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  1. Was at a tournament once where a guy made his list last minute and had slaved turrets and gunnery teams on the same ship.
  2. Oops, I should have posted that in the first place. I'm in Indiana
  3. Hello all looking to trade for generic tie bomber squadrons; I need 5. I'm located in Indiana, USA. I have: all rebel squadrons from fighter pack 1 Most rebel upgrade cards Fighters from imp pack 2
  4. You could try swapping out Vanto for Wulf and swapping Avenger for Sovereign to get maximum flexibility. That's something I'm tinkering with right now.
  5. Wow, as someone who is trying really hard to get Konstantine to work, this was a great read. What are your thoughts on the Gravity Rift objectives?
  6. Those look perfect! I was a little limited to what I could use in this prototype build. Ideally, the final iteration will be 3-d printed.
  7. Hello all. This is my first time doing anything like this. This was more of a proof of concept, so the gluing and paint are sloppy. But now that I have an idea of the look I'm going for, I'm looking forward to redoing this with more attention to detail. https://imgur.com/gallery/GJEnjur
  8. We finally got some new Armada stuff! That means it's time to talk about future stuff! What GCW characters would you like to see added? What do you think their ability or theme should be? I would like to see Gallius Rax added. Since he was all about mutual destruction, I think it would be cool if he let you add dice to your attacks in exchange for dealing facedown damage to your own ships. What Clone Wars era commanders would you like to see first? I imagine we'll get Grievous first, but I would like to see Admiral Trench even though I hate spiders. His niche in the show seems to be all about being super hard to kill, so I imagine his ability would be something like Motti or Rieekan but different enough for him to be unique.
  9. I like that tactic too. I look forward to sending my kamikaze purrgils towards the enemy in Abandoned Mining Facility
  10. Ship: ISD Kuat Squadron: Howlrunner Upgrade: Leading shots
  11. 1. Place 2 asteroids and a debris field by the station each with a prox mine on it. 2. See how opponent positions flag ship. 3. Move mine carrying obstacles accordingly 4. Profit!
  12. It costs a minimum of 92 points to put Grav Shift Reroute on the table. For that kind of investment, interdictors deserve to have a big impact on the board.
  13. I can't build for first player lists. I'm too much of an upgrade fiend and try to utilize most of my points. Plus I've seen bids in the high 20s low 30s and have no desire to try and outbid numbers like that.
  14. This is the method I find myself using recently. Right now I'm feverishly tinkering with a Konstantine build so the poor guy can get some table time
  15. Would Linked Turbolaser Towers work against proximity mines? I want to say no, but I'd like to see the general consensus.
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