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  1. Soooo many! I'm rubbish at life so it happens a lot. I've turned up to store champs without the base tiles needed (luckily been able to borrow them), turned up for league games with no rocks, missing dials, not enough tokens... It's amazing anyone still wants to play me in all honesty 😂 Last week arranged a game at the FLGS with a mate who was back for a few days and forgot to bring damage decks for us both. It's fine though Danerys Targarian forgot about the entire Iron fleet Soooo... I don't feel bad
  2. I guess the other option is more cards/cardboard in Epic Battles. Call me cynical but I can see FFG taking any opportunity to sell you a new product for those cards.
  3. Like I said; I could have missed something. Like the Devs saying card packs and k-2so are coming
  4. IIRC; the Devs said there would be a way for old players to get new cards without buying old ships again. Unless I've missed something (which is entirely possible) they have never stipulated how. So, new ship for a faction with the cards not previously available? Fits the bill and not a lie Just saying
  5. This is amazing. Just because of all the Ki Adi-Mundi. Keep it up!
  6. But a man CAN live on A-Wings alone. Looks like I've been doing this wrong
  7. Smutpedler


    To be fair I know the guy who started the thread in real life and we spoke about Grevious arriving just before I used some black magic
  8. Smutpedler


    Necromancy! Grevious is here.
  9. Didn't clock that, thanks. A 3pt bid is looking more appealing now
  10. Not played much so far but this is the filthiest thing I could come up with on paper. Going to test it out tonight and see how it goes. Jonus w/ crack shot, barrage rockets and proton bombs 2x Gamma ace w/ crackshot, barrage rockets and proton bombs Deathrain w/barrage rockets, proton bombs, proxy mines, Tragedy Stimulator, Ablative Plating and skilled bombadier 200pts
  11. The horrified look on everyone's face when they figured out how filthy my pre-nerf mindlink with opspec escalation list was. I know, I'm a terrible human being...
  12. Well, I just had a conversation with a friend who owns a gaming store in another city and he offered to buy in everything I need and let me buy it at trade price as and when I can afford it. Looks like my problems are solved
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