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  1. Think FFG should release a consolidated rule book. I am fine with rule changes but not when you have very little clue what all the rules are. Just do an annual consolidated rules?
  2. In Star Wars Space is the Air and Sea and the planets are just Islands with one single habitat. It is known.
  3. Maybe it is because the dial was wrong.
  4. Then they would have it and therefore meet the prerequisite
  5. I understood this post! I saw it too and thought it was awesome. It's called Le Mans '66 here though.
  6. This is an epic question. Talking about wings.
  7. I guess the difference here is the people that just buy their own stuff Vs people like me that host all the games, and my friends all use my stuff. Competitive play and just having to field one side isn't the only way people do x-wing.
  8. Plus they aren't even putting this stuff on the app, and all the mistakes and quality issues just all adds up to leaving a bad bad taste. I hope they do the YT-2000 now that it's been in the Mandalorian
  9. I don't think I was decieved I just think only being able to use 2 at once is not good enough for the price. I thin I would have accepted 3, but 2 is poor value, and for anybody that has all 5 means they have to get 3 kits which is super wasteful card board wise. Lame.
  10. So you want me to give a round of applause to FFG for being technically correct?
  11. Don't be ridiculous, those kit have 1 ship in them. I have 4 ships and one conversion kit says it converts them all, but it doesn't. It just doesn't.
  12. But there are more movement dials and ship tokens in existence than there are plastic bases. That is objectively stupid and wasteful.
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