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  1. Having to cut out your cards and most importantly tokens? Eww. I guess you track your threat on paper with a pencil?
  2. The cool thing to do would be to release a campaign kit for existing cycles, with boons, banes, and a booklet desciribing transition rules between scenarios. Maybe also an online pdf that puts player cards on different levels so you'll have to purchase them with experience, like in Arkhame Horror.
  3. Harad didn't end up developing into much of anything, just a hero and a bunch of cards to go with that hero. I'm curious - how good is the Harad thing? Anybody tried it here to any success?
  4. Please remind me, as I am forgetful. Does reducing the Doomed 2 card to Doomed 0 with Saruman's stuff still counts as playing a card with printed doomed for the purpose of readying him?
  5. Man, so much discussion, I wish people would pay at least half the attention to my rework project when I was busting my *** of on it. Is totally jelly.
  6. I guess I've ran out of the cards I want in this game Grima hero: check; Smeagol hero: check; Saruman hero: check!
  7. What about the quest where you start at 0 threat? Does Saruman ruins it for you as well?
  8. Or you just hourserule those quests to have a workaround for 1 hero decks.
  9. I dunno, total or no total, distribution also matters. Convert one of his willpower or defense into attack, and he would be worthwhile, both for attacking and for putting more work into making his ability come true.
  10. The main problem that I see with him is that he seems to be overpriced by 1 to compensate for his ability, but his ability gives no immediate power, and plus it's pretty conditional, not to mentioning it being relevant for a single archetype. I can see many games being won/lost without the cards he shuffled even showing up, if any.
  11. No, I understand what he does. I just don't see the value in it, at least for the reasources he consumes while being an unique ally. Those are usually very powerful for their cost, especially with the latest powercreep and all.
  12. Btw, dat Nori seems like a pretty weak unique ally for 3 with his statline and ability. Am I underestimating his ability?
  13. Even sticking to the tabletalk rule you can find ways to convey the information. It's better just to have a good sense of teamwork than stick to this godawful rule. Thanks for the answer.
  14. Also. It's been awhile, and I'm not sure, so please, remind me. During the quest phase, can I exhausted Saruman to quest, play the freshly revealed far sight to scout 5 encounter cards, therefore readying Saruman, and then commit the reset of my characters to quest with newly obtained information? My gut and my fain recollection of the rules tells me I can't.
  15. I also wonder if Strider Saruman could work with dat new contract.
  16. This contract sounds as something very fun to play with, but not very "competitive" as to say? Like, it drips with theme, but it severely lacks consistency, especially due to not allowing dupes in the loot deck, if I'm understanding correctly.
  17. Also important thing. When a doomed 2 or less card is reduced by the staff, is it still counts as a doomed card played for his readying effect? Also, something that irks me: On his hero card they type doomed with lower case d, "doomed", while on his staff they type Doomed with the capital D, "Doomed".
  18. I'm glad they went for 3/4/2 statline instead of 2/4/3.
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