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  1. The y wing doesn't come natively with the rotate action, iirc. The turret you equip gives the y wing a white rotate action allowing it to equip vtg.
  2. Fair enough, I guess maybe "fair" shouldn't be the goal then? If there was a price that didn't warp the meta and wasn't unplayable if that exists? Sorry if I came off as argumentative, that was not my intent.
  3. I guess I just don't follow the logic that something can be overcosted and still be meta warping. If tlt had been 12 pts it would not have had a negative impact on the meta since it would not be played ever. That's an extreme example but if Gunner Luke is costed in a way that is balanced it wouldn't be strong enough to warp the meta but also not be a bad pick at the same time. I would rather not have this upgrade exist at all but it seems that it's going to in some form. I do think it can be balanced cost wise, however.
  4. If most people agree that undercosted Gunner Luke would be OP but that he can also potentially be so expensive that he is trash, wouldn't that mean that there is likely a price point where Gunner Luke is balanced?
  5. I've noticed the lack of damage, I'm hoping that Dash's maneuverability and Miranda's regen make up for that. I definitely have some testing to do with the crew slot on Miranda. I've forgotten about the spending the shield for the extra attack several times already. I've even forgotten about regenerating a few times, lol. Thanks for your thoughts!
  6. A Stress Hog would definitely make Dash's day a lot less enjoyable and would keep Miranda from dropping mines. When the T-70 Expansion comes out I'm planning on picking up a few of those and trying to build a 3 or 4 ship list. Until then I'm trying to stick with ships I am comfortable with. Thanks for your thoughts! I wasn't doing the 1 hard due to being stressed from PTL and wanting to keep my action economy going. I hindsight I probably should have forgone PTL for a turn to do a maneuver similar to that. I was also kind of at a spot on the board where my movement was a little predictable. If I get in a similar situation in the future I will keep your advice in mind. Thanks for your thoughts!
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm gonna play around in squad builder and see what I can come up with for Miranda.
  8. I will give R2-D2 a shot the next time I fly. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. Hello everyone! I'm pretty inexperienced in tournament play but I am looking to go to some store championships this year. I'm hoping I can get some feedback on the list I have been running lately. Sorry in advance if a list similar to this has been posted I looked around a bit for similar posts and didn't find any. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel%20Alliance&d=v3!s!95:18,23,-1,74:14:3:;139:135,-1,-1,-1,75,-1,28:-1:16: Dash Rendar (YT-2400) 58 pts -Push the LImit -Heavy Laser Canon -Outrider -Engine Upgrade -Kyle Katarn Super Dash. This is probably the ship I have the most experience with and is very forgiving to inexperienced/mistake prone pilots (me) Miranda Doni (K-Wing) 42 pts -Twin Laser Turret -Jan Ors -Proximity Mine -Advanced Slam I have been using this build for a few games and I really enjoy it. Basically my strategy is to get out of as many arcs as possible on lower pilot skill ships and to drop the mines on ships moving after me. I took Jan Ors over Recon Specialist because I needed 1 point for the Proximity Mine and it allows me to potentially assign evade tokens to Dash when I get the focus from Kyle Katarn. I have only played a two games with it against PS 8 Brobots and a Soontir/Palp/Defender list. These games were against my friends and we are all pretty inexperienced so keep that in mind. I was able to do well in both but I didn't necessarily feel great about either game. I'll give a summary of both and if I could have done things better let me know. Against the Brobots: I was able to take out IG-88C after two rounds of shooting thanks to IG blanking on 4 hits from Dash and Proximity mine/HLC fire in the following round. I struggled bringing down the final IG because it was almost always in my donut hole. Miranda does not do enough damage to take things down quickly. Luckily he kept after Dash so I was able to set up Miranda to always get decent shots. If I had not taken down the first IG so early I think this game could have easily gone the other way. Fel/Shuttle/Defender: This was a few weeks ago so it is starting to get hazy, but basically I ignored Soontir and killed everything else. I almost lost Miranda early, but was able to get out of the fight and regen my shields shooting at the shuttle while still doing damage. After taking down the shuttle Dash got some big shots on the Defender and took it out in two rounds with help from Miranda. One thing that helped was that my opponent tried to initially bait me with Soontir but since I had decided before hand that I was going to ignore it until the end he wasted a few turns with Soontir out of the fight. Once it was down to Soontir vs Dash & Miranda we decided to call it since it had been close to 75mins and playing it out was going to take forever. So what does everyone think? I think I would probably have a hard time against 4 TLT since my agility isn't very good and I don't have a lot of raw damage output. Is there any other glaring weaknesses that I am missing? I have flown Corran with Dash in the past and it is very good but I usually get him blown up too early since most people go after Corran first. My thought is that Miranda will be more forgiving and I can always use my advanced slam and take an evade if I need to get out of the fight. Sorry if this post was rambling/boring! If you are reading this I really appreciate that you took the time to do so. If I need to give additional info let me know and I will do my best to add it.
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