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  1. So to clarify, as long as any part of my ship's base is touching range 3, I get an extra defense die?
  2. I know you get an attack bonus is the ship you are attack is in range one, and a defense bonus if the ship attacking you is at range 3. But does your ship have to be fully in the range one or range 3? Or do you get the bonus if any of your ship is in the range?
  3. So I understand you either use primary or secondary weapon in the combat round... But can you ever use both? I've noticed some cards say "acquire a lock on once you have attacked", does this Intel I can then use a secondary weapon like proton torpedoes? Any help, thanks!
  4. Okay so I got this... For example vibroknife would be 3dmg+ his brawn (4)+ plus the amount of successes he rolls. Is this the same for ranged? Weapon damage + agility + number of successes?
  5. Quick question. When you are calculating damage of a melee or brawn attack, is it weapon damage + brawn rating +.successes? Or just weapon damage + successes? From what I've read, it's the latter but I wanted to ask because one of the player's in the group had a rating of 4 for brawn and does more damage with no weapons than he did with his vibroknife.
  6. If they dont aim then that's 3 setback die? What kind of disabling effects would you personally add? Setback die and things of that nature?
  7. I've seemed to have a problem the last couple sessions we've had with player's using terms like "I shoot him in the head".. And then after the attack is rolled saying things like, "well since I shot him in the head he should take extra hits or add a negative die next roll." Or they'll also say things like "well this is my third time I've shot him in the head so he should be having convulsions or almost dead." (Keep in mind they were fighting a hutt). If I say no, they'll say things like "well you have to be logical. If I shot you in the head three times, you'd be dead." These guys are friends and family so I don't want to be rude, but at the same time, I don't want them to make themselves overpowered or exploit the system, since there is nothing mentioned in the rulebook about stating where you are firing on the opponent. Any advice from you player's or GM's? What would you do in this situation?
  8. How do grenades work in combat? Couldn't quite understand how the book states it. I've also got 5 PC's in the party. For you GMs out there, how many enemies do you usually throw out against your team of PCs per encounter?
  9. I never prebuild characters, I always lets the players create their own and do whatever they want with them. I'm pretty open with them. But I can see how prebuilt characters can be an advantage as well.
  10. No I worded that wrong. I haven't built their characters, I was just helping them understand the mechanics of the game while they were building them. I just wanted to be clear on the career skills to make sure their characters Arent overpowered or vice versa.
  11. Quick question regarding career skills; I'm not sure if I'm building my player's characters correctly. I know any standard race other than droid gets to select one rank in four of the career skills offered, even though you mark all 8 as career skills on their character sheet (since you get discounts on upgrading career skills). Do you also mark the 4 on their character sheet as career skills for the tech tree they select? Then that also raises my question, do they mark the skills they get from buying any other tech trees as career skills? Or specifically tech trees under their same career? Or is that set after character creation? Any help would be great, thank you.
  12. Okay thanks Oggdude that makes a lot more sense. Thank you guys for the help
  13. So just to be clear.. For every 2 advantage the PC rolls, the PC can make an extra attack towards the enemy. What if he declares auto fire before he even attacks and wants to attack multiple targets? How is the damage of a roll distributed to each player?
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