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  1. Some of the guys do. My play times are sporatic because I play many different game systems at many different stores. It's easiest to find a game by posting on the Facebook group that you are looking for a game on "X" day. Even if you do not normally use Facebook, it is an amazing tool for learning about local events for Armada or arranging game times for Armada. I would highly encourage you to make a fake profile and sign up for the New England groups.
  2. There are 4-5 of us who play there and they have already had one Armada event and there is another Armada event on the last Saturday in May. If you are looking for games and can't find any ask Steve to point us out or post in the aforementioned Facebook group.
  3. Have you joined the Facebook Group? https://www.facebook.com/groups/139758386175346/ Also there are people playing at The Battle Standard for sure. I'm not positive about Sarge's.
  4. A bunch of local guys to me have fake facebook accounts they use just for gaming so it does not interfere with their personal life. Either way, the group exists, it's free to join.
  5. Isn't there already one up and running that was mentioned in post 8 of this thread?
  6. The Compleat Strategist supports some other mini's games as well as FFG living card games. Have you tried there?
  7. I know there are some New Yorkers in the New England Facebook groups.
  8. I'm not in to extra homework but I love me some 80's and 90's music. It also breaks up the serious talk
  9. I enjoyed the custom song through out the episode and hope future episodes continue with a new song each episode
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/FFGNewEngland/ - Generic Fantasy Flight Games New England https://www.facebook.com/groups/139758386175346 - Star Wars specific FFG Games New England (X-Wing, Armada and IA) I know there is a pretty decent sized group of us playing at Flagship Comics in Southington CT for those who were looking for something to do in Connecticut
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