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  1. I didn't specifically say anyone here was doing it in this thread (and for that matter I don't think anyone here is being that way, at all), but if you've been active anywhere on the internet beyond here in the past - well, probably forever, but it's just louder now that it's been 'normalized' by a large chunk of the US and its discourse - there is a loud, angry, hateful group of men who get violently upset anytime a white man doesn't get to be the main character and complain when women or people of color (or LGBTQ+ individuals, ect.) do anything or get any sort of attention in media. There's a difference between poking fun at a scene and being so buttmad with something that your complaints turn into vandalizing a wiki page for a fictional character with racist words and comments simply because they aren't a white person. And we don't get internet campaigns to label a character a Mary Sue (as has been done with Rey) when we deal with people who have equivalent aspects and they happen to be men. I also think @DanteRotterdam's comment was just a passing observation of the talk being had outside of this site, and not a specific comment at anyone here. But, I'm not going to argue something that's evident in general media consumption and has infected most fandoms with bigoted bile, so this is all I'll say in regards to this specific point.
  2. The reason people feel it comes from a point of sexism is because the loudest voices of hate on anything post-Disney's acquisition of Star Wars have been those of people who have made such claims as "Star Wars is for men", "too many women and persons of color [not the word they used, but I'm not an *******] in Star Wars", and the people who made edits to Rose Tico's Wookiepedia page to display racist comments. Also, people don't complain this loudly when men do things mildly ridiculous, is the point.
  3. Yeah, there's another similar post that's basically doing the same thing.
  4. The Anthology films are evident that LFL wants to branch out, and giving Rian Johnson a whole trilogy with new characters is even more reason.
  5. I remember when being a fan of something meant you liked it - I wouldn't count the people who liked the film as 'lesser fan', or even use that term, because it's ****. I mean, this is the defining Star Wars for so many young people, and you can see the love there. It's so cool. I was a young person when the prequels were coming out and they were my defining Star Wars - I love seeing the look on the new generations of fans. One of the best parts of being older now. That's fair - I suppose I should say, we live in a time where the loud negative minority is given a broader and largely free platform to be negative.
  6. Also, you know, there's more evidence (polls and such) to suggest that people actually do like the film, even as a Star Wars film, rather than the other way around. It's just negative voices are almost always louder, because most people (the general moviegoing public) don't go to niche fan forums or feel the need to write diatribes on why something is awesome - unlike people who write rants on why things are garbage. We do live during a time where negativity is the norm, after all.
  7. Yeah, I've heard none of these complaints anywhere else except this thread, so. I really don't think it's that big of a problem for anyone except people who need to know every little detail about everything.
  8. Most of it is garbage, at least the books and comics, so you're not missing much. A few hidden gems (I love Shadows of the Empire), but overall, I'm glad most of it hasn't come back into canon as it was in the EU.
  9. Hey, at least we didn't get that nonsense from the EU where everything Palpatine did was to prepare for the Yuuzhan Vong. Blech.
  10. Wouldn't it technically be Plagueis, since he Space Jesus'd Anakin? Look, man, memes aren't known for accuracy. I work with what I've got.
  11. I know that. It's a joke. There's a meme that's like "If you boil it down, the entire Star Wars saga is about one family running around and ******* up the galaxy" - I love Kylo's character (though Rey is my favorite of the new trilogy), so I enjoy that they still have a Skywalker, but I can laugh at the joke.
  12. Kind of like how the Star Wars galaxy has had enough of the Skywalker's ****.
  13. One of the greatest things about the new trilogy - and this new era of Star Wars, really - is that I see a lot of people who previously didn't think Star Wars was for them because of ugly gatekeeping and gross **** like that are now embracing it because they can finally find themselves in the mythos, and that's awesome.
  14. See my post at the top of the previous page. I'm so, so tired and sick of people using Mark to justify a narrative, when he himself has come out multiple times and stated that's not how he feels.