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  1. You got worked up in a hurry, huh? As somebody who also develops digital games, and having put 6 out to market in the past few years, I can tell you you're a little off base with the whole complexity over simplicity argument. Its not the right comparison. Streamline, approach-ability, and accessibility reign on these kinds of games. If complexity always won out, how in the world did Hearthstone shoot to a far and away #1 in the digital card game space? So, that whole argument falls apart immediately. Also, its extremely rare that a game translates from one medium to another 1:1 successfully. Its also rare for books to movies and vice versa. Its a different platform and its a different audience to a degree. They are making a different game for a different platform and targeting an expanded audience. THAT is what they're thinking. Why would they go to the trouble of giving you the same game you already own on a different platform? You already own it. If I could give you some advice, it would be to just have an open mind and try this game out on its own terms. I know you want a very specific product, despite any problems in translation to a new medium or gaining adoption with new players. But, that's not what they're making. And, just maybe, they know what they're doing and it'll all work in the end.
  2. All I've ever wanted in life is to field an all-ewok army in a Star Wars game. Please, FFG, ewoks as a swarm army. Think of the press you'd make with that move!
  3. Love the podcast. One issue I've had from the beginning is one host's audio levels (Josh?) are much lower than the other's. So, especially in the car, I have to turn it up where the louder host is too loud in order to hear the softer one decently. So, in this latest episode, when you used that blood curdling scream (why that?!?) to censor 'horror house' I freaking jumped and just about drove into the oncoming lane. So, great podcast. Keep up the good work. Fix your audio levels. You may just save some lives!
  4. This comment is like an onion. So many layers...
  5. Heya, Crabbok! I've been subbed to your channel for a long time. Love your vids. Would love to see you do some Runewars coverage!
  6. Thanks for the comments, all! Its just a personal preference on the bases. I don't really care much for the organic look of rocks/grass/etc. I think the black provides a lot of contrast to the pieces themselves. I tend to favor clarity over simulating realism. As for the red, I kind of took a risk there. I chose Wild Rider Red from Citadel and shaded it with two coats of Reikland Fleshshade. I wanted a deep red finished look, but pure reds tend to be rather dark and shading can make it far too dark. And that requires a lot of highlighting to pull it all back up. Wild Rider Red is a slightly paler red orange and Reikland is a burnt umber wash. Together, they give a really nice shaded pure red look.
  7. I just completed my 2-Core set collection. I'm rather new at the painting hobby, but I'm pleased with the results. I put in about 160 hours prepping, assembling, and painting. Also, I magnetized all the infantry bases. I'm personally not a fan of the grassy bases, so I opted to match the trays for most units and the heroes' bases are gold.
  8. I love this game, but I just can't find people who are willing to put down netrunner and GoT to play it. Take a look if interested. It comes with a set of Team Covenant tokens as well. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Warhammer-Conquest-Tournament-Ready-Collection-/321980936625?hash=item4af78f31b1:g:-DAAAOSwGotWnac0
  9. And...here are the rebel squadrons to round out the set. I'd love to play with them, but both sets have sold. Time to do it all over again.
  10. Those rebel ships are fantastic. I particularly love those B-Wings.
  11. I used this primer: http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/gray-plastic-and-metal-surface-primer-286450/ It works really well. It soaks that ink up.
  12. First, I used a gray model primer. Then I used two coats of acrylic black ink just to make sure I had them all well covered and very black. Then, I dry brushed them all with metallic silver acrylic. Next, I went back over the black parts with the ink again and finally touched up some of the more silver parts one more time. Then, I painted the red stripes on the Interceptors and painted the blue engine light in the back (not shown). I used a squadron stand as a holder to paint all the pieces. It basically kills one squadron from your collection because that stand gets pretty messed up by the time you're done.
  13. So, I just jumped in on this little project without really thinking through just how many tiny little ships I had to do (90 to be exact). But, I'm glad I took the time. I'm quite pleased with the outcome. My collection here consists of the base set of 6 tie fighters, plus 3 squadron expansion packs.
  14. Lol, you made my day. I hope you both enjoyed "testing it out"! We didn't test it out *like that*....
  15. Yeah, I think that would have been smarter. But, I'm an artist and I love to paint. I couldn't resist a 24 square foot blank canvas. =)
  16. I used a large round artist's brush and roughly dry brushed dark blue in areas on the board. Then, I just built it up, using slightly lighter and lighter shades of blue. Then I went back over dry brushing black to add a little more definitions to parts of the nebula shapes. For the stars, I used silver metallic acrylic paint and flicked it on with a toothbrush. Finally, I hand painted some larger stars in silver, then added some of the even larger blue and orange ones. Then I sealed it up with polyurethane. The painting process took about 4 hours or so to get all the detail in.
  17. I had mocked it up in 3D. Here's a screenshot of how its made: The transparent orange sections are the panels, the opaque orange sections are attached to the underside of the panels. They fit snuggly inside the base frame (in black) which sits snuggly on the table (white).
  18. It actually is very sturdy. We tested it out last night by putting quite a bit of weight on it in different areas and it held up just fine. And the panels fit very snug inside the frame so it doesn't scoot or rattle at all. I ran into a little bit of an engineering flaw when I built the frame. I left too much of the panels on each side hanging over which meant if you put any weight on the ends of the table, it could pop those panels out. So, I built blocks to slide under each wing to stabilize those. It was a very effective fix, though not very elegant. Lesson learned for the next table I build...
  19. I love Xwing and I'm really loving Armada. The challenge I've been having is the space that's required to play. The 180pt variant was manageable, but a full 300pt game played properly was just not possible. So, I got the crazy idea to just make my own table top. I ask permission to invest in the materials from my wife like any wise husband should do. I get the nod, so off to Lowe's I go. My materials list is as follows: (3) 24" x 48" Aspen 3/4" panels (2) 8 foot 2" x 3"s (1) 8 foot 1" x 2" (1) half gallon of black interior primer (1) half gallon of polyurethane I already had the chop saw, power drill and nails and screws to assemble it as well as the paints necessary to do the detail work. My plan was to make a frame that fits on a standard 72" x 30" folding table that you can buy almost anywhere. Then to build a frame on the 3 panels in such a way that they would fit snug on top of the frame on the table. It was important for me to be able to disassemble the table and store it away or even transport it in a small SUV. So, here are some shots of the process I went through and the final product. I started it on Saturday afternoon and the polyurethane coats finished curing last night.
  20. Thank you all for the kind comments. Since the concept was devoid of much detail, I was afraid the bigger figures would wind up looking flat. But, I'm pleasantly surprised by the results!
  21. It was a rather quick and easy process. I just spray primer'd them all. Then a thin coat of the main color (silver - imp, bronze - scum, gold - rebs). After that dried, I layered on a nearly pure coat of black acrylic ink, then 2-3 coats of dry brushing the main color back over the top. Then the bases either got the main color or a reddish copper color for the elites. I could do 10 or so figures in about 2 hours coating all the drying time. The paint would dry in a matter of minutes, but the ink took about 35 or so. I used Metallic acrylic and tuned them with water as need be. It was a lot of fun to do. I'm just bummed I'm out of figures to paint.... I guess you can't really have too many troopers....
  22. Since this is my first post, I did want to say that I've enjoyed seeing the creativity and skill many of you have demonstrated through your work. I'm rather new to this kind of game, and I'm not one to typically invest the time to personalize stuff like this, but this community and the passion and quality has been quite inspiring!
  23. I wanted to deviate away from painting my pieces like the actual characters and treat them more like classy game pieces.
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