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  1. I didnt see campaign riot trooper. The article links skrimish riot trooper. Perhaps they fixed it after. FYI, its the same stats but skirmish riot control doesn't cost 1 damage.
  2. I'm confused. I thought all dead units were removed after both sides attacked once. In which case that means attackers can never block noncard damage.
  3. If attacker rolls first and defender second. How does the attacker block damage?
  4. Those sentry droids are going to deal like no damage.
  5. Probably a spawn point since there is no rebel spawn on that picture.
  6. At the start of every battle the Rebel Player can just destroy one with tow cables if they have a speeder. 1. AT-ATs are pretty rare and hard to make. You only get 4 figures and only like 3 planets can make them I think. 2. Speeders are (un)common and plentiful. 3. With movement being such a chore, getting two AT-ATs participating in a single battle is time consuming unless planned ahead of time. Basically, everytime you enter combat with an AT-AT and the rebel player has a speeder there they're just going to choose tow cables first and you'll be down 4 health worth of units. I know AT-ATs are super tough to kill in original Rebellion but this is overkill imo.
  7. Anyone else see he has a different token in the preview picture?
  8. This change sounds so awesome. Combat was always clunky with the cards deciding which happens first and who can cancel what damage. Also no more drawing useless cards like 'bombard' when you have no capital ships. Honestly, this combat change alone is worth an expansion.
  9. Honestly, heavies are my favorite unit. They look cool, can deal good (single target) damage, and help mitigate the effects of cleave and blast. Shame their armor ability rarely happens.
  10. I figured that was the key difference between the two in skirmish.
  11. I just mean they hide behind corners instead of sprinting head first just to stand in the way of the objective. So no I guess.
  12. I'll take a look at that finale mission. Also not a house rule but i try to make my units self aware and not just braindead soldiers. AKA stormtroopers always go for cover and if they are badly wounded they try to retreat.
  13. Are you for real? These guys are basically telling my friends and I to "getgud or gtfo" Seems odd that people who think this game is so perfect and balanced would hang around in a topic that is talking about changing the rules. Unless they're just here to troll.
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