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  1. Sure are. Lead candidate is Sheev Palpatine, but the ballot also has an option for a Darth Sidious.
  2. I was under the assumption that the Valen/Instigator clarification just meant that you COULD attack instigator if only engaged by Valen. Not that you could attack instigator OR Valen. Pretty sure Valen is still invincible in that scenario.
  3. @Reavern Might want to reconsider your NK-7 plan. Since the opponent gets to choose the token, you'll probably just be stripping away a lot of contains and redundant evades/redirects before you strip any braces or scatters.
  4. I still like Reeva though. I had fun using her to squeeze in some extra salvo shots or TRC goodness.
  5. I would like Reeva more of she didn't exhaust.
  6. Pg 5 of the RRG under Effects Use and Timing states that all upgrade card effects are optional unless specifically stated otherwise.
  7. I feel like most people take it for the range. I couldn't care less about the crit, but it's gonna be tough convincing me to give up double long range
  8. I run Kuats without BT Avenger more often than with BT Avenger. Especially when I use token shenanigans with Sovereign. Plus with a sudden abundance of Agate, and the recent additions of Reeva Demense and even Fleet in Being objective, BT Avenger isn't the be all end all Kuat config.
  9. The argument here, is that since the armament is changed before dice are gathered, you CAN make the attack. HFZ takes place before gathering dice, which can be interpreted as during the Declare Target step. The only thing you need in the first part of declaring target is LOS. Measuring attack range, arc, and HFZ arguably take place in the same timing window, so you can change your armament to red dice before measuring attack range.
  10. Ackbar adds dice to your attack pool. HFZ completely changes your armament before any dice are gathered.
  11. As it's formatted in the RRG, the first step in Declare a Target is measuring line of sight and obstruction. Then, you check range and arc based on if you are a ship or squadron. HFZ adds a new bullet point in this step that changes your armament. So it would be like this: 1. Declare target; check line of sight and obstruction -change battery armament with HFZ -Measure arc and attack range using your armament (which is now red via HFZ) 2. Gather Dice
  12. The target just needs to be in firing range (ie within long range) next step is gathering dice appropriate for the range of attack. Since the HFZ dice swap happens before the gather dice part, you can target something at long range, swap your blur armament for reds, then gather the red dice for your attack.
  13. Looking for Hondo officer upgrade. I'm located in the U.S. Midwest. I'm open to various trading options, so let me know what you have in mind.
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