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  1. X-wing news and IA news articles used to be published on the same week. The week x-wing news stopped, so did IA news. What the weird part was that last Friday, an IA news article was posted (FYI: Friday is the normal day news is posted for IA), and now x-wing news wasn't. Surely they would've continued posting articles the same week right?
  2. bcons

    Phasma's TIE

    Kylo Ren Ren Kylo Ben Kylo Ben Sylo Ben Solo Seems to check out! But what if there's a plot twist? We all thought we knew that QuickDraw was Snoke, but BackDraft was pulling the strings all along!
  3. Aww man, it's the Jumpmaster article all over again!
  4. This is a really good tactic here. Now, as others have said, focus on taking down the ghost first. Also mentioned before, a lot of dice can be useful. If you have lost to this list many times, then I'd personally go for a crack shot TIE swarm. The crack shot won't help TOO much, but it will deny the few evades thrown at you. Not even to mention that you may need the crack shots when going up against an aces list. I know a pretty decent and straightforward crack-swarm list that includes three crack-tie fighters, two crack-FOs, and a crack-HowlRunner.
  5. Would love to try this out: Backdraft (27) Comm relay (3) Juke (2) Spec ops (0) FCS (2) Lieutenant Dormit (31) Hyperwave comm scanner (1) Palpatine (8) Omega leader (21) Juke (2) Comm relay (3) Total: 100 Talk about evades!
  6. Seems a little under-costed at 8 points. Maybe 10? Also, please excuse my lack of knowledge (mind you I've only played a dozen games at home), but how can you spend a surge for reach? You can only declare attacks adjacent to you with melee, and after you roll your dice, the reach surge will have no effect since you are in the process of attacking the opponent's figure already. If you can spend a surge for reach, I'd separate reach and 2 damage, so You would have multiple options with your surges. With a yellow die, you'll be rolling atleast one surge almost every time. Also, I'd presume that it would be non-sentient.
  7. I don't think so. His "Tell Garazeb Orrelios we're even" doesn't strike me as an indication he's actively helping the Rebels now. Just a stirring of conscience that he explains away as simply returning Zeb's favor. Not that I don't expect a total face turn from him, but I don't think he's turned enough to be a double-agent already. Yes, but now we see he respects Zeb (and maybe the rebels). Definitely different than the ruthless, cruel stereotype personality we see a lot of within the Imperial's ranks.
  8. I feel that at 5 points it is over-costed. For a rookie pilot, you get:+1 PS +crew slot (-4 points) -astromech slot +5 points So what ever crew you pick (with the exception of Luke and gunner) you must spend 5 points and your astromech spot, but you gain 1 PS. Just seems kinda iffy to me. Maybe 4 points?
  9. If he was zero points he would be so much better. At zero points he would be a nice filler for when your at 100 points. That's what Chopper's there for, right?
  10. Nah, Maul's ship is only, maybe, 3-4 times the length of the A-Wing. Well in scale for a 'regular' ship. But, yeah. Another Scum. Mandalorian ship. ex-Darth Maul as a pilot and/or crew. Those little robot guards as crew. I could see it... To me it looks like it's longer than the Ghost. To me. I would rather it be just a large base though. The YV-666's length is 47.4 meters, or 62 meters in legends.Though, you may argue this as in accurate since it is from Wookiepiedia. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/YV-series_light_freighter
  11. Don't quote me on this, but I believe it is one or the other. It wouldn't be different than the rules for weapons guidance.
  12. At least he included: Never, ever, will an "X-wing fix" be a negative point cost. X-wings were made to be 21 points so you couldn't include 5 x-wings in a squad. It is overly complicated, and seems to be a disadvantage to have. I enjoy reading your "fixes" and it has sparked ideas in my head. But it's the same. Thing. Over. And. Over. Try something new. Or maybe discuss the meta. Just my two-cents, I don't mean to offend you.
  13. That reminds me - I assume everyone noticed in that episode that... That can't be an accident. speaking of which, what is Kallus's point in the story now? I mean, he didn't really do anything in season two (correct me if I'm wrong) except for the episode where he is stranded wit Zeb on one of Geonosis' moons. I have hope he will be featured more in season 3, and I do have faith that he will leave the empire. He , imo, is one of the most mysterious characters in Rebels.
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