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  1. You guys all sound like the people that hate Brie Larson
  2. This comes across as a guy actually making an effort to run events to me? What's the accused motive behind this implied seedings? Profit?
  3. I think you are dwelling too much on it. That force explanation is ****, it really annoys me, and makes no sense, but then neither does the thing about being digested in a xarlaac for 1000 years. I really want Rey to be a clone of Luke or something. But at the end of the day I think it's not that hard to believe that a person just is naturally gifted. I watch all those super hero films and most of them are suddenly great at something. She could have heard stories about the jedi mind control and thought it was worth a punt.
  4. I asked Ryan Johnson directly about the force balance thing. He said that it wasn't his Intention to suggest that. And that sith are parasites, that unbalance the force. Jedi are symbiotic. The lines in TLJ are pretty daft, but just assume it's snoke giving Kylo a hard time.
  5. Imagine if she'd single handedly blown up the death star with no training. If she was a boy you'd be saying, yeah but the controls in the T-65 are the same as in the skyhopper, and he told us he used to bullseye wamp rats. So it's all.ok. I just mean that if people like something they explain away or accept things like that. Luke grabbed his lightsaber from the snow in Empire after a couple of tried, with the audience having no idea at that point Jedi could do that. Then all he had was a few days (at best) training, and was using the mind trick. Which we never see him learn, just witness one time. None or what Rey does is new, unlike Luke. And Rey's skill as a fighter is more believable than Luke. You never see him training with a saber. But Rey is already a talented staff fighter as we see. And why wouldn't she be she's had to fight to stay alive her whole life? I definitely think Rey is a fangirl, and partially JJ wish fulfilment, but she's easy to hand wave in to the universe if you want to. So why don't you want to?
  6. Who liked the film Creed? I think Adonis Johnson is a Mary Sue. Goes the distance with the best fighter in his class with hardly any training. It's stupid. Oh and come to think it that goes for Rocky too. Oh and wait... What about Doctor Strange? You guys all like that right? WELL! Actually they aren't because they are protagonists, and the definition of a Mary Sue is someone who is a non protagonists. By that definition though Rey really is not one either!
  7. I wonder If Rey was a boy if everyone would be so angry. He'd still be JJ's self insertion / wish fulfilment character. But with reproductive organs on the outside instead of on the inside. I just feel like most people moaning about Rey would be fine with Rey if she was a man. A Mary Sue is a thing that happens in story telling, and honestly I do think Rey is one. In TFA especially. Shows up the original protagonists and is seemingly much better at things than you'd expect her to be. ... But a Mary Sue is a plot device, not an insult, it's not a reason something is bad, it's just a word people seem to have latched on to. Wesley Crusher in TNG is absolutely a Mary Sue, and lots of people hate him for it. But he hit the sweet spot for me. I was the right age, an outcast and felt a lot of affinity with Wes. He made me think I could do something good with my life and not listen to the people bullying me, kicking me to the kerb, and laughing at me. Rey will be that for a lot of girls that are watching Star Wars now. And I love that. I mean she comes across like a massive star wars fangirl for sure, but starwars fan girls are the best! Anyway I likes TFA, it has issues, but these "issues" people have with plot or what they think is "realistic" are crazy. You can watch ESB with that hat on and absolutely rip it apart. I just don't. TLJ kicked **** for me, I grew up with Luke Skywalker just like you all did and I think what happened with him is perfect. And none of you have any more or less of a right than I do to an option. Just so you know, all the millions of people that don't have an issue with TLJ exist. They just aren't shouting on the internet about it. You aren't in the majority because you see everyone around your crying that Luke wasn't your big **** hero. You are just in an echo chamber. Bringing Palpatine back though.... classic JJ. I think RJ did great work in repairing the nonsense that JJ started on. And JJ is going to fanfic it back up again. Oh on Rey's parents, I spoke to people that loved the idea that Rey didn't need a legacy to be a hero. Women especially. It's a better story to some than this constant revelations of family connections etc. I think people are getting sick of it now, after the new Harry Potter where a lot of it didn't go down too well I hope things can stop doing this and have an original thought. But... It feels like maybe JJ is going to have Palpy be Anakins dad, so ....
  8. This is the thing though. The trigger is "After you fully execute a manoeuvre" that's it. The rest is for when you get to resolve them. So you check things like arcs and range as you resolve. If you didn't then you could end up triggering something like "if you are within range 1 gain an exta dice" for example. Barrell Roll to range 2 and still get your extra dice because you've added it to the stack already.
  9. Are these guys made for each other? I dunno but I really like the idea on R4-P44 and just thinking of some interactions here with Ani and have some questions: Is this a legit series of events: Anakin executes a red maneuver and gets within range 1 of a target, in his front arc but not in his bullseye, he removes a stress with a force, then uses a force to barrel roll to get a ship in bullseye, the trigger r4-p44 to get a calculate, then take a focus action?
  10. Couldn't yous just consider the 3 dice primary to be a reflection of its default loadout being a heavy weapon?
  11. I am in the same position as you with the ARCs. I'd suggest you just print out a 104th card. You have 2 ship bases for them. Or just use the squad 7 card to keep track but run it as 104. 2 different initiative Generics of the same ship is less than ideal.
  12. Anyone using the mining ties to any great effect? I've been tempted by them. I don't have any scum at the minute.
  13. If Leias ship blows up she can become a crew on another ship within range 3
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