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  1. "I want to resolve Repair each turn." He has no intention of resolving a Nav command.
  2. He was the "Worlds is just Minnesota Regionals" guy.
  3. Ozzel is the cheapest commander, that's why.
  4. Ambivalent Pro - Armada is still supported Con - Potentially scares off casuals, who won't have a release for effectively 1.5-2 years. Also, I left 40k for good when large models (fliers) and super vehicles (baneblades) became standard fare and not just IA, special occasion-only choices. Chose not to come back to 8th when I saw Titans and other absurdly large models on the table. Ugly - Even as a primarily Imperial player, I still have no intention of paying $200 for a single model. Oh well.
  5. I don't know if one exists, but you can easily create your own from here. Armada Wiki - Squadron Keywords
  6. Yeah, I wasn't lumping you in with the marketeers. You were presenting a possible perspective from that worldview.
  7. That attitude and view of the world is why I consider every marketing and sales person I interact with to be a lying POS until proven otherwise. Even the ones who work at my company.
  8. Ran some simulations. Gladiator I with OE and APT, rerolling hits aggressively to maximize crit chance. Side arc 4 Black Dice: ~5.9 damage (~90% crit chance) 3 Black Dice: ~4.57 damage (~82% crit chance) Front arc 2 Black, 2 Red: ~4.68 damage (~68% black crit chance) 2 Black, 1 Red: ~3.94 damage (~68% black crit chance) So EWS saves you about 1.5 damage on the side arc and about 0.75 damage from a front arc. Edit: Reran with ACMs instead of APTs, just to see. BBBB: ~6.8 BBB: ~5.4 BBRR: ~5.37 BBR: ~4.61
  9. Valca


    Nearly all of my opponents pack a turn 1 navigate command. Even if they didn't, Titus happens before commands are set, so they would definitely just set it for whatever ship Titus affected. Titus seems like a win-more card. He gets better the larger the skill gap, in which case you're probably winning any way.
  10. Valca


    The other benefit is going speed 2 while still being able to trigger QBTs against any other ships going speed 2+.
  11. As much as I would love an Imperial Toryn, I think giving TIEs double swarm would be a bit rough.
  12. BTA and other hard hitting close-range ships is why I keep running an Interdictor. A shame it costs so much.
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