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  1. Makes my heart proud to see Leia in not one, but TWO top 4 decks
  2. Would love to see results from this weekend if you have any! There were some big tournaments today.
  3. There seems to be a little bit of a disagreement in the community over bowing a character vs. sending a character home. Can you explain the difference between these two mechanics and the effect they both have on a conflict?
  4. Hey guys! Join me and CooMasterCoo in a fun episode this week as we discuss Store Champs, the top 4 decklists of European Championships, and some decks we've been tinkering with ourselves. We also have a nice debate on why The Best Defense MAY be the best card in the game right now... We wanted to say thank you for the outpouring of support from the community. All the messages, e-mails, & tweets have meant a lot to us. Check us out on iTunes or get a direct feed from TheJediTrials.com. Also be sure to join us for our 2nd annual Bluegrass Open on September 9th and 10th at TTD Cards in Frankfort, Kentucky. We'll have a huge tournament for Destiny on the 9th with big prize support, as well as X-Wing and SWLCG on the 10th. We'll release more details at http://bluegrassopen.com/ as the event gets closer! -DHaus
  5. I agree. This is good discussion, but I'd really like to keep this thread dedicated to reporting Store Champ results. And since it's about to be the weekend, there will be many to report, so happy posting!
  6. Thanks for the updates, guys. Here's one I went to and was fortunate enough to win. Bluegrass Magic in Louisville, KY 36 players Winner was David Hausknecht (me) Poe/Maz Top 4: Vader/Royal Guard (2nd), Vader Raider, Vader Raider (TONS of new and old Vader at this SC. Only 3 Poe/Maz decks out of 36).
  7. I know there are several Store Championships happening today (including one I'm going to). Please report results here if possible! Thanks in advance!
  8. Sure, but often times those placings aren't determined officially, as the prizes for top 4 are the same. If a store determines its own special prize for 3rd that the 4th place person doesn't get, then they'll probably go that far in determining placing. My example was just more stereotypical of how most stores will report final standings.
  9. The Jedi Trials Podcast: Episode 10 "Star WORLDS" is up! This week CooMasterCoo and I discussed my experience at Worlds and how Unpredictable deserves to be ripped up and burned. We also discuss decks we are enjoying playing with new Spirit of Rebellion cards. Head to TheJediTrials.com to listen on the web, but we are also on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Google Play! -DHaus
  10. RESULTS REPORTED AS OF 6/2/17 The Geekery Shawnee KS 18 players Shane Martin Winner: Poe/Maz Top4: Poe/Maz x3 Vader/Royal Guard The Game Closet Waco TX 14 players Michael Perry Winner: Unkar/Death Trooper/Storm Trooper Top4: 2nd: Luke/Ackbar 3rd/4th: Leia/Ackbar unknown Crossroad Games Standish, ME 10 Players Jared Veil (spelling on last name may be off) Winner: eVader (SoR) / eKylo Top 4; eVader (SoR)/eKylo, eSnap/Commando/Trooper, eVeers/Trooper/Nightsister Otto's in Bakersfield, Ca 24 players Winner: Poe/Maz Top 4: Poe/Maz, Poe/Maz, eKylo/eVader Harlequins in Preston UK 24 Andy Hornby Winner: Poe/Maz Luke/Rey (2), ePalp (3) Phasma/Guavian/Death Trooper (4) Bluegrass Magic in Louisville, KY 36 players Winner: DHaus from Jedi Trials (me) Winner: Poe/Maz Top 4: Vader/Royal Guard (2nd), Vader Raider, Vader Raider (TONS of new and old Vader at this SC. Only 3 Poe/Maz decks out of 36). Curio Caverns in Springfield, VA Winner: eVader(A)/Raider Runner-up: eVader(SoR)/eKylo Top 4: eQui-Gon/eRey and ePoe/eMaz RoundTable Games - Carver MA 17 Players Winner: Mike Gemme (BobbySapphire from thehyperloops) Winner: Poe/Maz Other Decks: ePalpatine (2nd), eAnakin/eKylo (3/4), Poe/Maz (3/4) The Game Shoppe, Omaha Ne 22 - Players Winner: ePalp top 4: ePalp x 2 ePoe/eMaz x 2 Curio Cavern (Alexandria, VA) Attendance: 33 Winner: Ernest Patton Winning deck: Vader Raider Second Place: Unique version of the variant eKylo/eYoung Vader Third and Fourth: ePoe/eMaz, eQuigon/eRey Astrokitty Lawrence KS 5/26 26 players Winner: Shane Martin Winner: Poe Maz Top 4: Poe Maz x3, Vader Royal Guard Evolution Games Lansing MI 25 players Winner: Han/Rey Top 4: 2x Poe/Maz, ePalp, Han/Rey Gamer's Spot, Trois-Rivieres 17 players Winner: eVader/Royal Guard Runner-up: eVader/Raider Top 4: ePoe/eMaz Top 4: FN-2199/Unkar Plutt/Royal Guard BD Cosmos, Laval, QC. 27 players Winner: eVader/Raider Top 4: ePalpatine(2nd), eJyn Urso/Rebel Commando(3rd), eAnakin/eKylo Ren(4th) Cards and Comics Connection, Conroe, Texas 27 players Winner: Wilson Warmack Winning Deck: Poe/Maz Runner-up Deck: Vaider/Raider 3rd Deck: Poe/Maz 4th Deck: Vader/Raider
  11. Hey guys, This is DHaus from the Jedi Trials podcast. As part of the podcast and a general fan of the game, I like to keep track of tournament results. I'd like to start this thread that tracks Store Championships results all in one place for those interested. This has been widely successful in X-Wing forums for tracking results. If you guys can help, I believe the whole community will benefit. Here is what I need. If you have a result to report, please post the following: Location of event (store and city, state) Number of players Winner's Name Winning deck (I'll probably just report the starting characters, but feel free to post the whole decklist or a link to swdestinydb in the thread if you'd like.) Other decks in the Top 4 I'll try to track results and post in the next two comments that I've reserved below. Here's an example of what I'll post: Tattooine Comics, Los Angeles, California 27 players Winner: George Lucas Winning Deck: eMothma/eAckbar Other decks in top 4: Triple Rebel Troopers (2nd), Han/Luke (3rd/4th), Obi/eSnap (3rd/4th) (Clearly my fictitious example was a fierce competition...) Thanks in advance for your help in reporting Store Champ results! -DHaus
  12. Hey everyone! This is DHaus from the Jedi Trials Podcast. We were going to wait to do a nice surprise this weekend with our spoilers, but with all the leaks being posted, we wanted to go ahead and get our 3 cards online. Check us out and like our page at www.facebook.com/TheJediTrials and listen to us on iTunes or at TheJediTrials.com! What do you think of these 3 new beautiful options?!?! (See the other two on our Facebook page!)
  13. Episode 6 for The Jedi Trials podcast is up! This week CooMasterCoo and I talked about his recent tournament success with Grievous in the Cantina Gossip Corner. Then we talk about the recent spoilers from Team Covenant in our Tactical Mastery segment. And finally we review our recent TTS test of new Vader and new Jyn. 0:00 Intro 1:00 Cantina Gossip Corner 30:00 Tactical Mastery 56:00 Vader/Jyn Game We're always looking to hear what you think about the show. Let us know what you like and how we can continue to improve as we bring content to the community! Also, we will have a couple YouTube commentary videos popping up this week too. In the mean-time, be sure to like us on Facebook at facebook.com/TheJediTrials or follow us on Twitter & Instagram at @TheJediTrials. And of course, you can check out this show on iTunes, or stream it directly from TheJediTrials.com. May the dice be with you!
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