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  1. A Necron Nemesis, along side a Necron themed expansion would be the answer to your "robot" Nemesis. I know some people hate extra boards, but the idea of an extra board representing a 'Necron Tomb World' along with a green threat deck is something that really appeals to me.
  2. There's nothing that says you have to give the card back to Specimen X, so I'd say you could take it as a trophy as normal. I'd say it's a legitimate strategy to hold onto Specimen X's cards to help combat him.
  3. Hey there to all, So, it's been over a year since we got the HoT expansion, and nearly two years since we got the Nemesis expansion. And we are yet to hear anything of any future expansions/support. What do you guys think? Will FFG come out with a new expansion soon, or will they unfortunately leave it be? Are they currently focused on supporting other, more popular games? I really enjoy Relic, it has so much replay value, and I would love to see some new content added to increase that.
  4. It's quite open to interpretation. There are other instances in the game of 'You may re-roll one of your dice' or 'Force an enemy to re-roll their dice'. You have to take what's written on the cards literally. I'd say yes, he could force an enemy to re-roll one of their battle die if he so wanted.
  5. As well as expansions, I think Character/Nemesis booster packs could be a thing. Cheaper and easier to turn out than full blown expansions, and you can pick and choose which Character/Nemesis that you want.
  6. That's an interesting way of doing it. Do you ever find that some characters struggle a bit more than others in this set up?
  7. Hey everyone, After playing a half dozen or so games with the HoT expansion I'd liek to know everyone's opinions on it? So far no one in my gaming group has really made inroads with it, but I think that is in part to us not being properly prepared for the HoT. What I've seen is low level characters go in and get bogged down, unable to level quickly and struggling to make the skill tests, failing said skill tests and suffering harsh penalties. What I'm thinking now is that characters should avoid the HoT until they level a bit and when they would ordinarily go to the middle tier they go to the HoT instead, becoming the champions of certain factions and then using the teleport text box from The Golden Throne to get into the inner tier. What are your experiences with Hot and what do you think are the best ways to utilise it?
  8. Hey everyone, My gaming group and I got back to playing Relic the other night, and to change things up, myself and a friend decided to play as Nemesis. We were playing the 'Shoulder to Shoulder' mission. I played as the Warpsmith from the HoT expansion, I've never seen him used in a game before. He was a beast and I easily won the game, which got me to thinking 'Who is the best Nemesis'? I'm aware that certain missions can really make some Nemesis very powerful from the get go. And a prime example was this game, by drawing two Nemesis cards on every draw I was very quickly able to buff my Daemon Engines and the Warpsmith. The Daemonette is very strong in any mission where there is high corruption being drawn, with the Dire Avenger being better if characters are actively trying to get rid off corruption. I haven't noticed the Beserker to be really powerful in any games so far. He's a decent fighter at the start of the game, however once the characters get going they can very quickly leave him behind forcing him to fight Agent Imperium cards, which do pose some challenges. Couple this with his Nemesis card that forces him to fight the nearest character and he can be forced into battles he can't win. I haven't seen the Broodlord used in a game yet and I'd be interested to see what people think of it.
  9. It doesn't specifically say. But going off what is in the rule book and what is on the Commissars character card I would say: From my interpretation I would say that yes, the Commissar can hold onto any number of 'Encounter - Stranger' cards as he wants as, they do not count towards his asset limit. This won't be a problem though as there are not that many 'Encounter - Stranger' cards overall, and other players might use them first, or you may wish to resolve their card text instead. I hope this helped. P.S. No one likes all caps.
  10. VX485

    Relic ... was that all?

    I didn't even know what BBG was until a minute ago. I'm sure they wouldn't base their production just on that alone. Maybe actual sales. I'm still relatively new to the board game scene and so are my friends that I've introduced to these types of games. Just from one games night playing Relic, I had four friends go out and buy their own copy of the base game and expansions. I would love to see more expansions that add a heap of new content, not just a few cards per deck. I enjoyed Nemesis and that could easily be expanded upon. And HoT was a much better expansion, it's going down the right track. Hopefully they go from strength to strength.
  11. I'm not quite sure what you mean. A cheat sheet of the cost of wargear cards? Seems kind of pointless as the cards you draw are random. Knowing in advance how much they will cost won't help at all really. If that wasn't what you were referring to, then could you go into more detail.
  12. 4 Players. We had 2 games with this scenario. We lost both times. The second game we got a lot closer to beating it, however that I feel that was because we decided to choose our characters. By far the hardest scenario in the game, I'm going to do some more research and see if I can find out anything pertinent to help with this scenario.
  13. My mates and I will be taking on this scenario on again tomorrow night. There are 6 of us and we'll all be playing characters. I'll let you know how we go. We'll be playing by strict rules of Relic too. No homebrew.
  14. Have you had any luck since posting this? Or are you still finding the same problems?
  15. An Ork Nemesis would be awesome, especially a Kommando.
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