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  1. John Constantine

    Off Topic: CoTR Brandon

    Brandon son of Bainon.
  2. John Constantine

    The Woodland Realm

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/24/the-woodland-realm/ Alt art Eowyn spotted.
  3. John Constantine

    Gandalf the White?

    He was actually discuessed helluva lot on these forums prior to the saga box release which contained that boon which represents him becoming the white (Beyond All Hope or something, don't quite remember the name). There were all kind of crazy theories, but the main consensus was that they're not gonna release a Gandalf hero by a different name.
  4. John Constantine

    Someone told me...

    It amazes me how people keep starting new blogs, podcasts, etc. for a game with as low demand for this as LotR LCG.
  5. John Constantine

    Win a copy of THE WITHERED HEATH

    Do you send overseas?
  6. John Constantine

    Any news from gen con?

    What are the changes?
  7. John Constantine

    Fire in the Night

    Consider his 1 wp and 1 atk to be that "the labor is beneath him", as shown on the Elvenking card art, he just kicks back and enjoys others doing the heavy lifting.
  8. John Constantine

    Fire in the Night

    For the split second I thot Thalion was Talion from the Shadow of Mordor.
  9. Despite what most of the people think around here, I consider TTS to be far superior and flexible in comparison to OCTGN.
  10. John Constantine

    Hero Addiction

  11. I don't know what would be actual ruling, but my gut feeling is that since Woodmen's Path reduces the total quest point value and not the printed one, it trumps Elf-stone.
  12. John Constantine

    Favorite Hero Cards

    This is the place where I would say Saruman... if game had one! Grima.
  13. John Constantine

    Tried to play with real cards...

    I don't have binders, but my cards are strictly sorted by type, and within type they are sorted by cost, so I always know what is where.
  14. John Constantine

    Radagast and Saruman

    Well, by the grace of the golden rule, anything is possibru :'D