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  1. These guys are interesting but the final design is more distinctive and makes much more sense from a pure logic POV, with the ailerons connect like that these things would have horrible maneuverability.
  2. Soo... How did all this end up shaking out? I saw some of these ol girls at my most recent tournament but I've been to busy of late to keep completely up to date on the state of the game.
  3. Yeah I really miss Juno, I took a few Store Championships with her.
  4. Yeah in basic they are fine, it's extended where they are competing with Phantoms and TAPs for a role that they struggle to find a place.
  5. They've always changed all eyes to hits/evades. The only difference now is that if you for some reason want to take exactly one damage and they roll three hits and you roll three eyes you could only change two of them if you wanted to. Though with Gunner no longer being a thing I don't know why you would want to do that.
  6. As someone who flew Juno extensively in 1.0 just the additions of hard 1s, 3 and 5ks and more greens to the dial is a huge boost.
  7. Yeah Steele is pretty meh here, I'd much rather have Juno back as the I5 pilot, Ved has her ability but lacks the initiative to make full use of it. The ship does have its perks, the system is nice and unlike the Phantom it can make use of Fire control which can really boost action economy against non swarm lists for just 3 points and crits are extremely nasty in 2.0 but overall the Phantom just outclasses it in ways that an extra two or three points and lack of target locks don't make up for. I think the issue is that the ship was balanced around not making Vader horribly OP and most of the other pilots were an afterthought. That's the only reason I can think of that it wouldn't have the evade action.
  8. I've seen a few people suggest that reinforce only work in arc for them but I think that's a mistake, they are already fairly easy to arc dodge so it wouldn't really help them much at all but forcing your opponent to choose between escaping your arc and getting an unreinforced shot has a lot of strategic implications.
  9. Yeah that was a huge design oversight of the Punisher, one of many. The system slot could have allowed for a number of niche roles but most of them were blocked by the lack of an ept slot and even still wouldn't have made up for the drop in points efficiency, it's just too frail for an arc locked ship that costs as much as it does.
  10. The Scurgg doesn't have the same issues of dieing before it does anything because it has a turret slot so it can't be arc dodged, can be PS 10, and doesn't require the huge investment in ordinance that the Punisher does because it has a three dice primary. The fact that it's arc locked makes any comparisons to the K-Wing or the Scrugg really dumb, it's like comparing the Lambda to the YT-2400 except if they cost about the same.
  11. Bombers should not have the toughness game, conceptually they're supposed to be the cheap efficient simi disposable choice, the TIE Fighters of munitions, while Punishers are supposed to be the elite strikers for situations where you want every bit of explosives to reach the target without loosing a carrier before they deliver their payload. They're survivability specialists because in situations where you just need more boom you just send a larger number of Bombers, Punishers were designed to be able to reach their target 95% of the time and to be able to carry enough firepower to vaporize whatever that target is when they get there. Gunboats are not part of the regular Imperial compliment, they're designed as kinda a jack of all trades for outposts to small for the usual array of specialist ships to be cost effective.
  12. The thing is survivability is easily their biggest issue and making them cheaper runs in to the issue of the Bomber already existing as a cheaper version
  13. In my opinion any Punisher fix should: 1) Increase survivability 2) Not occupy it's system slot or otherwise restrict build options the ship currently has, the ship already has issues in remaining distinct from the Bomber the last thing it needs is fewer slots to work with. 3) Be thematically/logically appropriate for the ship and it's lore ie not just slapping a turret on it or having it give up it's munitions slots for better stats or other boosts. 4) Not just copy a fix given to another ship 5) Give it an ept slot
  14. I still really like the idea of giving it reinforce somehow.
  15. Never apologize for Punisher love or for bringing back the best title I ever put on a thread. The issue with this and a lot of the other proposed fixes I've seen people put out is that they make the ship more efficient but don't fix the biggest issue with the ship which is that it just dies to fast to make decent use of all the ordinance you want to cram on to it. There's also no good reason that the ps4+ pilots shouldn't have had an ept slot, having one wouldn't 'fix' the ship but the lack of one exacerbates the issues it has with standing out from it's cheaper little sibling and blocks a lot of potential fun and interesting builds which would have at least given it a clear and unique role separating it from other munition orientated ships in combination with the system slot and boost action.
  16. Probably given that they just casually threw Akbar out an airlock without giving him a single significant line. There was zero respect for any character who had appeared in prior works and in fact the disrespect for them was so aggressive it seemed deliberate.
  17. Maul's edge over Dengar is that you can reroll as many dice as you want and even if you don't use his rerolls he let's you remove stress by attacking.
  18. I was referring to her reception after the TFA, nothing about any character in TLJ was well executed or satisfying and everyone should be upset about how she and everyone else was handled.
  19. Well this movie now officially has a viewer review score on Rotten Tomatoes that's lower than Attack of the Clones. So make of that what you will.
  20. The big issue isn't VI but the proliferation of natural PS 9s combined with PS being undervalued in whatever formula they use to determine points cost. The increase in effectiveness from low and lower middle range is pilots to the top PS is worth far more than the points difference between them creating an that is highly hostile to lower PS ships and with nines being fairly widespread now ships that don't have natural nines are basically forced to run VI if they want their PS to actually mean anything because outside like two or three exceptions with notable abilities the occasional generic used as filler the lowest PS you will likely encounter is 7. TLDR: you need to buff low PS ships not nerf VI. Also no more natural nines there are at least three to many now.
  21. I'm just going to say it. Every single one of the Prequals was objectively a ten times better Star Wars movie then this was. People love to **** on them but though they had some serious flaws they weren't bad movies and were entertaining. This was not.
  22. Yeah she was good, as were a number of the TFA returning characters when they weren't being railroaded by the terrible plot or forced to hold the idiot ball. ... I just gotta disagree with this, it was a genuinely bad movie both in the context of being Star Wars and just general entertainment value as a movie. Honestly this. Like no Star Wars movie or show has ever left me with such an overwhelmingly negative impression and the fact that this is presently the ultimate culmination of everything in the Star Wars timeline just makes me bitter and depressed.
  23. I agree with most of this but I don't think you can fairly blame Disney for that considering they also put out R1 and have largely given Lucasfilm a control over these. Johnson and K. Kennedy and whoever wrote that script can fight over who is most responsible for this train wreck but they all share some blame.
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