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  1. I just want the word Runedragon to pop up at some point.
  2. I'll be keen, haven't been to that store tet. - I think my friend is too.
  3. Ayy I won finally! 2 units of 3x1 Heavy Crossbowmen with Tempered Steel and Rank Discipline, a unit of 2x1 spears with a Rallying Conicern deployed in front to both block for them and refresh tempered steel. Then a 2x2 Unit of Spears with Dispatch Runner running alongside a 2x3 unit of Oathsworn with Hawthorne upgrade and Column Tactics. He switched up his list a little - he ran 4x3 Reanimates, Maro with Fortunas Dice and Violent Forces, two units of 2x1 Archers with Combat Ingenuity and a unit of 2x1 Carrion Lancers. We deployed aggressively facing each other after I chose the 'long edge facing corner' deployment, playing the minefields mission, he denied a flank with mines and terrain but I wanted to line up with him because I was much more confident. Basically the Crossbowmen melted the lancers / Maro after they rushed forwards turn 1, oh god ranged damage in this game is insane, 1 shotted Maro with 3 hit results (+1 from Tempered steel!) for 12 damage. They then went on to move into the two reanimate archer unit's range and very easily out-trade them - the 2x1 rallying spear unit doing it's job blocking the carrion lancers and dying valiantly to the archers. The Hawthorne Cavalry Column took a huge amount of blight, but instead of doing the move / dispatch trick or rallying I opted to line up a charge with both the Cav and the spears - the four dice charge attack was completely nullified by blight but it didn't matter, attacking at Initiative 3 combined with dispatch runner and a very lucky morale card which let me reform the reanimates meant they got minced and I only lost 3 trays of spears and 1 of cavalry. A complete route by turn 7! Thank you for the advice everyone!
  4. It sounds like you're chasing a white rabbit if you think CC was a thin backdrop or too forgiving. Great design is achieved not when you have no more to add but when you have nothing left to remove.
  5. Hmm that is pretty genius actually. I don't NEED to move forwards in the centre death zone if I know the right flank is going to win. Here's the list I was thinking of using, a bit of a combination of everyone's advice: http://tabletopadmiral.com/runewars/human/p023u4fu03uEMu1fp052u21u07uEMp0f2u27uEMuEMp0f2u27uEMuEMp051uEMu42 I can move into range of the carrion lancers but hopefully OUT of range of Maro with the Heavy Crossbowmen at initiative 6, then do the '3 attack' combo onto the Reanimates/Ardus/Deathknights turn 1 hopefully with the Cavalry.
  6. I think it would be very cool, and could have multiple factions at war.
  7. Ok lets do some HTML art Usually like this, the left flank is the weak point right? He usually either just denies it with a board edge or terrain. He is crafty. AA AA AA M RRR C C RRR terrain
  8. Ah gotcha. Yeah its assuming all pieces can get into combat unmolested, which is the part that I'm really struggling with. The archers + Maro can output Minimum 14 Maximum 30 damage in a volley which is enough to completely neuter a unit as it moves in. Like the average is about 20-22 which is 5-6 trays of cavalry if they don't +1 Def. I guess the answer is to not let them all target one unit somehow.
  9. I must be misunderstanding - how do the Cavalry attack 3 times here? Wouldn't they just bump a carrion lancer and take a panic for doing so, then attack once with the dispatch runner (and gain a stun)?
  10. Originally it was like this http://tabletopadmiral.com/runewars/undead/p101u3du3ap011u26p011u26p011u26p071uEMp071uEMp083u2du02u11 Realised it wasn't a 4x3 but a 3x2 (before the errata we played it that maro could add trays to the side 1) Yeah I use Kari like that, problem is she moves so fast. To move into range is a delicate process and only achievable with a shift 1 outside of range 5 on a turn where I don't have iniative, otherwise Maro will easily deal two or three wounds on the round she moves in, combined with blight skill from the lancers and potentially getting killed by archers. Boy does she snipe those necromancers though haha. I really like your ideas - I've tried parts of them going to give them a go as a cohesive force. Thank you!
  11. Ah sorry it's Tempered Steel Weapons that he's using (inspire on first turn with nothing in range, so he gets 2 uses essentially, which is enough!) I really like that plan, using a screen that can trade ranged damage may be worth if I think (and I think it can) that the units behind will make mincemeat of the archers once they get there.
  12. Carrion Lancers shield the Archers and Maro while the Reanimates sit to the side and wait to move in and block when required. Charging those carrion lancers is terrifying because they don't care about the morale test they take from the archers and Maro shooting into their combat. It's like charging a one tray lancer that can output 10-15 damage in retaliation!
  13. Hey guys, I play in a two player meta, I took the Daqan stuff. I'm having a lot of trouble countering my friends list, it just does so much ranged damage that it deletes or capacitates any melee threat, and has spare carrion lancers to block should any deathstar or cavalry unit that will achieve anything get close. List is usually Maro 4x3 Reanimates 2x1 Archers 2x1 Archers 2x1 Archers Carrion Lancer Carrion Lancer I've tried several lists against this and it's always been quite one sided. The reanimates 'anvil' a unit with or without new trays as needed. The archers and Maro are the real damage dealers, the carrion lancers simply block anything from charging. I've tried: Dispatch runner Spearstar list with wind rune cavalry flankers with Kari to snipe. Double 3x2 spear list where each unit can dispatch runner buff the other combined with MSU Cav (x3). Double 3x2 spear list with shield wall and lance corporal to strike at initiative 3 and have either 2 or 3 armour to tank the damage as they roll in, 2x1 spearman unit to buff and 2x2 wind rune cavalry to flank, Kari to snipe figure upgrades and hopefully trade with Maro. All of these have essentially been over by turn 3 with some insane damage from Maro and the Archers as I move into range and everything is quite easily blocked and then finished off. The Waiqar list is very static and can essentially just turtle along a board edge and not move, so it's very hard for him to make any mistakes vsing my force and also makes any terrain placement he has very useful for him, wheras it's really not an advantage to me at all. Clearly I need to shake things up in a major way. Here's my latest idea. 2x1 Cavlary with Fire rune (3 of them). They can move into range 5 of the spears/maro after Initative 5 and essentially get the alpha strike onto the real damage dealers, then ether trade shots or charge in. Backed up by a spearman unit with a greyhaven chanenller to try and get the red runes going and a big golem unit to charge in. (MSU golems I tried have simply been deleted from existence, but I haven't tried a big block yet). He's started to take death knights, a smaller reanimates and Ardus (to use combat ingenuity and Master Crafted Weapons on the archers) which seems just as if not more effective. Any advice is most appreciated!
  14. Also, what happens if you summon onto a unit that's already at max size, like a 4x3 unit of Reanimates? 5 Trays wide, suddenly a Turn 2 charge to the left makes your right edge charge forwards longer than range 5 on the range ruler hahaha
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