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  1. I'm 15 min away and never been. Going this year!
  2. The picture is on their news article.
  3. Yes. When the campaign guide tells you that you may/must add a card to your deck, it stays there until told otherwise.
  4. Do we know if Luke can take these? Auger could really help with his weakness.
  5. Don't forget to set enemies aside after you kill them if they award xp (dont discard them)
  6. Im not convinced big expensive cards like Agency Backup are going to be good in Tommy but Im going to try it. I think he favors multiple disposable soaks. I wouldn't bother with Ardens. Tommy doesn't need it.
  7. Agency Backup can net you 8 resources not to mention clues and damage to enemies. All armor is going to do for you is soak dmg at a net loss of resources since you take 1 less dmg.
  8. Armor of Ardennes is horrible synergy with Tommy's ability.
  9. I think some expensive allies could work. You can get agency backup defeated pretty quickly by using its triggers every turn and soaking with it.
  10. Jim communicates with the dead. I would say that is rather mystical.
  11. A rookie mistake is not expecting a 10 foot ghoul behind you apparently. Not really, they are all pretty generic besides Luke. Although Tony does have a deep one weakness so maybe theres your Innsmouth link. Silas would likely be released in that cycle rather than a Dreamlands one.
  12. Check this out https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1GwzajrrRJmdaYHZMJs0zwZdj8-CCW-8_XRinz4bVE0I/edit
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