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  1. John Constantine

    The Fate of Wilderland

    Reducing damage to 1 was my first thought, but then I thought it would be too powerful because it would make defending trivial with just a little bit of healing.
  2. John Constantine

    The Fate of Wilderland

    1 sounds too weak for a Guarded item. Like, why even bother. 2 sounds too little to bother for me as well, but that's me.
  3. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/8/the-fate-of-wilderland/ I'm glad to finally see another Istari hero, albeit a bit salty it's no Saruman.
  4. John Constantine


    I've seen all them player spoilers at Beorn LCG.
  5. John Constantine

    Fire in the Night

    Are there any unspoiled cards from this pack?
  6. John Constantine

    Alt Art Cards Fakes?

    Thank you.
  7. John Constantine

    Alt Art Cards Fakes?

    Now I'm curious what that "white littering" looks like.
  8. John Constantine


    Just include every dale ally there is like a man.
  9. LotR LCG doesn't make a good job making itself look different from HS, especially to outsiders. It lost it uniqueness when they decided to dumb it down. And it's obviously not LCG players they are trying to please with what they're doing, hence all the dumbing down going on to cater to the "wider" audience, which is too preocupied playing HS and other digital card games. I'll rephrase: "You may ignore the pvp aspect, but you can't ignore that this game exists as a persistent alternative available whenever the subjects want it, and unlike tabletop competitive card games, it doesn't require a live opponent nearby to play, hence rendering all the advantages and enticement tabletop LotR had nonexistent for the digital LotR". But do people want it? Witcher, a very well known and loved franchise with the very well known and loved Gwent card game released a solo card game spinoff Thronebreaker, a fully fledged polished game with plenty of content, and even they admitted it didn't did as well as they expected it to be. LotR LCG has no name on PC, doesn't distinguish itselff enuff from other games, takes a lot of money for virtually no content. For Honor failed because at one point they were pay to win which is like a self-signed death sentence, but they still alive because at core it's a very good and engaging game that buried itself early and now tries to crawl out. I don't see any good outcome of what is LotR DCG rite nao. It succeeds - they think dumbing down tabletop stuff is ok and we never see any proper port of anything. They don't succeed - they are scared off the digital realm and either withdraw entirely or start doing even less risky and more dumbed down stuff. And in case you didn't know, LotR DCG currently holds 50 or less people playing it on steam per day. Games with such low online are considered dead.
  10. It doesn't compete in a gameplay, it does compete as a digital card game for people with limited time. LotR offers small gameplay time and it's pay to play now, HS offers all of it's PvE content for free gated only by your progress within it, and it rewards you if you do it. It's fine to ignore their PvP aspect. It's not fine to ignore their existance. Why tabletop LotR succeeded? It offered a possibility to play a card game alone, without the need for a human opponent. Digital card games eradicated the requirement of a physical human opponent due to internet, there is not much need for a game like digital LotR like there was/is a need for game like tabletop LotR. LotR's super bad tabletop core set experience worked because there was no alternative. This won't happen with the digital version. People who play digital have too much free alternatives that are free, offer much more game time and replayability. And most outsiders will just shrug the game off as "yet another HS clone", like I keep seeing in the comments. Not to mention the divide within the tabletop fans. Steam numbers don't lie. The players you think it is supposed to cater to barely exist.
  11. It's not reasonable when you take into account what market the game is breaking into, and who, justified or not, gonna be it's competitors. And competitors are gonna be other digital card games, which have a lot more cards (both on release and especially currently), and infinite replayability (live opponents), not to mention some games have pve as well (Hearthstone, Shadowverse, TES Legends, etc). You're not gonna get far by trying to compare the game to it's tabletop counterpart. It's two different markets.
  12. John Constantine

    LotR - Fan-Made Custom Quests

    I had it made as an OCTGN quest originally, that's how we with Seastan tested it in the first place: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfjps1806syxg4p/Undead Quest.rar?dl=0
  13. You shouldn't be comparing it to the tabletop game, there is no point, it doesn't competes with the tabletop version. What you should be comparing it to is other digital card games on release.
  14. John Constantine

    LotR - Fan-Made Custom Quests

    I once did a small undead quest, I think it was mainly to challenge myself on doing a quest almost completely consisting off MtG art. Needless to say it's pretty lore-hostile, despite me trying to use stuff that was actually in the lore (at least mentioned). I think we tried it once with the Seastan and it proven to be too hard and punishing. Here's the cards if anybody cares to look: https://imgur.com/a/51HvklA