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  1. Take it for what you will, but I find it a bit dubious that someone is claiming that a FFG employee (on a personal account or not) would ever bother posting to anyone on this forum. Let alone be purposefully disrespectful to you without prior disrespect. Large companies have a reputation to protect. So I wouldnt trust this source of yours in the least. That said I cant agree with your assumptions about the game or the community. To each there own however.
  2. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be an a** but have you watched the movies or even looked at the ships available too Armada? In the late stage of the war the Rebels had more then a few capital ships. Non quite as powerful as a ISD but still able to pack a punch when need be and out maneuver. Honestly you need to spend sometime looking at the ships availbe and reading the rules book, maybe even try a test game at your local Game shop. An ISD does not just win the game for you. The game is largely devoid of uncounterable threats letting just about any fleet combo win the day when flown right (and a little luck). I'm honestly not sure what this post is about anymore as your complaints feel like the are all over the place. In one breath you want a SSD that wrecks all, and in another you say the game can't possibly be Ballenced becouse ISDs never lose. I have no idea what tone you want or what your looking for, but I can tell at least one thing... you really need to do some research. Anyway, good luck.
  3. Wow. That's not how you retain customers unless they're giving you a fantastic discount. The heck... why would they do that? Had you already paid them?
  4. Sorry to hear you aren't attracted to the FANTASTIC SHIPS we have already. However your a off base on the assumption that Empire simply overwhelms in game. I'm honestly unsure if you mean that as a pluse or a minus but the game is rather well balanced. SO, take it or leave it. However you are missing out on a fantastic experience.
  5. I'm not sure if obvious troll is a troll or not but, hi, and bye all at the same time!
  6. Well said, though to me I can even fathom leaving a game because some person on a forum disagreed with me on something. Maybe when I was a bit young and thought forums where super important to my life, but now? Not as such. People disagree all the time, I'd be concerned if people started agreeing more. When people start agreeing is is when my worry hat goes on.
  7. I never play with bombers, just fighter Screens. I've done fairly well for myself regardless. Saying you need those trump cards is a lie. Demo is nice to have, triple tap or not. Something I never even used, even after it came to prominence.
  8. Dras you may rage but you never quit....... No, but people have said it was a reason they did. Wait, are you serious? People have actually quite because you have given them a textual lashing on a forum? Your kidding right? Please tell me people haven't actually quite the game because of a forum? How thin skinned do you have to be?
  9. Very cool. Thank you for the answer. In an earlier post you mentioned your dry brushing looking a little dusty and mentioned using a glaze to bring it back in line. This got me curious on what you use to make a glaze. I'd be particularly interested in that trick if your willing to share. I recently was working on a model where my dry bushing ended up looking chalkier then I'm use to. So anything that could help smooth that out in the future would be great. That said, I'm just curious about a grey glaze.
  10. If I could so inquire. What color progression are you using to bring up from black?
  11. Dear lords, this fight is now going on in two thread. Would you guys just Stop! Take it to pms or something. Please for sanity.
  12. I was thinking of gett8ng a magnet board (though it's basically just a piece of metel) and adhering a laminated map to it. Though I need to figure out a place to get magnets for the stickers.
  13. Question, how does exhausting Motti cause his effect to be lost? His effect doesn't stipulate he needs to be readied to grant his effect. Not arguing, but I am genuinely curious how that would be possible.
  14. Life is a minutia, Lyraeus. Lots of grey area's. It sucks, even for the well adjusted, or social butterflies among us. Placing a rule set on yourself, or anyone does not always grant fairness in a casual situation. It can cause tension and the situation you are dealing with this player. Ultimately Ly, I know this will be hard for you. I dont want you to continually have to try and prove your point. Just that that rule and the way you function on that list above would be good starting point on how to prove to your real life counterparts that you are actively trying become of sociable. I dont think I can say anymore, I know your not trying to defensive because you have nothing better to do. You might not be able to see a way to change these things and still maintain a proper rule set to go about your day. Life sucks, complications suck even more. But if you actively want to make yourself a more socially amiable person. This thread and maybe seeking out others with a similar background would help you improve your ability to deal with complication. I dont mean to sound condescending. An I dont mean this with any ill intent. Frankly I only have a cursory understanding, and I dont know you particularly well at all. So I may be way off. If you honestly want to try, however, I'll lend a hand however I can, if you so desire it. Just know that all of us sometimes dont like to deal with people at some point or another. People are messy, aggravating bastards, but the best thing you can do is persist and not shut out the advice all through out this thread and people in your social circle. If you want to adjust better it will take time. I think you can do it, but you have to honestly want it first before anything can happen. Good luck Ly, ill be rooting for you if you pursue it. Also do you still want those cards?
  15. I will confess I might have barried my lead. I have nothing against rules. However there are two kinds of rules in this instance. The game rules and your own personal rules. Within a margin of error, one of these two sets of rules are infantily more maluable. Personal rules, especially your one chance rule in my opinion should be amended to a situational bases. Putting a hard limit on making Manor adjustments missed opportunities and just general pleasantness in casual play feels unnecessarily confining. Even if you follow your personal rules. Anyway, the point is Lynn, if you want to change and you want to prove it to those around you, you will need to do more then just pay lipservice to the idea. They will actively need to see you adjust your competitors levels down in casual/pickup games. All these points I've listed and others have mentioned I only harp on because I see them as major sources of probable friction. Know that I'm not attacking you Ly. An I may well be off on some points, but I will be blunt. If you want to address the issue. Don't get defensive. Contemplate your actions. In the end I hope this helps you in some way.
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