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  1. How do you handle pirate ships boarding you with lots of pirates?
  2. Did I? I was planning buying just the Saruman pack, and maybe Smeagol and Nya'shish ones. Regardless, my financial situation doesn't allow me to make such gargantuan purchases of something I'm not going to play.
  3. Couple of questions. How did you handle fight with the deck you've shown? There is not a lot, if any, fight related stuff in it, and raid on the havens is a very fight heavy quest if memory serves me well. I was often overwhelmed on initial turns. Yet you have almost no fight in the deck and somehow win. Correct me if I wrong, but you don't have a way to play Sword-elf that is in your deck?
  4. I'm sorry, you're gonna play each scenario only once? That's hardly has a legit statistical sample. I once beat nightmare anduin solo on my first try because I had the mildest encounter draw possible. Thats not saying much.
  5. I'm gonna trust you on this, but if is not too much trouble, a few highlights of the game would be great. I might I don't have any aps from the cycle, but don't let that stop you from playing the game if you really want to.
  6. I have been out of it for a pretty long time, but I don't really predict success for this deck in those scenarios at the very least. But don't let that stop you.
  7. Is he dough? Handing out resource advantage for any color in exchange for threat while paired up with heroes from the sphere that deals most easily with the threat and kinda lacks any good resource acquisition tools is not atleast decent mechanical synergy to you? Combined with Arwen, it's 5 resources per turn with 0 setup, in a deck with no leadership whatsoever.
  8. Then what is the issue in taking my hero lineup? Like, you're free to include anything into the deck itself, including the stuff I physically don't own.
  9. I unfortunately don't have it any longer. I remember it having Fair and Perilous and Elven event that draw a card from the discard pile and returns to the hand. I think it also had the lute that returns card to hand after discarding it. Hope that helps. Well, the themes you were trying to pick weren't the one my deck was having, so if your point was to pick any theme at all - why would you ask for my deck? And if you wanted to pick my deck's theme, why would you want to play something different? I'm quite confused with what you're trying to achieve here, but tell you what. If you have time and interest, do one with my hero lineup, and one with the dunedain noldor theme you initially wanted.
  10. I don't recall any particular Dundedain synergy going on, maybe a few powerful cost efficient allies.
  11. I stopped collecting and playing during the Dreamchasers era. My last box is Dreamchasers, and I don't think I've purchased any packs from that cycle. The last deck that I remember I've played was Arwen+Cirdan+Grima that the willpower part figure out on the table and specialized in cycling and resource acceleration to get heavy hitters out quickly. I remember Not being able to do much in any of the Dreamchaser quests with said deck.
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