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  1. My mistake. On closer inspection, I do see the front peg mount now. Model does look sweet, by the way.
  2. That single peg setup makes me nervous. I've never handled/seen 3D printed ships in person before, are they drastically lighter than the usual FFG models? I'm a little curious if in practice that Hammerhead will wobble/fall off its stand during use especially during movements.
  3. I haven't been paying too much attention to media but is there an anticipated Solo movie trailer during the Super Bowl this weekend? Possibly waiting until a trailer is released before announcing product? (That is assuming the next X-Wing news would be Solo related)
  4. I thought that said Fonts at first and made myself laugh
  5. If you have a core group of the same 4-5 people and you like games that change/morph over time I can't recommend enough Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy Season 1. Both have some fun twists as you play through them. There's also a season 2 for Pandemic but I haven't played that myself yet to recommend it or not.
  6. Cool Hand unfortunately doesn't discard the stress token, just the card gets discarded.
  7. I don't think upgrade order matters, but rather the end resulting Ship you have built needs to be valid. So if after you are done equipping your ship do all the upgrades still check out valid? With the Pulsed Ray Shield and Shield Upgrade case, no they are conflicting. In the AutoThruster/Engine Upgrade and Black One/VI cases, after equipping all upgrades the ship is still valid.
  8. "The Resistance Bomber Expansion Pack and TIE Silencer Expansion Pack are scheduled to arrive at retailers early in 2018." Looks like they won't make it for the movie release Edit: Also makes me question where the new A-Wing is at, new core set confirmed?
  9. I know Accuracy Corrector/Autoblaster Turret is the go to on Nym but seems like it would be fun to block at 0, drop your bomb post move (from "Genius") and ignore the damage while whoever you blocked gets hit. Anyone tried this or am I crazy for even bringing Enhanced Scopes out of the binder?
  10. Y-Wings are in a similar situation, been searching around and not finding any in my local area and online prices I've seen are around 80 dollars.
  11. This is slightly off-topic but can anyone identify the ships in the background of Viktor Hel's card art?
  12. This topic gave me a thought: has anyone tried making some emplacements/turrets out of LEGOs? Feel like I recall having some swivel pieces that would work well for the turret barrels and seems like you could make the structures about X-Wing minis size. I doubt I have enough grey LEGOs but I think it's time I dug the old bins out of storage this weekend....
  13. http://dockingbay416.com/campaign/ Loads of fun. I'm only a few missions in my campaign, but the only way I can get my wife to play X-Wing anymore.
  14. MK-09 on a slamming K-Wing sounds worrisome. You do lose your crew for that combo, but seems like it still might be crazy on Miranda.
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