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  1. Smutpedler

    How do you avoid buying every faction..?

    But a man CAN live on A-Wings alone. Looks like I've been doing this wrong
  2. Smutpedler

    How do you avoid buying every faction..?

    I buy food instead.
  3. Smutpedler


    To be fair I know the guy who started the thread in real life and we spoke about Grevious arriving just before I used some black magic
  4. Smutpedler


    Necromancy! Grevious is here.
  5. Smutpedler

    Is everyone as impressed with the 2.0 HWK as I am?

    Very much enjoyed flying Palob this weekend.
  6. Smutpedler

    Best 2.0 builds you've seen?

    Didn't clock that, thanks. A 3pt bid is looking more appealing now
  7. Smutpedler

    Best 2.0 builds you've seen?

    Not played much so far but this is the filthiest thing I could come up with on paper. Going to test it out tonight and see how it goes. Jonus w/ crack shot, barrage rockets and proton bombs 2x Gamma ace w/ crackshot, barrage rockets and proton bombs Deathrain w/barrage rockets, proton bombs, proxy mines, Tragedy Stimulator, Ablative Plating and skilled bombadier 200pts
  8. Smutpedler

    Your Favorite 1.0 Memory

    The horrified look on everyone's face when they figured out how filthy my pre-nerf mindlink with opspec escalation list was. I know, I'm a terrible human being...
  9. Smutpedler

    Conversion kit availability

    Well, I just had a conversation with a friend who owns a gaming store in another city and he offered to buy in everything I need and let me buy it at trade price as and when I can afford it. Looks like my problems are solved
  10. Smutpedler

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    I've been playing since Star Wars: Force Collection closed down as most of my legion moved over to this game. I'm honestly in a love/hate relationship with it. I really enjoy the game but CG seem to like constantly building new progress walls to scale. These new mod changes are both fantastic and terrible at once; I'm now trembling with fear at how many mod slicing materials I need to farm to keep my edge in ships. I've been taking first at my payout in my fleet shard for about 8 weeks now and 6 dot mods just threw a massive spanner in the works there. Luckily my shard seems whale free so I guess I'm at the same starting line as everyone else but... urgh. And then I have a squad arena team to slice mods for...
  11. Smutpedler

    Should they have made Yoda and Obi-Wan crew for 2.0?

    I was just about to post this and say I fully expect to see it appear at some point. I expect Obi-Wan to be a pilot for the Jedi Starfighter too. Really wouldn't surprise me to see crew versions of both either, especially if we get Epic ships from that era.
  12. Smutpedler

    Conversion kit availability

    Thank you for the apology and sorry to hear you're so stressed. That is pretty much the crux of my concern there though; say I can afford 1 conversion kit per month and dials won't be available as part of the new content packs. Then I have 7-8 months of buying conversion kits and no new ships but if I get to month 4-5 and they're sold out with no further print runs; I end up with a whole lot of ships I can never use again nor sell on. I'm not saying it will happen nor that it won't. We really just don't know yet. FFG also have a tendency to underestimate demand on products, IA was sold out for a long time after the first run sold out, Destiny's first set was gone in a day from the store I owned at the time, k-wings selling for £45 on the secondary market, etc. I'm not saying the sky is falling and it's ultimately on me I bought so many ships but if there are going to be limited numbers available; I'd prefer to know sooner rather than later whilst my ships still hold some value for resale. That way I could sell off anything not covered by one kit and re-buy when the re-releases become available (if I even want to at that point). It's just a case of juggling logistics but I have no idea if I need to juggle or not. Overall I think FFG have handled the transition reasonably well but for me I simply can't afford to panic buy in the case of low/limited print runs.
  13. Smutpedler

    Conversion kit availability

    What they announced was there would be a way to purchase “new content” without buying new ships. No one has defined specifically what “new content” is but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think dials may not be considered “new content” as they are released in conversion kits which are specifically to convert existing ships to 2.0. “New content” isn’t necessarily a mini conversion kit; it could literally just be ship tiles and pilot/upgrade cards. The fact is we just don’t know yet and it’s only supposition right now. Imho; making assumptuons is foolhardy.
  14. Smutpedler

    Conversion kit availability

    I’m perfectly calm. It was a simple question as you refer to it as “foolish” and not just in my context but to anyone who wants to convert their entire collection. It seems you’re incapable of a reasonable discussion and want to put words in my mouth and tell me what I’m going to do in the future. Your hostility is simply baffling to me but hey, I should have learnt after 3 years any discussion on here goes that way. Cheers!