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  1. Bucket List

    I don't know, I'm ashamed to admit I did not bought anything from Harad, and I saw some orc enemies among the cards from it, so I don'r really know.
  2. Bucket List

  3. Ambush

    If character with Ambush kills an enemy, it doesn't take damage from that enemy.
  4. Digital Card Game Announced!

    Well, yes, rarity is kinda wrong term to use when the system you get it with is not random.
  5. Digital Card Game Announced!

    I did not meant that some player cards were exclusive via money, I mean this: Rarity is irrelevant when you buy stuff via real money, you buy whole packs of cards. But, if you want to buy cards with valor, you buy not packs, but individual cards separately, and that's when "rarity" comes in, making different cards cost different valor.
  6. Bucket List

    Also Saruman deluxe expansion, Saruman AP, Saruman Saga, and Saruman PoD. And Saruman playmat.
  7. Digital Card Game Announced!

    I thot they were all within the packs? Does this means you only buy packs with real money, and when you wanna buy stuff with valor - you buy individual cards?
  8. Digital Card Game Announced!

    What is the point of the "rarity" within the LCG model?
  9. Bucket List

    Saruman hero; Saruman ally; Saruman attachment; Saruman event; Saruman side quest.
  10. Card boxes like arkham

    R.I.P. Arkhame.
  11. I'm Back! (maybe)

    Have you heard of the digital version?
  12. LOTR Digital streams discussions

    So, in how many hours is this?
  13. LOTR Digital streams discussions

    Judging by my own experience, that hugely depends on the voice. I find myself rooting for certain cards to be played to hear their voice rather than praying that some card won't get played just to not hear their voice. Since heroes are permanent residents of the deck and board, the devs can give them like 3-5 lines per action, to keep it fresh, but allies I think are fine with 1 line.
  14. Discord community

  15. Digital cards

    So, is new stream supposed to be today?