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  1. Yup I am probably way off. Just going off of past Arkham games and what Matt has said about wanting to take a break from exploration for awhile. We will see what happens.
  2. I wish they would just keep the difficulty tied to the Chaos Bag (that's what the difficulty levels are for) but giving us a mixture of traditional campaigns and ones which mess with expectations more would be welcome.
  3. My reasoning is that The Dunwich Legacy falls into a category I call Arkham, which includes Lovecraftian America (Innsmouth, Kingsport, Arkham, Dunwich) Carcosa falls into the category of weird (unorthadox mechanics, cosmic themes) The Forgotten Age is in the Expedition category (Indiana Jones, Ruins, Adventure) The Circle Undone returns us to Arkham. Following this trend I have speculated on the following release schedule: Arkham = Dunwich Legacy Weird = Path to Carcosa Expedition = Forgotten Age Arkham =The Circle Undone Weird = Dreamlands Expedition = Mountains of Madness Arkham = Shadow Over Innsmouth Weird = ?? Expedition = Under the Pyramids (I wish)
  4. There won't be an Egypt themed cycle. FFG already used all their Egyptian art assets on Guardians of the Abyss. The next cycle is going to be Dreamlands followed by Mountains of Madness and then Innsmouth, which will include sea travel and a visit to R'lyeh.
  5. Its called a joke people.
  6. Sindriss

    Circle Undone Agenda Art

    When does the Arkham Horror Tarot deck come out?
  7. "Call me Silas." He pushed the money away and stood, dragging his eyes away from the tome...
  8. Sindriss

    Arkham Novellas

    It's weird. They print these on the other side of the planet one copy at a time.
  9. Sindriss

    Modular gameboard?

    It is amateur, that's not an opinion. By any measurement the perspective is wrong. It's unfortunate since the same affect could have been achieved without the error.
  10. Sindriss

    Modular gameboard?

    I normally love modular boards but am really disappointed in this one. The hexagonal design looks too sci fi and the perspective of the tiles and connectors are different which looks sorta amateur. That and the recycled art make this title a pass for me (just like MOM2e) AHLCG already does everything.
  11. Sindriss

    Return to the Dunwich Legacy

    I am not happy about this. RttNotZ was meant to bring Night of the Zealot in line with other campaigns. Dunwich Legacy felt finished already and I don't want to have to buy an additional version of each campaign. The storage box and dividers seem a bit useless considering there are no dividers for any other type of card.
  12. Sindriss

    Announced: Arkham Horror Third Edition

    I love modular boards but this looks more like a spaceship than a city and the perspective of the street connectors with the tiles looks ridiculous. I expect a more polished design from FFG after all this time. The continued use of recycled art also does little to entice me and makes me feel like I am not missing out on anything I can't find in other Arkham Files games.
  13. Sindriss

    Hunter enemies

    Correct. But they auto engage with an investigator when they are in the same location, so the only way you could be in the same location with an un-engaged enemy is if they are engaged with someone else, exhausted or aloof.
  14. Sindriss

    Hunter enemies

    An enemy in your threat area is also at the same location as you. If you move to a new location the enemy will stay in your threat area and always be considered to be in the same location as you. Massive enemies act a bit different though.
  15. Sindriss

    Printing Campaign Guide Issues

    I tried printing them in Chrome instead of Firefox and they seem to be coming out just fine now.