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  1. I just checked the fleed builder, my bad! Some quite interesting cards there that I haven't seen yet. I'll go theory craft something and post a list here later.
  2. I actually thought the thread ended long ago but realised I just never clicked the 2nd page -.-. Regarding Paragon title, I thought you could only add that black die if you were in range of using it? The card says you can add a black die to your attack pool but can you actually use it at R3 if the black die can only be used at R1? I may have intepreted "attack pool" as available dice before attacking. Sorta like if you fire the broadsides of an AF2b you have 3 Red + 1 Blue dice in your attack pool but can only use the 3 Red when you actually attack at R3. May be wrong here so gonna need some help to clear it up. Regarding the defence liason, I'd agree that it wouldn't be completely necessary once you get the hang of planning but the ability to make that sudden move/engineering command may make or break the game. Command 3 ships are by nature slow and sluggish but you can plan ahead to make up for that. Similar to what others have said, what I think makes the Defence liason worthwhile even when you can plan is the ability to execute less predictable and more reactionary moves compared to non-defence liason command 3 ships. I would love to combine the AF2b with the defence liason and engine techs for some serious stunts but sadly the AF2b cannot take said engine techs. There are still some unspoiled cards left in Wave 1 so we'll have to see if the Dolphin build can be improved even more.
  3. True on the Neb b list weakness. Anything that hits its side will probably kill it. The idea for that list was just to kill at least 1 enemy ship with its opening salvo. Granted, if you take opening salvo with this list in the initiative bid, you have an extra 2 red dice per Neb b. The alpha with conc. fire and conc. fire token from garm would make it 3+2+1 and a reroll per ship during the initial joust of the match. Can't say if it's enough to kill something but it may just do the trick. Alternatively, a full on corvette list will be quite similar. Corvette A Dodonna Corvette A Corvette A Corvette A Corvette A Corvette B Dodonna's pride E-countermeasures total: 294 which may be good enough for an initiative bid. If you can drag opening salvo into the picture, you can manage 2+2+1 for each ship for a total of 25 red dice and dodonna's pride having a better chance of scoring the hit. I might stick with the AF2b list but I'd love to try either the neb or corvette spam list to see the results.
  4. Was actually thinking of an all corvette list but I was looking at the few downsides. 1) Quite a small range band to ensure you don't get crapped on by black die VSDs or gladiators. A single Gladiator with demolisher and expanded launchers will make your life a living hell. Also, you'd be sitting ducks for the opening long range engagement of the fight. Neb-Bs would be of some use here while you annoy and flank the opponent with the remaining corvettes. 2) If you do plan to run all corvettes, I'd give Garm a try over dodonna just so you can stack movement tokens or conc. fire tokens. If you can afford engine techs, it would greatly benefit the corvettes in getting out of the way. A 4 + 1 moving corvette is wayy to fast for this game. 3) The neb-B should be the salvation if you plan to take a title. You'd want the neb-B to be the main aggressor in the list so your corvettes won't be prioritised and I think the salvation gives it the punch it needs to not be ignored. 4) No squadron is risky but I'd recommend at least an A-wing squadron or 2 to prevent free kills. An imperial or rebel squadron 3 ship with bombers can easily put down 3 black/red dice at a single point of your ship while it's shooting you. 5) Dodonna's pride is definitely a requirement here since it gives the best bang for the buck. 2 faceup damage cards per turn if you get 2 arcs within range will definitely do much more than a stock corvette in the opening salvos. 6) I'm not sure how the turn order will play out since you will be shooting about 4 ships (if you run 6) in a reactive pattern. This is assuming that most armies will contain 2 capitals which means that 4 of your ships may be out of position once the opponent's ship moves. However, if you are not playing a fast moving ship, the path should be easy to predict. With all being said, I've been wanting to post a list like below for discussion. Neb b support Garm A wing squadron Neb b support salvation A wing squadron Corvette B Dodonna's pride Engine tech Corvette A Corvette A Total 297 pts You've got 2 A wing squadrons to prevent bomber lists from getting free hits on the Nebs toothpick side armour, 3 fast movers with dodonna's engine tech to run a whopping 4 + 1 in turn 1. Unless I read that wrong and you can do a 4 + (4-1) maneuver in a turn. Basically fly past the opponent with dodonna and force the opponent to turn or get 2 face up's per turn while your nebs pound the front. Corvette As are there to provide a little more room for shooting but you can use them straight up if you prefer and downgrade them to Corvette Bs. I was thinking of a suicide list like this. Corvette A Dodonna Corvette A Corvette A Corvette A Corvette A Jaina's light Corvette b Dodonna's pride E-countermeasures total 294 What you want is opening salvos in either your deck or your opponents. This is purely so you get +2 red dice for each corvette A and +1 for concentrate firepower giving a total of 5 red dice per corvette for the first time you shoot from the front arc which would be hilarious. Corvette B to mop anything that is still alive.
  5. Actually, I'm just going to throw this out here for discussion. Neb-B support Garm Neb-B support Salvation Neb-B support Redemption Neb-B support Neb-B support There are no tactics with this, just 5 front facing, shoulder to shoulder (so that any shots made on the sides are obstructed) gun frigates. I'm thinking just load em up with Concentrate fire for a 4 red dice frontal, giving 20 red dice if all are in range with re-roll for the 1st attack (Garms command). After that, just sit around with engineering repairing everything or keep throwing concentrate fire until you or the opponent loses... or smash the ships into the opponent. I've posted a similar list to this before but it wasn't legal.
  6. Hiya, back with a variant theory list! AF2b Garm A wing X wing X wing AF2b A wing X wing Luke X wing Corvette B Dodonna's pride Total 295 points, 5 points bid for initiative. Without the defence or weapon liason, you will have to plan a bit more than usual but the extra 6 pts was essentially used for initiative. Comments about tackling Imps and Rebs below. Against Imps, Naked AF2bs are there to be the meat of the fight, bringing hopefully enough guns to bear while the Corvette B tries to get behind the opponent ships. Essentially, the order of activation matters here and the Corvette B should always play first whilst the AF2bs play second/third. The plan this way is to keep the opponent's eyes on the Corvette rather than the AF2bs. Also, you will have to flank aggresively, so don't be afraid to go at speed. If the opponent has a fast mover and demolisher gladiator, the corvette plays last because the attack-after-move special of the gladiator can probably 1 shot the corvette. Fighter squadrons are there to prevent the definitely lethal TIE bomber/ rhymer range 2 combo. You'd want to commit the X wings first to deal an alpha followed by the A wing last as a finisher to any squadron. The list contains a good number of AA fighters to deal with bombers and act as pseudo bombers with good damage coming from all squadrons. Luke was included for 2 purposes. First, you can slingshot him against a capital and get a lucky crit which will probably take something out or keep him for close range support. Either way, short range fast movers may not have enough squadron backup that a crit may cause some serious problems. Against Rebs, Chances are, you'd be facing something similar so it would be recommended that you keep the fleet tight and spend the first 2 turns watching enemy movement. Rebels like to move and flank with broadsides but that is because Imp ships usually can't move fast enough to give chase. I'd wager a tight formation initially which punches through the middle followed by a turn may be a decent way to throw reb players a little off. Then again, this is all theorycraft and will probably not work in reality so take it with tonnes of salt.
  7. What about slightly faster cows? Omicron Group - 21 Engine upgrade Omicron Group - 21 Engine upgrade Omicron Group - 21 Engine upgrade Omicron Group - 21 Engine upgrade A slightly faster cow is more dangerous no? Edit: Would tactical jammer actually be of use in the list? I'd just figure the opponent would continue to tip the already tipping cow since it's more likely to fall. I'm liking Blail's list but is the hero cow worth it?
  8. Yeah, that would be the best way to utilize the gunnery team. It would be better if we ran the gunnery team with the AF2a but then it would be too expensive to put 3 on the table. I'm basing all the AF2b lists against this hypothetical Imp list which should arguably be the hardest to bring down by way of ship to ship combat. VSD I Admiral Motti Defence liason VSD I Defence liason VSD I Defence liason corrupter Tie squadon x 2 Tie bomber x 3 Alternatively, the Imp player could just replace the bombers and corrupter with 4 additional Tie squadrons for a total of 6. In this scenario, it would probably be better if AF2bs invested in A-wings as most 3 VSD fleets may be running bombers. Ducksong is pretty on the ball with his AF2b list but what do you guys think would be better? Squadrons or anti-squadron dice?
  9. Would love to see it in action just for the laughs. Even cows can aggro sometimes...
  10. Added hilarity when you cannot shoot anything because everyone passed you...
  11. Hi all, after reading the B-wing thread, I was thinking what the effect would be if the imperial variant of this list was used? Omicron pilot Accuracy corrector Anti pursuit lasers Omicron pilot Accuracy corrector Anti pursuit lasers Omicron pilot Accuracy corrector Omicron pilot Accuracy corrector Total: 99 points 20 Hull, 20 shield, 12 attack dice, 8 un-modified dice, 4 very annoying large bases with anti pursuit lasers to smash into all fighter groups. Hilarity ensues when nothing can actually move in the game.
  12. I was actually thinking of the exact same list but was wondering why it isn't as popular. The presence of an additional Z-95 could be benificial but ****, 8 non-modifiable hits per turn if you manage to catch anything in your front arc.
  13. I was thinking of doing the Akbar slash with 3 AF2bs seeing as how they could survive the counter bombardment. I think the MC80 will be the right ship for that case depending on what shields configuration we get. Compared to the Mon cal cruisers, I'd still like to use the AF2bs since they probably retain the best guns in the rebel fleet until something else comes along. The two AF2bs and 2 corvette balls to the wall list is definitely going to turn heads but I can't help feeling you'd be blocking your own ships if you try and squeeze the corvettes on the weak arcs of the VSDs. Worse, 1 wrong placement and you eat the full battery of both front and side arcs of the VSDs. In that sense, I thought it would be safer to just use the 3 AF2bs or AF2bs with nebs to stay the hell away from Imp ships while trading long range shots. On the other hand, having the overload pulse and Dodonna's pride in concert with 2 AF2bs will probaly wreck a VSD in a single round of shooting if you get something like Shield failure as the first damage card. Of course, if you don't, there is a good chance the corvettes will be incredibly crippled after the suicide run. I will definitely attempt a list like that nonetheless since it looks like a wild ride. I wonder if the meta will shift drastically to squadrons after Wave 2 hits, considering the ISD is a really tough nut to crack with rebel ships and the fact that hero squadrons like Han/Boba/etc can potentially decimate a small ship. Anyway, one thing at a time my padawans.
  14. I get what you mean with the varied ship build options but I just like the regimented "standard equipment" style. That is just me though. As for Boothy's list, I have been keen on putting gunnery teams on the AF2bs but my worry is that they will be out of range of another target which makes the gunnery team useless in most cases. I posted a 5 Nebulon build a while back that emphasized a good alpha strike but as I keep looking back, that 1 shield on the side sort of breaks the camels back. However, using it as a support ship (which it is actually) to put 3 dice downrange and force the opponent to deal with it or the AS2bs could prove beneficial. On the other hand, dropping an A wing for another AF2b stock adds quite a bit of force on the table compared to a single Neb-B with an enhanced front arc. I guess we will have to wait until Wave 1 actually hits to see how much people are willing to bit for intiative and what ships dominate the scene. I do agree that the AF2b may not stand up to the VSD II class of ships with their medium range superiority but having 3 AF2bs while the imps can only afford 2 VSD IIs will give the rebs an advantage in lasting firepower. Against rebels however, a 3 AF2b or 2 AF2b and neb-B list should be able to keep up with all but the fastest corvettes but with the huge amount of shields on the AF2b, I'm sure it can take a beating.
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