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  1. The game I am in is transitioning from Edge to Age. During our time as dirty, thieving pirates, we, uh, "Acquired" a Pelta-class frigate. And since we are moving towards a more AoR type game, from what I understand the game will become more of a fleet based combat/running space missions type game so likely we'll be coming into more and more ships as the game progresses. (I'm hoping for a sort of Battlestar Galactica type feel). I was wondering how other GM's would handle the upkeep on a ship that size. Note: The current system the GM has in place is 1/10th the ship cost in upkeep at intervals determined by the length of time the ship has consumables for, which we've all agreed isn't really tenable as we continue especially if we get into much much larger ships that cost tens/hundreds of millions of credits.
  2. "Sithspawn. I guess I'll see if I can pick up a pistol before we head down" Kell lounged back into the chair he was sitting in, one of his many lekku twitching in disappointment. "I take it we should also take steps to conceal our lightsabers, at least those of us who wield them"
  3. Moreso that he was given orders not to try, I figure he's been in the Resistance long enough to have seen what happens when a rescue mission against orders goes wrong (i.e. everybody dies/gets captured). Kell is a soldier first, so regardless of his personal feelings on the matter he's not going to disobey orders without a really really good reason and plan.
  4. As far as I know we are just waiting on Away, I succeeded on my mod lightsaber check but other than that I dunno
  5. Kell groggily opened his eyes, blinking a few times to adjust to the bright lights of the infirmary. He'd fallen asleep while floating in the bacta tank, now he stood in a mostly drained tank with the 2-3B unit inquiring if he was fully healed. "Healed enough for now, thanks." Kell stretched, testing his muscles and finding that indeed most of his scrapes, cuts and bruises from the fight had healed up, he was still a little stiff, but it would do for now. He nodded to Tahiri and then left the med-bay returning to his room. He sat on his bunk, legs folded underneath him and lightsaber in his lap, closing his eyes, he entered a meditative state. Reaching out with his mind he lifted his lightsaber into the air in front of him, visualizing taking the saber apart, until it was in its components parts with the gem as the epicenter. (Modification to reduce the crystals crit rating by 1, gonna us a tasty destiny point since I realized I suck at mechanics) Crystal Mod: 1eP+1eA+1eD 0 successes (Jereru and force die to the rescue) Force die for mod: 1eF 2 Light Side
  6. Alright I'll go ahead and post when I wake up this evening. So I forgot I didn't actually buy any mechanics with my xp lol, so it went about as well as could be expected
  7. Finally got internet at the new place so I'm back in action. How much time would it take to try and put the reduce crit by 1 mod on my saber crystal?
  8. I recently moved and am still getting net setup at the new place so I'll be sporadic the next few days
  9. "You know how I feel, but should you come up with a -viable- plan, I'll consider it. In the mean time, I am going to head down to med-bay and get patched up" Kell pushed his chair back from the table and rose, nodding to the group before exiting the cafe and heading out into the corridors of the ship. He walked with a slight limp on his right side, though bandaged his wounds from the fight were still hampering him slightly. When he arrived in the Med-Bay, the 2-3B Medical droid looked him over for all of ten seconds before demanding he take a bacta soak. With a sigh Kell stripped off his armor and peeled off his bandages as the droid attached the necessary electrodes and the breathing apparatus, while he might be able to breath underwater, he couldn't breath bacta. The Nautolan climbed into the tank, standing in place as the tank slowly filled, shivering slightly as he felt the cold, wet, slightly slimy feel of the bacta work its way up until the entire tank was full and he was floating in it.
  10. Standard practice for my games at least is to go with the most recently printed version.
  11. I just realized I said I would handle it IC, but then I stumped myself because you're doing something different. You can go to the medbay, and then we can handle the situation IC I figured we'd finish this conversation and then head to the med-bay. I'm thinking we split the Bacta time between Kell and Tahiri, we had 8 hours, so I'm thinking maybe 3 each and then a medicine check from the droid on whoever isn't in the bacta? Then maybe squeak in a couple hours of sleep lol.
  12. Destiny Point Pool Roll: Force Die: 1eF 1 Dark Side Kell sat back, listening carefully to Gael's proposition, as well as Marsten's and Lavin's responses to it. His black eyes glancing back and forth between speakers, thinking about how and what he wants to say. "Hal will probably side with Marsten, If Lavin is in favor and I am opposed, that means Tahiri is the deciding factor, unless Hal decides to surprise me. I know they want to rescue Dev badly, and so would I, but the captain is right." Uncrossing his arms from his chest and leaning forward, resting his forearms on the edge of the table, he interjected into a lull in the conversation. "I feel like I should point out even if we do find him, and I'm not saying that'll be easy, the likelihood that we mount a rescue mission, succeed and all come back in one piece is very, very, -very- slim. On top of all that, we'd have to keep it a secret from the rest of the crew, the captain finds out and at best we're all grounded." The Nautolan shook his head, lekku swinging slightly as he does. "I just don't think its a good idea Gael, as much as well all would like it to happen." He winced slightly, sliding a hand under his jacket to check the bandage on one of his wounds. "Gonna have to get these changed soon, maybe take a dunk in bacta for a few hours" (Picked up a 2nd rank in Parry and Saber Swarm with my XP)
  13. My initial reaction is to re-skin the Wookie stat block.
  14. I'm at 6 wounds right now. Also I assume the extra wounds I gained for having my duty triggered go away now yes? Which means 6/14 Wounds for me, the real important thing, does anybody other than Hal have critical hits? 35 xp to spend, such an excruciating process.....
  15. Kell waited for everyone to seat themselves, an awkward silence descended on the table. Kell glanced around waiting to see if anyone else would speak up, when no one did, he leaned forward and broke the silence. "We met the Anselmi delegation at a derelict tavern, I was tasked to be on guard outside. As I mentioned earlier, they weren't happy with a Nautolan being there, so I wasn't actually present for the negotiations, so I don't know exactly what the deal was, but from our reception later I would assume it was positive. Hal joined me outside, we talked for a moment, keeping up visual surveillance on the area. I went to check the rear of the building, I'd made it about half-way towards the back when we heard and saw an approaching assault-shuttlecraft. Hal and I warned the others via commlink, the Order deployed three Dark Knights into the streets and a squad or two of stormtroopers onto the rooftops across from the tavern. We engaged their forces, buying time for the Anselmi delegation to escape. I destroyed a Knight in lightsaber combat, the others heavily damaging the other two and killing several stormtroopers. The Order forces began to withdraw under covering fire from the shuttle, in the chaos Dev'rios was taken captive and loaded onto the shuttle. Expecting a quick return with reinforcements we radioed Gael, who was still on the Rapier, with the location of the Anselmi refugee camp and he met us there, we had another exchange with the Anselmi and then left the planet, jumping to the rendevous point shortly after being scanned by an arriving Warship, which may be following us as we speak, Sir." Kell sat back in his chair after finishing his report to the captain, looking around at the others gathered.
  16. If nobody has posted before I go to work, I'll write up the debrief tonight while I'm there
  17. Basically it comes down to whether or not Away wants to do Starship stuff, or just use it as a device to move us around the galaxy. Myself, I'm a fan of starship combat/chase/escapes/whatnot, so I'd be more than happy taking a spec like Pilot or even Squadron Leader.
  18. I tend to clear the slate at the beginning of each session, but that is more due to the fact my sessions are pretty fluid on how long they run and I rarely have to cut things off mid-action.
  19. Kell slipped into a seat at the table, across from the captain, putting a hand down to stop his lightsaber from banging against the edge of the chair as he settled in. "Well one thing was certain, they were not happy to have a Nautolan at the meeting, I spent most of it outside, so I'll let the others fill you in on how negotiations went and save my report for later on in the debrief"
  20. Also, Kell does have a rank in piloting, so I can fly the ship, I just don't have any of the fancy talents.
  21. You could also die during the Life Path rolling for character creation in Traveller. Mind you, that was an early edition of the game - later editions were much less lethal in char gen. Of course it is still possible to roll up a crippled, talentless space-drifter with absolutely nothing to their name. . . . Also possible in MechWarrior 3rd Edition. Kinda hard to pilot of mech (if thats what you were going for) minus a leg or arm, on the other hand(heh), you could end up a Duke with control of an entire section of planets.
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