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  1. Very helpful! Can you give it a background? It would look great with a dark background.
  2. Hypnos was an Ancient one in the Dreamlands Eldritch Horror expansion. But I agree there probably isn't room for him.
  3. He is mentioned several times in Dreamquest. There's your connection. Nyarlathotep is all over the art so his inclusion is obvious.
  4. This will definitely be a cycle I will hold off on playing until its complete.
  5. I would look elsewhere. If FFG is waiting on reprints it could be a few months.
  6. Does the order even matter? It would die either way. Also, the symbol effect occurs even if you miss which is nice I guess.
  7. I never read any Shub-Niggurath fan fiction but Arkham Horror lcg is a great system to explore the lore of some of the more obscure references.
  8. Shub-Niggurath never appeared in Lovecraft stories other than its name being shouted occasionally. It would be interesting to see it more fleshed out.
  9. Don't buy it for the art. Buy it for the signatures.
  10. I wonder what Norman would think of my binder.
  11. You are probably right but cards like Stunning Blow and Not Without a Fight make me want to see her using her tools to kill things. Plus in Arkham Horror she starts with a wrench.
  12. Daniela Reyes really should be a survivor with limited mystic access. I am not aware of anything in her story to suggest she is anything but an honest mechanic with a bit of magic taught to her by her Mother.
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