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  1. John Constantine

    Favorite Hero Cards

    This is the place where I would say Saruman... if game had one! Grima.
  2. John Constantine

    Tried to play with real cards...

    I don't have binders, but my cards are strictly sorted by type, and within type they are sorted by cost, so I always know what is where.
  3. John Constantine

    Radagast and Saruman

    Well, by the grace of the golden rule, anything is possibru :'D
  4. John Constantine

    Radagast and Saruman

    Why everybody hates Saruman so much? 0 willpower, has to BOTH raise threat and discard the ally to give it +2 willpower OR +2 attack.
  5. 2 cards 4 mana 4 defense 4 health sentinel. Noice.
  6. John Constantine


    Definitely not.
  7. John Constantine

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    I'm really glad Warhammer ACG is coming back. And considering they basically had a game ready for them, and how much time it took them to "re-skin" it, I expect hefty improvements.
  8. John Constantine

    Roam Across Rhovanion

    Until an unfortunate treachery/shadow effect discards him from play.
  9. John Constantine

    Roam Across Rhovanion

    Eagle is unique, so his cost is ok. Also, I can already hear all the cursing regarding those encounter eagles getting discarded as shadow effects.
  10. John Constantine

    Path of Need

    Each exhausted character was just dealt 1 damage.
  11. John Constantine

    The Road Ahead

    Definitely not per attachment.
  12. John Constantine

    Radagast and Saruman

    It's interesting to see my ye olde designs for Saruman from 3 years back and still find them quite good. I usually feel repulsed by my old work when I stumble upon it.
  13. John Constantine

    Recommend this game to me?

    It sounds like the game is gonna to be too heavy for you guys.
  14. John Constantine

    Bucket List

    I don't know, I'm ashamed to admit I did not bought anything from Harad, and I saw some orc enemies among the cards from it, so I don'r really know.