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  1. I would play with everything especially if you don't have infinite amounts of time to play. Just use what you want and what would be the most enjoyable for the group. Maybe later it might feel more thematic to play with restrictions.
  2. This is great, I really liked Warhammer Quest and was bummed there were no expansion. Having this in Terrinoth will give lots of opportunity for new stuff.
  3. I'd bet its going to be first quarter of next year, but with this many expansions its looking like plano box time!
  4. Hey at least the name is way better than the LCG. DESTINY!!!! or "the card game"
  5. Looks awesome! Let us know what paints you used and where you got your stand supplies. I looked up a few options after seeing this but wants to see what you bought first.
  6. FFG knows what they are doing, I've never had any desire to get Descent because I was so wrapped up in IA, but because of this app and the ability to play co-op with my gaming buddy, this made me run right out and buy a core set. All this app has done, is attract more people to this game, which is never going to be a bad thing.
  7. MrBlissful, I'm in Fort Worth, you can PM me if you are interested in setting up a game sometime.
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