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  1. I want Saruman hero. Speaking of which, I recently noticed that if Saruman were to ever portrayed again, Charles Dance seems to be a very good fit.
  2. Omg, this is hilarious. Hold on to it, I'm sure Aragorns gonna cost pretty penny as rare collectibles in the future.
  3. Oathbreakers contract can be something that makes you jump through a couple of hoops and then rewards you with a big token ally. (Which then gets immediately discarded by a wild treachery/shadow effect.)
  4. Check it out: They do a double sided hero with different spheres, therefore opening up a slot for a neutral hero - Saruman! Yeah, not gonna happen :'D
  5. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/9/11/the-city-of-ulfast/ Non-unique spirit ally with 2 cost and 2 attack, while also having 2 health, 1 willpower, and a positive textbox. Boy is powercreep real.
  6. Experience versions of existing cards to purchase during campaign.
  7. I'm not judging by how it used to release at the beginning, I'm juding by how other fresh LCG releases come out now.
  8. See, you are able to grasp the concept of hyperbole after all
  9. It was never supposed to be a factually correct statement. All this statement was trying to convey is that this game is releasing products at a turtle pace, which it does. Like, I made it so obvious - 1 pack in 3 years, and you still took it at face value? Lmao.
  10. Hyperbole, from a Greek word meaning "excess," is a figure of speech that uses extreme exaggeration to make a point or show emphasis.
  11. I'm not sure that he disagrees, he just lays down the facts (tbh I don't think somebody in his position even takes part in decisions like these, those are usually made by people directly involved). I think there is much more reasons behind not doing second edition than simple "0.001% of the playerbase that are vocal on the forums don't want it". If I was a betting man, my money would be on the risk of it not returning as much profit and/or licensing issues being the actual main reason for that. I don't know how they can "reiterate" the game with so many cards being designed around the old rules. Some cards gonna function differently under the new rule set, some cards might break at all.
  12. Nah, broseph, if game resets, you still have the giant behemoth with years and years worth of content and gameplay. You don't lose anything, except maybe a few packs they still gonna maybe release after those already planned? And judging by FFG's other edition improvements, what you are saying is not a possibility, every existing new edition for a past game that I am aware of was a tremendous improvement, be it LCG or a board game. So, if we used the selfishness scale for this situation, you're selfish by around 99/100, while I'm selfish by 1/100. I have most of the first edition purchased too, you know. I will too "lose" if they were to decide to release second edition. But it is right thing to do for the game to move forward.
  13. The things you're trying to pass as improvement is not the improvements the game needs. Not wanting to game to improve because you want to keep getting more cards for it with the already insane card pool is selfish, no matter what spin you'll try to put on it.
  14. But you'll still have this giant wealth of 1.0 cards to deckbuild with? By not making it 2.0, they get stuck in the past and cannot sufficiently move forward. Not letting something improve so that you would have more toys to play with while you have endless supply of toys to play with is selfish.
  15. But second edition wouldn't take your deep card pool away. Nothing stops you from playing first edition while second edition is developing. Plus, when game first release, they develop significantly faster than 1 adventure pack in 3 years like lotr lcg currently has, another very compelling reason why lotr should go for second edition.
  16. I'm actually sad it's not a second edition. This game is in dire need of second edition.
  17. Any chance for Saruman hero in LotR LCG?
  18. I want there to be Saruman but I don't see it. I make a solemn promise: If there is Saruman in the upcoming cycle, I'm going to purchase every AP and Deluxe box up to the one where Saruman is released.
  19. It doesn't feel overpowered, because it doesn't gives you an advantage, it (partially most of the time) mitigates a disadvantage. Plus, it is printed on a very costy hero.
  20. Reducing threat is not counter to the Isengard Archetype, it is counter to the Valour archetype
  21. I see mass threat reduction as both perfect mechanical and thematical fit. Mechanical fit is obvious, thematical fit is that Saruman was working with these forced for a long time and mastered them, so he is able to mitigate the downside while working with them.
  22. I made mass threat reduction on playing Doomed for Saruman as a way to offset the inherit disadvantage Doomed mechanic has in multiplayer. Sure, there are fair cards like Deep Knowledge or Legacy of Numenor, they affect all players and it's only right their threat also affects all players. But then, there is "local" stuff like Herald of Anorien, Mirkwood Pioneer, and most importantly - Grima. It is unfair to punish the entire party for the advantage only one player is getting, in case of Grima - 1 resource, which makes him virtually unplayable in multiplayer. That's the flaw of the Doomed mechanic, it cannot target just the right player. So what I did with Saruman's ability is just try to make Grima and non-global Doomed stuff playable in multiplayer. I even tried to patch this issue up in my "fix the game" pet project long ago:
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