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  1. Have there been further informations about the companion app? Do you think it will be released this year?
  2. Can you please give some tips how to catch Manaroo with the Defenders (Asteroid placement, deployment of Shuttle/Defenders)? I played two games against Dash with the "Commonwealth Defenders" and it was very hard to catch Dash. The Defenders can never keep up with him. Ok, Dash moves after the Defenders and Manaroo moves first, that is an advantage when playing against Manaroo. I won one game because I managed to luckily catch him in a corner, but I cannot see how I can do that with Manaroo when she is not willing to turn into the fight. Do you think putting the 3 biggest asteroids in three corners at Range 2 and 2 is the way to go? So Manaroo has to fly a "longer" way around the rocks or turn into the center of the map, hopefully. I think one strategy could also be to stop with the shuttle the first, maybe also the second turn. Then I know which direction Manaroo is going to take, then fly in her way with the shuttle to have one good shot or maybe a block. A good Dengaroo Player will go for the shuttle first, which is hard to deny.
  3. Thanks for posting your list. I have tried it against my friend today and won both Matches. The first match was vs Poe, Corran, but none of them with VI. And a TLT Y-Wing. Boba and Bossk both survived, Bossk with 3 Hull left, Boba lost 2 shields. Managed to kill Poe and the Y-Wing. The other list were 3 PS9 Pilots, Whisper, Vader and Soontir. He had 99 Points too, I won the initiative Roll, everything was in my favour from the beginning. I won 100:0 and it was a lot of fun to fly these iconic Bounty Hunters.
  4. Let's say I'm rolling just blanks and spend the focus token. Am I allowed to use the Target Lock on the first attack to reroll the blanks?
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