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  1. But you don't have the digital game, you have the physical game =O What seems absurd to me is you expecting the company to invest helluva load of money and time into developing something, and then just give it away for free to you. As for the game and how it feels and plays... I won't be saying much until I try it myself.
  2. There are a lot more information now, and I am very concerned with the concept of "favor" cards: The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game also introduces Favor cards, powerful expendable cards that “burn” or disappear forever after a single use. After a player resolves their initial mulligan, they’ll receive a prompt asking if they want to use one of their Favor cards during that Quest. If so, that card will be added to their hand. Favor cards generally provide some kind of advantage that the players can’t get elsewhere—it’s a way to tip the scales against Sauron. Selling power, or in other words, "pay to win" is never, never a good decision, even in a co-op/solo game.
  3. Well, if you take out all the shuffling, setupping, and all other manual labor you need to perform - game of LotR LCG can indeed be very quick, especially when you don't ponder on each decision. If you ponder, however, even digital game can take ages. For example, each Mansions of Madness 2 scenario has estimated playtime, and me and my playgroup always exceed it at least 2 times. Human factor.
  4. Ok. I watched it. Not much was said or shown, so my thoughts gonna be few as well. First: Current visuals look awful, I sincerely hope they do something with it before the release, as I've already said, aesthetic is a very important part of any card game, and current aesthetic of the game is severly lacking. As for change in the resource system, I think it is interesting, and not particularly good or bad. It presents with more deckbuilding freedom and opportunities, while also reducing the need to fiddle with the resources. Some people will like it, some people might hate it. I can see the good and interesting in both of them. The system where enemies and characters damage each other simultaneously I am not sure about, because I currently don't know how this gonna work exactly. There is many different ways this can be done. Random - I am always against random. Caleb announced that Sneak Attack now summons a random ally instead of somebody from your hand. I don't like it. But then again, this is a co-op card game, so random might be not that severe here. Encounter deck being an acutal AI controlled player with options and resource I consider a strong GOOD change for one simple reason - how many times you had to forfiet the game turn 1? Exactly, game has no way of controlling the high roll unwinnable turn 1 situations. But with this change, encounter deck might now play in a growing curve, achieving what we have always wanted - easier start, tougher mid to endgame. Economy model - digital LCG is good. Pay for what you want, not for bunch of random stuff. Nuff said.
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/208089305 Posted on LotR LCG reddit. Looks extremely raw. To screw up the aesthetic is to fail at a card game, and currently game doesn't looks good. As for gameplay, I just started watching and can't say for now.
  6. Man, where are you people watching the gameplay?
  7. So, in your head a digital game being manufactured by entirely different department is somehow responsible for SHIPPING delays?
  8. Hanging out in person is fun, nobody is arguing that, but it is not always possible, and I'd rather have an alternative than none.
  9. So, what are you hoping for then? We already got new cycle announced. And, while we're at it, what is stopping ya from pairing up online with real friends? xD
  10. Digital card games usually cost far less than physical ones, so it is not like you'll need to spend the same amout of money to play digital. As a person with very little time due to day job, the things about digital card game that I can appreciate is full automation and quickness of the tideous irl activities I must perform, like if I want to change my deck, I'll need to sit swapping cards for some time. And I can't have several decks that share same card available at the same time irl, I can in digital card game. Shuffling: quality skyrockets, time drops to 0. As an additional benefit - I would be able to play with people who live away. Don't kid yourself or anybody else here, all that digital version brings is benefits, and it trumps any companion app possible, because companion app would be just one additional tideous process to perform while playing irl.
  11. I highly doubt it is LotR LCG Digital, but I will rejoice if I'm wrong.
  12. Please don't eat crows. As for the reveal, I got several things to say: 1. I like the new item theme; 2. I hate how they just obscure some player card texts on the previews, as per usual; 3. Bard son of Brand? I am a bit confused. I thought Bard the Bowman was the founder? Educate me, loremastas; 4. I do think that these are the big promised news, because what can be bigger?
  13. Man the release rate of that Legend of the Five Rings game is insane.
  14. This kind of news will be more fitting after the aforementioned few years.
  15. Did they drop any good intel? Aside from gaem not being ded.
  16. http://www.pcgamer.com/former-human-head-director-leads-new-fantasy-flight-interactive-studio/ And there is promise of some of the board products going digital too. How low are the odds of LotR LCG being digitalized?
  17. I'm neither proud nor ashamed of it. It is just the way it is. If you're hurt just because I couldn't remember her name properly during the time she was spoiled, and then my substitute nickname for her stuck because it sounded kinda cool (to me, obviously) - then jokes on you. You are deliberately choosing to be hurt by something that has no intention to hurt you. Also, sexist? What? I googled just in case I had the term "homegirl" wrong, but it turned out I had it right: "homegirl - a girl who is a friend to the end, no matter what goes down you know SHE GOT YOUR BACK". I can't even begin to imagine what exactly sexist about that. Please, save your SJW impulses for those cases where they are applicible at the very least. Also, oh the irony, being a SJW is really not a behavior to be proud of. I did at that time, google returned "proof of concept", which made no sense in the context.
  18. I wish I knew what POC is. I also give no worries about the way it looks. Authraw and PocketWraith - good read, folks. Anything personal you might add from your experience past those articles you've linked? Did you try her outside of the Battle quests, Authraw? The deck you described, PocketWraith, felt like Nya'shish just fit in it but wasn't actually an essential part of it, and could be substituted by someone else, possibly even of another sphere.
  19. Hi. I was wondering if anybody managed to get any good uses out of Nya'shish and lived to tell the tale. I am horribly behind on packs at the moment and I don't think I'll be catching up any time soon, until I find a new job at the very least, so I haven't got the chance to use her at the moment, but I hope someone else did.
  20. I wish I had tenacity to perform such a feat
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