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  1. Happy 2019. Perhaps some people remembers my little smiling head. First of all, glad to read about new expacs and game modes. We choose to not update to 2.0, and continue playing our monthly Team Play Cinematic Show. Many people around us sold their Huge Ships, so now we can field hordes of this kind of ships. Now I own 5 GR 75s and 4 C ROCS. One GR 75 customized with Quad Laser Turrets, and one C ROC as a "Kaiser's Pirate Raider" with pop up heavy guns. Added a few new 2.0 named pilots to our beloved games. And continue evolving the game, adding new options. AAA turrets, SAM sites and bomb runs are fun as ****. We continue combining X Wing and Legion, but slowly...we want MORE legión stuff. Breaking my head against a wall trying to write clear and fun rules to add "3D" action. Diving... Climbing... Not easy. Realism vs Playability. Love this game.
  2. Thanks a lot. To keep numbers low enought, perhaps two squads OR two bikes plus one squad
  3. I would like to know your opiniom about the maximun number of stormtroopers / scout bikes that one Lamdba class shuttle can transport. Last X Wing + Legión combined game I wrote the scenario and loaded each one with one Stormtrooper's unit plus 2 Bikes. But no info about this.
  4. First of all, please forgive my bad english. One old injury is "active" today, and I wrote under the combined effects of no sleep, pain plus pain killers. Legion. In our opinion non tier Star Wars game. But interesting Epic Play "DLC" Last game... Imperial quick reaction strike squadron raiding a Black Sun enclave. Imperial... 4 Lambda loaded with Stormtrooper units (infantry + bikes). One VT 49 "Electronic Warfare" ship provided extra defence to the non agile shuttles. No Action available to the VT 49, but Shuttles Rng 0-2 Agi +1. Two Named Interceptot pilots plus a bunch oh Tie Fighters "no face swarm, 8 ships, escorted the invasion wave. Black Sun's defenced were ground based, plus of course ships. Ground defenses: one long range missile launcher site , "Concussion misiles" Rng 2-5 capable to TL up to range 5 (only TL actiom available). One "Quad Laser Battery", maximun energy available each turn but no Actions available. Space Forces. One Scum Epic ship upgunned (hardpoints +1, cargo slots- 1). Bosk's Y-666. M3 interceptors and K Fighters. Imperial Forces stronger by a wide margin, but victory conditions quite difficult to achieve. Lambdas are quite easy targets, but VT's EW Pods were supposed to be a key factor. One Lambda reached the Landing Zone unharmed. One with only a scratch (one face down damage card). One badly damaged (two face down damage cards plus "Injuried pilot" Crit. The stormtrooper squad unharmed, but Bike KO. the last exploded when 2 K Fighters fired simultaneously Cluster Misiles and rolled 12 hits. The VT 49 was the primary target. Lived long enought to protect the Lambdas and their troops. Black Sun's SAMs finished her. Empire players achieved, by a thin margin, a Minor Victory. A "Draw" due to stormtroopers KIA, but the Tie Swarm hit hard the K fighters, and Scum's green dices were doomed. After dinner played "Legion", surviving Imp units vs (ejem) Scum mercenaries...in Rebel outfits. Bad Imperial deployment, bad moves and bad luck. So the "garden" element of the game was short and nasty. Not because "Legion" is flawed, sometimes one side plays bad and rolls bad. Give this combo a try. Now we only play X Wing every 4 weeks but this is a new world.
  5. In the last months I only play X Wing with my usual playmates. Being scenarios prepared by a referee there are no problems of abuse. the collection we have is very considerable, we like the system very much and since I have 15 epic ships, we have not seen enough elements in favor of the change, for the time being.
  6. Playing with 2 cards Huge Ships on the table, better 6x4. Well tested to play Epic or Double Epic. 6x3 is not the best option if you deploy 2 CR 90 and your oponents 2 Raiders. They are too large. And Epic feels better if you play with objectives, reinforcements, reserves, Hidden initial setup, Hiperspace entry points. Yeah, 6x4. Or 5x4. But try to expand from 3' to 4'.
  7. On the run. Summer Time... more free time to play Double Epic . I did not purchase Legion, but one of my fellows did. Combined game... Planetary Assault, Imps invades desertic planet. Ships near the Battle Zone can skip their Combat Phase and strafe or bomb. On one table 600 pts Epic play. On the other, 2 Legion Core Sets. We are veeery green playing Legion so quite time consuming. But interesting. Imperial players focused on whipping out the Rebel's flagship, CR 90 "Heavy Versión" ("Combat Refit", extra Hull and Shield, Aditional Hardpoint Slot to mount modified Quad Laser, point defence rng 1) Bomber Y Wings dropped accurate Proton Bombs. Hit hard the stormtroppers and "killed" Vader. Love Star Wars. Cheers.
  8. Jump calculations complete. No need to continue being "divergent" but a few words... Try 800-1000 pts Team Epic. Cinematic. Avoid 100/6 mentality. Try Primary, Secondary and Terciary Objectives. Forget about pts value when writing the scenario. Never deploted more than 3 CR 90s or Raiders... But I can remember 4 GR 75 on the table. Divergent way to enjoy the game. Perhaps my first time as a "rude boy" here. So time to leave. Not proud of it. But... Adapt & Improve. Jumping now!!!
  9. After the (not easy) decision to not convert to 2.0 because no Epic 2.0 during 2018, I think I am not able to Adapt & Improve much longer. I love X Wing 1.X, our beloved minis game, and I hope we will continue playing Double Epic team play, cinematic and scenario based, for many years. We continue playing ASL, HASL, Fighting Wings, old Avalon Hill Wargames, etc. My sincere gratitude to those of you who inspired our games. Many are bygone forum members. Others are on active duty. Odanan, your custom cards are simply...awesome. Cubanboy, your weekly smile is pure gold. Thanks a lot, folks. Precise flying. Probably will continue reading the forum, but our way of enjoying this superb game is... divergent.
  10. Yes, I think you are OK. Engine off, Reactor Offline... Thanks, guys.
  11. I know. Simply bored about "you do not need to convert your entire fleet. Be reasonable". To my taste Epic is my favourite game mode. No Epic, no 2.0 now. No problem about this. But "condolences"... Not. Dissengaging from this site. Simply, enjoy the game.
  12. I do not need your condolences. My money, my models. I own 15 Huge Ships. No Epic 2.0. So no new 2.0 at all. Play as you want. Keep your condolences out of my table. Thanks a lot.
  13. 6x4 play area works fine if you play up to Double Epic. Excelent 2vs2 or 3vs3. Standard W40k table
  14. Hexdot

    Happy Friday

    A movie still... Monica Belucci, "Malena". Inspiring Recruit. Happy weekend.
  15. Some things are more important that playing with toy ships. My respect to those fallen while on duty.
  16. Hexdot

    Where's Joe?

    Sad news. So many bygone forum members... I feel old.
  17. Why? Why include CLAPTRAP (see Borderlands videogame) in Star Wars?
  18. In my opinion, boring movie and by far the worst SW film. Perhaps 2/10.
  19. Yesterday I played one quite interesting game. Circa 150 pts Cinematic depicting a younger Horton Salm, 4 years before Yavin. Ps 6 only, as he was supposed to be less experienced. Never touched PS ratings before and found it refreshing. High PS Heroes fighting battles when they were younger. Well balanced scenario, too. As always, Adapt and Improve.
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