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  1. I don't understand. What has release of 4th saga to do with the closure of the game?
  2. I think we need a megathread for stuff like this.
  3. Frodo will be an enemy in the last quest with ring attached. Gollum Response: After Gollums attacks and deals any amount of damage to an enemy with Ring card attached, attach that Ring to Gollum. Action: Exhaust Gollum and discard attached Ring to win the game!
  4. Because there is a Gollum objective in this Saga that will render Gollum hero useless for the very box he comes out in. I know that was done before with Faramir hero, but a little AP and entire Saga box is not a same thing.
  5. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/4/30/the-land-of-shadow/
  6. Hey guys, check this out: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1361298/teaser-lotr-lcg-global-conversion-call-cthulhu
  7. Asfaloth can explore a location before resolving a quest by putting progress on locations in the staging area (alo avoiding any nasty travel or active location effects, if any). Celebrian Stone is 2 immediate willpower. Rohan Strider just puts progress on the quest if players happen to quest successfully, it can't help them if they fail, because it does not adds any instant benefits like willpower or progress on the staging area before questing resolves. It also exhausts to trigger it's own effect, so if you use it for quest, you can't use it later to trample.
  8. Side Quest: Each player adds 1 resource to each hero he controls.
  9. Well, even without the insert, I would rule it that way: as soon as Grima enemy enters play, discard Grima hero from play.
  10. And how are you handling situations when there is several enemies engaged with you or when enemies are immune to stuff like feint?
  11. Can anybody enlighten me on Gandalf/Hama combo? I understand the principle of Hama recycling the Feint decks, but I don't quite catch what Gandalf hero particularly adds to it.
  12. What would you like to be there? An objective "Riders of Rohan" ally coming into play with 10 willpower, 10 attack, 10 defense and 10 health that does not exhaust to quest, attack and defend?
  13. Yeah, the PODs, I unfrotunately don't have them so I couldn't take them into the account. So, to this moment, the only treachery attachment that this boon could actually prevent (theoretically, of course) would be Grievous Wounds. To understand the argument here, one must follow the trail of discussion to its root. The +1/+1/+1 part was never even in question, the argument is exclusively about the usefulness of the treachery attachment immunity part of the boon.
  14. I'm bringing up the quests before the Treason of Saruman not because you can use that boon in them, but because they depict the main tendency. If this tendency continues - then this boon might be not as good as it sounds. If not - then good on us.
  15. I find that "cool feature" highly questionable. There is no treachery attachment in any of the Lord of the Rings Saga's that does not allows you to choose a hero it's going to be attached to. The only time I see it being useful is when you need to attach a "limit 1 per hero" attachment, while all other heroes already has this kind of attachment. For all it worth, it can even harm if you there is an encounter attachment that will do less harm on a hero with this boon, but because of that boon you wouldn't be able to attach it to him.
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