all the sentiments here (especially mourning particular parts of EU), but I suppose it could roll the other way, with a player character being such a huge prick (i.e. dark side), that the Empire just needs to deal with them (if a player is inclinded this way). Oh, and I realised I didn't actually lay out my own example so here it is: A member of the Jedi Order during TCW has a falling out with council (either personally, due to separatist sypathies, or over the ethos of fighing in a galactic war) and leaves the order. Fleeing to Corporate Sector space (probably playing to those sympathies) they hide out on the relatively lawless Ocsin colony of Saclas (by EotE times anyway) and are essentially stuck there once Order 66 travels out. This character would probably be a mentor if I could ever scrape together a group to GM and the initial stages would probably involves PC's getting into some serious trouble with the Empire and the mentor (having forseen said particular event/s) has traveled to whatever planet they're hiding out on and saving their bacon, and things procceed from there and etc...
  5. Another spin on the idea may be that these padawans feel obligated to warn/find other members of the order that may be unaffected by Order 66 as of yet. Perhaps the venator (or their late master) possessed the last known coordinates of other jedi?
  6. This is just a thread to ask some players/GMs where in the galaxy they would hide/originate their force sensitive characters? For instance, it's fairly unlikely for someone to hide on Byss, but they may have eked out a living in a sector of space further away from the Empire, for example CSA space. Thought or suggestions?
  7. Tysis Gavron, orphaned and left to fend for himself in the slums of Taris, Tysis has done his best to protect the more helpless of the undercity, stealing food and supplies from the larger gangs, in fact Tysis would've died several times over, if not for his uncanny ability to perceive danger before it happens...
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