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  1. Hi, I lost track of the latest releases, and I couldn't find a list or anything like that. Could a very nice person tell me what was released since around June in the 3 systems (AoR, EotE and F&D). I think the last books I bought were the mystic book and dawn of rebellion. Merry Christmas and thank you!
  2. Soooo.... You think sooner or later than this? I fear I know the answer
  3. The wiki says June 30th as release date, is that... True? Since I am leaving the US on the 20th and it is difficult to get the books in Germany, that would be... Mean...
  4. Hi, I know these threads come around every year or so, but also new stuff is released and tastes shift. So what would you like to have in official rules in your hands? For me it s 2 species: kaminonians and kale es. Hmm maybe also the Faust and those spider guys, like this admiral from the clonewars A setting book to the clone wars time would be nice, or old republic. I think equipment wise I am satisfied. What about you guys?
  5. OK I agree with everything you say and thanks for the insight in bookselling numbers, but what is your conclusion?
  6. That is a common distribution strategy, but actually I doubt that ffg does it. Looking on their website, most of their stuff is most of the times sold out. Therefore I would say they simply have problems in production. Also I don't know how their headquarter looks and so on, and how many books they have in the first print, but I guess they would take a lot of space. But also maybe I am completely wrong and it has something to do with some shop highscore like"whose products sell the fastest" and you are right and they are holding it back Ps: yeeeaaaay new book
  7. If i recall correct, and i am not sure that i do, one part of the map was in bb 8 (from the yakku village that gets burned at the start of part 7) and the other part in his lightsabre. But maybe i remember incorrect. I did see the movie two times in cinema and then never again.
  8. No luke must have had the sword between rotj and tfa, otherwise he could not put a map in it
  9. Nice ideas thx. Another detail question: do we know if just the hilt broke or did actualy the cyber crystal shatter of anakins sabre? And are there more details to the history of the sabre somewhere? It is anakins, i guess, then luke lost it in cloud city, got it back at some point and then when he left to never be found again he put a map inside to be found again.
  10. Just had another idea... may be some one has an explanation from some book... but analin became a force ghost... can t he stop by and talk to kylo “dude, ben, believe me, stay on the light side an just use the force for winning pod races. Then u get chicks and money, all u need“ Ofc that would be to simple, but obi wan and yoda made some appearences, i wonder if we will see anakin as a ghost at some point
  11. Or like in Kotor opens fire on his ship. Btw is there a good explanation why rey couldn t feel luke during her meditation? When she pointed it out, i was like “uhhhhhhh dark secret“ but like so much else it wasn t mentioned anymore. Maybe luke was already dead, just a forceghost on this force island? *crazy theory*
  12. Well, this movie didn t give us realy much information, almost none, sooo people are grieving for a good story. And a lot of answers.
  13. Is this realy how you want discussions in this forum? He pretty clear described what he meant, even i as a non native speaker understood his point. Just repeating postings and acting like the other opinions are just hard core nerd or whatever does nothing but poison this discussion even more. Actually exactly stuff like this, together with snippy one line answers to long detailed posts is why i just use this forum for short questions and informations only. A year ago or two there were realy cool discussions in this forum, but now it seems people dont take the effort to even try to understand what the others try to say. @stan: well not for sure, there were some statements from developers, that there are just a few minutes or hours between the movies, and if there wouldnt they shout have had enough time to drop of the plans. But lords of the sith is canon too afaik.
  14. That ist not spying. At least Not what i would i define it. I think the Term is informant or intelligencer. Between rogue one and Episode 4 they followed them to tatooine, in the book lords of the Sith rebels cant shake of Vader and His squad even after several jumps.
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