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  1. I'm neither proud nor ashamed of it. It is just the way it is. If you're hurt just because I couldn't remember her name properly during the time she was spoiled, and then my substitute nickname for her stuck because it sounded kinda cool (to me, obviously) - then jokes on you. You are deliberately choosing to be hurt by something that has no intention to hurt you. Also, sexist? What? I googled just in case I had the term "homegirl" wrong, but it turned out I had it right: "homegirl - a girl who is a friend to the end, no matter what goes down you know SHE GOT YOUR BACK". I can't even begin to imagine what exactly sexist about that. Please, save your SJW impulses for those cases where they are applicible at the very least. Also, oh the irony, being a SJW is really not a behavior to be proud of. I did at that time, google returned "proof of concept", which made no sense in the context.
  2. I wish I knew what POC is. I also give no worries about the way it looks. Authraw and PocketWraith - good read, folks. Anything personal you might add from your experience past those articles you've linked? Did you try her outside of the Battle quests, Authraw? The deck you described, PocketWraith, felt like Nya'shish just fit in it but wasn't actually an essential part of it, and could be substituted by someone else, possibly even of another sphere.
  3. Hi. I was wondering if anybody managed to get any good uses out of Nya'shish and lived to tell the tale. I am horribly behind on packs at the moment and I don't think I'll be catching up any time soon, until I find a new job at the very least, so I haven't got the chance to use her at the moment, but I hope someone else did.
  4. I wish I had tenacity to perform such a feat
  5. stimpaksam, that's a relief to know that FFG did it themselves, on player cards even. Thank you. Bullroarer Took, the last part of the quote wouldn't fit. And the question is not about this particular card, but about the way to print text boxes in general, because I am getty plenty of those dilemmas. Authraw, yup, keyword visibility has gone down significantly... but is this evil a necessary enough one? The thing is, I want a consistent way of print to use on all of my text boxes, not to break my about each individual text box. Right now, it looks like bold triggers right after keywords is best solution, however if there is a passive non-bold effect after the keyword, then any bold trigger should follow after an empty line, like this:
  6. Hi there. I got a little dilemma. From one point of view, printing bold triggers right next to keywords feels extremely wrong. From the other point, it frees a lot of free space in the text box. For example, I would have to get rid of a quote on this card if I wouldn't print Forced directly after the keywords: What do you people think? Also, LotR LCG vets, did FFG printed any cards like this?
  7. Can anybody who already has this expansion please tell me the name of the artist who drew Constance Dumaine? I like her art very much and wanna try my luck at finding it on the web.
  9. Funny, you made me backtrack to my rework project and it was exactly what I did that time:
  10. That's not true! Some of them have Doomed and/or Surge! Here is a solution: Just print all future Treacheries with Surge!
  11. You wish. I wish too xD A revised core set that would contain revised versions of all the suck cards from the original while instead of the cool cards it would have also revised versions of the suck cards from the earlier cycles.
  12. But it also makes high attack weapon more desireable, because you no longer can stick one character with two weapons.
  13. Well, it's in color blue, which is not known for it's weapons. Or attack capabilities for that matter, so attack value this big is very enticing. In my mod, you draw 2 cards per turn, and card draw is not hardcoded into one sphere, so there will be less likely scenarios of having no cards in hand, however I think in situation with 0 cards in hand the weapon may be used without the chance of summoning an enemy. I don't think what you're saying has anything to do with the spirit of the game, because the same can be easily said about a lot of mechanics that original lotr already has, like seeding player cards into the encounter deck.
  14. By the way, I forgot to ask. You said that the fact that each character being able to have only 1 weapon makes you want Elbrus even less, but this doesn't makes any sense to me, because having only 1 available weapon slot per character makes higher attack weapons more desirable. Why did you say that?