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  1. You respectfully disagree with what exactly? Random cards not being played for their inconsistencey is a fact you can't respectfully (or in any other way) disagree with, and this Sneak Attack is the worst kind of random - uncontrollable. There is nothing you can do to control it.
  2. Just my thoughts which I already posted in another thread: Randomness for the sake of randomness is bad, and this new Sneak Attack is a great example of how good, decisive card simply turned into "random" button. Any possible deckbuilding and planning behind the card - completely gone. Judging by my experience from other digital card games, this card will start gathering dust as soon as the card pool grows and there will be enough decent non-random cards to fill the deck.
  3. And Mirkwood Pioneer is still not erratta'd to this very day...
  4. I'm absolutely insanely bad at international time, might you tell me exactly how much time needs to pass from the your post for it to be 1 PM CST?
  5. X-wing wasn't based on SWLCG and doesn't use it's rules and content as basis. You're just being silly now.
  6. But it is not just about marketing. Same cards with same names and same art, same(ish) abilities, etc.
  7. I don't need to, because argument is about it being a completely different game, and to be completely different game it needs to absolutely deviate from the concept of the LotR of the Rings (I did that on purpose), which it doesn't.
  8. Dude. This game was literally built on LotR LCG. You can't claim to be completely different game from the game it was built on and evolved from.
  9. Well, this is the same game with the same name, same components, same environment, same but watered down rules. Yep, it's tweaked LotR LCG. Pay to win is general term for selling power within the game, and selling power is rarely healthy. Let me put it that way, in the best-case scenario selling power is ineffective, in any other it is damaging. Anyway, I will be buying the game as soon as it hits the Steam and digging deep into it. Cept for the case when they put an unreasonable price tag on it, which is not uncommon given the place I live. We tend to get a lot of euro prices here with the neglect to our paying ability.
  10. It took me exactly the time it took for you to spell the name of the game in a way that it is actually called, not the way you refer to it numerically Well, keep not trusting it, be my guest, too bad this company's word is all you gonna get.
  11. Well, the cards "burn" or dissapear forever after a single use, how else you are gonna replenish them if not by buying? My bet is that these Favor cards are gonna be sold for both regular and premium currencies. Worst case scenario that I can see: Quests are balanced around using those Favor cards, making runs without Favor cards very unfavorable (pun intended), making them literal pay to win. Best case scenario that I can see: Quests are balanced completely without Favor cards in mind, making them just a tool for newer players to gain an edge, or for seasoned players to render a quest harmless.
  12. Well, if you want people to understand you, you should call things their names. I have Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay myself, and I wasn't able to understand your ambigious "warhammer 2 and 3". So, basically, some old RPG got a new edition, and because of that you no longer trust FFG when they officially say that the game will continue, while also announcing entire new cycle?
  13. What are you even talking about, there existed no such things as "Warhammer 2 and 3" under ffg's development.
  14. Warhammer is result of Workshop breaking the contract with FFG, something that is out of their hands. So you're basically asking if Tolkien Estate gonna revoke FFG's rights to create in LotR universe? Well, why don't you call Tolkien estate then and ask them?
  15. He isn't unless you bring readying effects. On my dare I say rich digital card gaming experience, cards with uncontrollable unrestricted random never become staples, and are meme-tier at best. Which this one will end up as, unless changed.
  16. Yes, that Keen-eyed Took will be a huge contributor throughout the entire adventure phase.
  17. To people saying "this is a completely different game": no. It's not. It has cards with same names, and hopefully similar effects. It has quests with same enemies as can be seen on screenshots. It's not a completely different game. It is a tweaked LotR LCG. Darkest Dungeon quote comes to my mind for some reason: "Nature herself, a victim to the spreading corruption, malformed with misintent".
  18. For cards that granted other spheres, it is simple: they will either dissapear, or be reworked into something else.
  19. Yeah, I mentioned randomness in my prev post, but now I want to pay a little bit more attention to it. As someone who spent loads of free time doing custom cards and reworks for LotR LCG, LotR LCG-related modifications (Innistrad MTG, Call of Cthulhu before Arkham LCG was announced), I simply don't understand Caleb's excitement with his ability to do random effect thanks to the digitalness of the game. I mean, digitalness of the game allows for TONS of cool stuff to be done, not just random... but to take a perfectly fine and iconic original card that had a cool effect that involved deckbuilding (ok, who am I kidding, it involved including neutral Gandalf into your deck, but still), and just water it down to a button with "random" on it? That seems like a very poor use of digital potential to me. If digital Sneak Attack stays that way, then I predict that people will stop using it as soon as card pool grows and decks can be filled with cards that player can predict and control. Imagine if they change Gandalf from choose to random? Man, this is not how use the random effect to the game's advantage.
  20. Bonus for owners of physical products would be a nice touch, but importing your entire collection? Effectively reducing their revenue to 0? Sorry, that's ridiculous.
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