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  1. Talonbane Cobra

    Solo Play Through Videos

    Part 7 - Scenario 4 Part 8 - Final Thoughts
  2. Talonbane Cobra

    Solo Play Through Videos

    Part 5 - Scenario 3 (take 1) Part 6 - Scenario 3 (take 2)
  3. Talonbane Cobra

    Solo Play Through Videos

    Part 3 - Scenario 2 (take 1) Part 4 - Scenario 2 (take 2)
  4. Talonbane Cobra

    Solo Play Through Videos

    Hi, I bought another copy of Discover to play through solo and I decided to make videos of the experience to share my Unique game with everyone. I'm afraid it is a bit low tech, but I think its not to hard to follow. If you are interested. Part 1 - Unboxing Part 2 - Scenario 1 Part 3 coming soon..
  5. Talonbane Cobra

    Character List

    Set 5.3 Harmonie Marello - Heiress Eliana Moreno-Rojas - Police Officer Pemma Je - Monk Nelson Kellor - Fisherman Biff O’Bannon - Lumberjack Ethan Hansen - Mobster Set 5.2 Ayesha Banday - Chemist Benito Browning - Used Car Salesman Sasha Petreko - Bouncer Mike Martin - Chef Patty Pingler - Girl Scout Bern Verwey - Hunter Set 5.6 Felicia De'Leon - Ecologist Fernando Toro - Explorer Lauretta James - Postal Worker Alex "The Shadow" - Agent Anna Kerim - Painter Masaki Satomura - Sushi Chef
  6. Talonbane Cobra

    How was your lucky dip!

    I got Island / Snowy and Dessert / Badlands. Played the first scenario in dessert last night "cry for help" with 3 people, we all survived but it was pretty tight. I like it and want to play more scenarios.
  7. Talonbane Cobra

    Voice in the Box scenario issue

    hello, did you look in the exploration deck for card 86? or is there not one of those? I had a thing where a monster card was in there instead. If it really is just missing then it could be a mistake in the carefully curated games (i seem to have odd pointless duplicates of cards that i can't quite understand) ANyway i'd contact FFG and let them know this it could be an error in their process. Also I have a monster 86 for a different scenario, I dunno if it would be the same card but here's a snap of it:
  8. Talonbane Cobra

    TIE Advanced v1

    When I was going through and sorting the conversion kits and saw that they had the generics with force I immediately purchased 2 more of them (I only had one)
  9. Talonbane Cobra

    The big conversion kit individual cards and parts trade thread.

    Hello I'm UK based, I am after getting my hands on the Scum exclusive cards that can be used for rebels / imperials? Are these : Maul, 0-0-0 and BT-1? I have conversion kits for pretty much any Imperial or Rebel ship excluding B-Wing and A-Wing I believe. This includes medium bases and arc indicators where appropriate.
  10. Talonbane Cobra

    T-85 and TIE/FO Interceptor? Let the theorizing being

    How come they have these T-85's? When's this cartoon set?
  11. But the rule that cases the action to fail is not at all what you are told to ignore. You are told to ignore obstacles. So the only way you can successfully perform a barrel roll is if you haven't overlapped or moved through an obstacle. And you haven't because you've ignored them. So it's fine. But Outrider has the exact same rule on it. You either have moved through or you haven't. It's one or the other.
  12. That isn't how it works though. Barrel Roll fails if you move through or overlap an obstacle. Those are the rules. If outrider says you moved through an obstacle then you either did or you didn't. You can't do both.
  13. But how can you possibly logically come to that conclusion. That is bending things around to suit you impression of the intent. It a constant loop. It doesn't say pick and choose what you ignore. Or ignore negative effects of obstacles. Just ignore them.
  14. But what? Barrel rolls fail if you move through or overlap an obstacle. You just said he doesn't ignore those things.
  15. So he cannot Barrel Roll on to Obstacles then?