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  1. ? Partly, but what's ur point? There are still much less ships in the new sequel and they do not have the cool background story of development the old ones had. And who complained about "they just try to sell toys" first semester students who want to change "the whole system"? No **** Einsteins, it is a company. And nobody says that the trilogy is **** because it does not have enough new ships, it is **** because of a lot of other reasons. It is simply a hardly understandable fact. Since the company won't give a **** about people's opinion who do not want to buy their stuff anyways.
  2. X wing, b wing, a wing, y wing, milenium falcon, tie fighter, tie bomber, tie interceptor, tie advanced, lambda shuttle, slave 1, Just small ships out of my head. Thx for the other informations! This actor and his dialect could have been replaced with jarjar, would have been a big atmospheric improvement
  3. @x-wing toys: separatists and republic are newly released. First order is around before the 2. Edition. But there is an objective lack of new, toy worthy ships. I think we saw some repainted y wings if I remember correctly. Yeay... @new topic: who was this old first order general who gets blown out of the window at the end? He said he served the emperor in the last war already? Is he famous/known? And did Sloane show up in the movies? I forced myself through those terrible aftermath trilogy and then the characters don't show up in the movies 😞 And did the guy from lost, with this horrible Scottish dialect show up before? Does he have any specific purpose?
  4. @skywalker name: hm, they could have fixed that issue with episode 1, they could have given anakin a different name 🤔 @toy disscussion: please don't slip again in this all toxic discussion this is becoming so tiresome. Let us appreciate that Darthdude showed us these numbers and they are interesting. And the original point of this discussion is a lack of toy-applicable ships in the new star wars movies. In x-wing the resistance and first order have a really small ship pool. Besides 2 tie fighter versions the latter have just the shuttle of kylo ren and his fighter.
  5. Toy sales is a big point! And a very interesting! When I walked out of TFA, I remember thinking five things: wow they almost copie-pasted episode 4. They overdid the main character a lot. what the last subway is gone already? And they reused the old starfighters? Don't they want to sell toys? Why did they make the movie look so boring, why didn't they pick cooler planets.? The 4th point I couldn't understand because Disney should know how to make money. AFAIK Lukas made his money with the toys. So what did they decide to do? Bring back the tie fighter and x wing in almost the same Form. Cool... Not. As a x-wing player and collector that was said and as an engineer it hurt, because maaaaan they found out 20 years ago that small hyperspace capable ships and bombers are very effective against large battleships and so on. What do they build 20 years later? Large battleships... The EU knows so many cool ship type they could have used, from the interceptor to the defender, but no they recolored the tie fighter. Oh and gave a fighter that has two gigantic side panels a turnable tower... Maybe give your starships turbolasers that point inwards then the battle is over quicker. I also were surprised in episode 9 to see almost none cool new starfighters, transporters or whatever.
  6. Hm. Why is Luke named Skywalker? Anakin was anakin Skywalker, right? Then his mother (a Skywalker) got bought out of slavery, and the new family took her name? But the adoptive parents of Luke where not blood related to him or where they? Shouldn't he have a different name? Like Luke wetfarmer? Or did they let him keep the name so he is easier to find for the empire? I never really thought about that, but.... Oh, and did Leia keep organza or did she become a Skywalker too? Or a solo?
  7. Hm but isn't her heritage kind of pointless? You may proof me wrong, but for me it looked like that what happened was exactly what Palpatine planned: he said kylo "uhhh u can have all the power u want, just kill her" knowing that he is a Skywalker he can build on him to screw up. so he knows he will lead her to him, and will try to kill him with her help. Then when she arrives before him, he stalls her with great promises of becoming empress , the ability to save her friends, to rule, knowing that she is not that kind of person. Until both are exactly where he want them to be, bringing him the lifeband that he, or his minion, created between them. Maybe that lifeband needed two very strong force users, so he hat to wait for a constellation like theirs. So he completely wins, but then gets stomped because of reason ( too lazzy to kill both of them...) and then the 3 ghost of Christmas ehhh jedi show up to stomp him. Also smth that could have been done by any jedi who would be lying around there at the right time, so Reys training and all she did had no real influence on anything.
  8. the rate of force sensitive children and grand children seems to be pretty high. If a anakin would have been a playboy we could have restored the jedi order instantly. Are there any other Canon force families or is this the exception the force made because.. Nothing else was in TV
  9. 2) i looked it up (wookiepedia), funnywise Forcelightning is not even a dark side power... the more you know... 4) Maybe I am spoiled from the first Seasons of GoT, but it would have been nice if some more maincharacters would have died. 6) really? you enjoy Mister Bean but call People who giggle at the oldest directors trick in the book childish? That Kylo scene earned a good laugh
  10. 1) Ofc These are small numbers, but that Counts for everything everybody says in this Forum so it is pointless to Point it out. and I don't put my faith in anything, what are you Talking About? I simply was a bit surprised thats all. It is like you go to a new highschool and everybody is drinking tomato Juice and not Coke or Pepsi. 2) No I don't. I do not assume it from the games or whatever, but from movies and Clone wars. 3) If u find other Feelings and opinions silly and weird, ok for you. I like Mister Bean too, but I dont want him in a war movie. What TLJ was for me was a mix of James Ryan and Mr. Bean, that Kind of does not fit together Mayber some People drink their orangejuice after they brushed their teeth. It is important for me because it kills the atmosphere for me. 4) Watch the first Scene in Episode 4 when they storm Leias ship. Or when Vader chopped of Lukes Hand. That didnt seem a bit dangerous? 5) It is not blase, even if you like this word. Sure you can also sit in a Restaurant and eat Cold fries and say it is still a nice day. and a lot of time it is the Right Thing to do, but if this happens all the time, Maybe it is just not a good Restaurant. If I look Cold and emotionless on the new Trilogie, I just see a reheated old trilogy. It is not killing me but it disappoints me a bit, that is all. 6) such behaviour? laughing at the dramatic reveal of the second psykedeath in the movie? terrible humans
  11. Okay Nytwyng and Danterotterdam, I thought it is obvious that this is not a poll I spoke of, I just tried to explain what I thought bipolarjuice ment, because I interpreted Nytwyngs post as if he is offended by what PipolarJuice said and that he wanted to proof him wrong. So I tried to explain it on big numbers because there are a lot of people that get statistics wrong. Never have I said that there is a poll or smth like that. Back to the Topic: I think the release of SOLO in May was super odd. All star wars movies in the last year were released at the end of the year, somehow that movie just slipped by, actually I also was surprised when I saw that it is already in the Cinema and then I remembered "oh yeah, it was planned for may" I also think it is really interesting how different countries have different numbers. In Germany the last movie had a really good start, in the US pretty good, in China it seems to flop hard
  12. I don't know what bandwagon fallacy means, sry. But could you guys please relax a bit more and try to read the context. Obviously pipolarJuice did not have a poll but was talking about his experience. Of course this experience is not statistically bulletproof, but no experience is. A valid statistic that shows that a lot of people are not that satisfied with starwars is the dropping box office from star wars movies. Somehow every movie seems to attract less people than before. And the marvel movies show a different trend despite having even more movies in total and being from the same company. And again: if you enjoy them, enjoy them. I don't want to convince anybody to dislike them.
  13. He didnt say that this Statement is valid for every Person, but if you take 1000 old fans and 1000 new fans under the 1000 old fans more are disliking the new movies.
  14. No sorry I have to disagree to most Points. My Friends and me disagree in a lot of other Things, from books we like or dislike, politics, Society and so on. So if all agree that we don't like These movies it is not because we are in a bubble. I think what Bipolar Juice said is quite accurate or a good hint. I also disagree that the it would Limit creativity to stick what happened, on the contrary. Fantasy and SciFi universes live from their established laws, for example how fast you can travel, what is powerfull and so on. If you throw these rules out of the window, it just becomes what I would call lazy writing. The Canon/comon sense is not odd together, it fits together in this Frame. When the Canon/Fantasy universe gives u new rules of Physics, People should addept to it in this world and behave accordingly. As a small example: When Rey and Kylo fought about this Transporter, foce Lightning came out pf her Hands, destroying it. First of all force Lightning was afaik a high class ability that you had to master, not something u just do. Second, later in the movie the lightning just seemed to EMP the starships. Sure u can argue arround all thatm say that Lightning was different, and Rey is so good in the force jada jada, but it would have been enough to just squeeze that Transporter, and since they both pulled on it also more Fitting. Why there was the Lightning? Because it looked cooler. To the Humor: did you guys really have to laugh when Poe made fun of Hux at the beginning of Episode 8? That hurt my brain. And to the competent Evil guy: Yes, really! Have you ever had the Feeling of real threat through the first order? As soon as they Show up their super-duper-huge-wepaons get blown to pieces. In Episode 4 and 5 the heroes and the rebels really had to run from the empire. And it is not an inexperience of viewing or beeing blase or whatever, I rewatched the old movies last year and just thought: man 4 and 5 is really good, 6 is ok I like to enjoy stuff, but just when it is good, it is not like I am searching for mistakes or a reason to be mad. But I just watch it and think: uff this again? another fakedeath? another xyz? and why do you have to call the audience horrible and pre-teen? they just didint like it or thought it is funny, and it is to be honest.
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