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  1. "I want to resolve Repair each turn." He has no intention of resolving a Nav command.
  2. He was the "Worlds is just Minnesota Regionals" guy.
  3. Ozzel is the cheapest commander, that's why.
  4. Ambivalent Pro - Armada is still supported Con - Potentially scares off casuals, who won't have a release for effectively 1.5-2 years. Also, I left 40k for good when large models (fliers) and super vehicles (baneblades) became standard fare and not just IA, special occasion-only choices. Chose not to come back to 8th when I saw Titans and other absurdly large models on the table. Ugly - Even as a primarily Imperial player, I still have no intention of paying $200 for a single model. Oh well.
  5. I don't know if one exists, but you can easily create your own from here. Armada Wiki - Squadron Keywords
  6. Yeah, I wasn't lumping you in with the marketeers. You were presenting a possible perspective from that worldview.
  7. That attitude and view of the world is why I consider every marketing and sales person I interact with to be a lying POS until proven otherwise. Even the ones who work at my company.
  8. Ran some simulations. Gladiator I with OE and APT, rerolling hits aggressively to maximize crit chance. Side arc 4 Black Dice: ~5.9 damage (~90% crit chance) 3 Black Dice: ~4.57 damage (~82% crit chance) Front arc 2 Black, 2 Red: ~4.68 damage (~68% black crit chance) 2 Black, 1 Red: ~3.94 damage (~68% black crit chance) So EWS saves you about 1.5 damage on the side arc and about 0.75 damage from a front arc. Edit: Reran with ACMs instead of APTs, just to see. BBBB: ~6.8 BBB: ~5.4 BBRR: ~5.37 BBR: ~4.61
  9. Valca


    Nearly all of my opponents pack a turn 1 navigate command. Even if they didn't, Titus happens before commands are set, so they would definitely just set it for whatever ship Titus affected. Titus seems like a win-more card. He gets better the larger the skill gap, in which case you're probably winning any way.
  10. Valca


    The other benefit is going speed 2 while still being able to trigger QBTs against any other ships going speed 2+.
  11. As much as I would love an Imperial Toryn, I think giving TIEs double swarm would be a bit rough.
  12. BTA and other hard hitting close-range ships is why I keep running an Interdictor. A shame it costs so much.
  13. Guessing that the 2 extra dice + being able to use Leading Shots on the side arc shot outweighs the downside of opponent being able to use a redirect?
  14. This. It's entertaining to run. Especially when you get to activate all three commands on turn 1, just because you can.
  15. Not very often, since that accuracy is most likely a blue and is getting burned to reroll the blanks with Leading Shots. ECMs are rather popular on big targets around here, which puts a damper in that. Might start changing with EWS, though.
  16. They stick the tokens under one of your lambdas and don't shoot that lambda. 5 turns of 45 free points, with no need to bring any guns anywhere near
  17. Curious about that BTA Kuat in first place. Only flipping two tokens seems a bit underwhelming against the kind of hard targets you normally want that thing to one-shot.
  18. If he doesn't have Escort, there's no damage passing. But yes, he would be rather annoy without Escort.
  19. Or if touching base to base on an obstacle, even though you can't see the obstacle.
  20. Valen's ability is what Vader should have had, if we're going for that kind of effect. Giving everyone escort means your other escorted ships suddenly become vulnerable.
  21. Fish Farm would become a much swingier list. If its capital ship lives and it executes its farming strategy, it wins big. If the opponent kills the capital ship, it gives up 400+ points. In a tournament setting, the thing that balances out fleets with potentially huge wins is the risk of potentially huge loses. It would still be powerful and still capable of winning tournaments with a skilled pilot, but it would become much less capable of doing so consistently.
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