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  1. It sounds like the game is gonna to be too heavy for you guys.
  2. I don't know, I'm ashamed to admit I did not bought anything from Harad, and I saw some orc enemies among the cards from it, so I don'r really know.
  3. If character with Ambush kills an enemy, it doesn't take damage from that enemy.
  4. Well, yes, rarity is kinda wrong term to use when the system you get it with is not random.
  5. I did not meant that some player cards were exclusive via money, I mean this: Rarity is irrelevant when you buy stuff via real money, you buy whole packs of cards. But, if you want to buy cards with valor, you buy not packs, but individual cards separately, and that's when "rarity" comes in, making different cards cost different valor.
  6. Also Saruman deluxe expansion, Saruman AP, Saruman Saga, and Saruman PoD. And Saruman playmat.
  7. I thot they were all within the packs? Does this means you only buy packs with real money, and when you wanna buy stuff with valor - you buy individual cards?
  8. What is the point of the "rarity" within the LCG model?
  9. Saruman hero; Saruman ally; Saruman attachment; Saruman event; Saruman side quest.
  10. Judging by my own experience, that hugely depends on the voice. I find myself rooting for certain cards to be played to hear their voice rather than praying that some card won't get played just to not hear their voice. Since heroes are permanent residents of the deck and board, the devs can give them like 3-5 lines per action, to keep it fresh, but allies I think are fine with 1 line.
  11. Tis a shame, could've been an opportunity to dust off some unused heroes and other cards alike.
  12. Most of that remains to be seen. There should be a stream today (if I understood that correctly), try hopping on and asking.
  13. Oh, I almost forgot. The was a semi-spoil of Legolas. He is now an ally with Fleeting keyword (means he leaves play at the end of the round, like Gandalf). Rest of the text was obscured, but I think he had "Arrival" - meaning he did something when he entered play. I might be wrong, this is just how I remembered it. He also had crazy attack value, I think, like 5 or 6.
  14. One. His keyword allows him to not exhaust when being attacked once per turn.
  15. Self-Prevesrvation: 2 mana heal 1 damage from attched character at the end of the round. Seastan, yes, Ithilien Lookout exhausts enemy when enters play.
  16. I am not saying it is effectively worthless. I am saying it belong to the department of uncontrollable, unpredictable random. You never know what you will get, you have absolutely no way to influence it. It is useful because you'll always get a body, but since now you don't even declare defenders, and you summon some 0/0/1 dud, AI might not even decide to attack it. All I'm saying is that the bigger card pool gonna get, the less enticing this version of Sneak Attack will grow.
  17. A memer is someone who picks his perception of fun over actual value. Original LotR LCG at least for me is a very harsh environment (for solo play) which allows very little to none "fun" scenarios. If digital environment will be anything close to the board one, I doubt there will be a lot of memers, at least not until they beat the game with efficient decks and start screwing around with meme stuff. Remember old times when Journey Down the Anduin was the bane of our existence? Would you afford to take something you cannot rely on there? There are plenty unforgiving quests even without nigthmare, and judging by stream there is already Hard mode implemented by default, so unless the game itself is easy overall, deck space will be pretty tight for the stuff you can rely on.
  18. But this is what happens with all random cards in all others digital card games. Sure, some memers (like you, I presume) might still play it, but main populus (people who play to win) cannot afford any wildcards in their deck.
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