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  1. I had to use a friend's computer to view the posted image so I'm going by memory here, but what I think is more interesting is that it's a ship with a firing arc that doesn't have an included primary weapon value. At least, that's what the Gozanti ship card appeared to show, right? It had energy, then Agility, Hull, and Shields. But, I don't recall seeing any primary weapon. I hope that thing has a fair number of hard points or upgrades it can use to defend itself, or it'll be an easy, easy target.
  2. I've gotten a reply from FFG, and I've replied to that reply with more questions (and am waiting on a response), but it seems to boil down to a problem on our end, according to FFG. I'll make a post with more detail so everyone affected knows what's going on, but in the meantime (I expect to compose the post on Monday or so, I want there to be enough time to give FFG a chance to answer my second round of questions), could folks post as to what they're using computer/browser– wise? I'm running Mac OS X 10.8.5 with the latest version of Safari for that operating system, which is 6.2.8 (I upgraded since the first post, which hasn't helped anything).
  3. I think people are overlooking the cumulative effect of these kinds of things. When a new player sees Wal*Mart offering Armada for pre– order at nearly half the price (whether or not they actually follow through on it) it puts an impression into their mind, "Oh, I can get that for cheaper online." When a new player sees Target exclusively selling new Star Wars stuff in their stores (or online), it puts another impression in their mind. The cumulative effect of all this is going to be, your local gaming store is not where you want to get the newest stuff at the earliest date for the best prices. Sure, everyone is going to say you need to support your local gaming store. That is incorrect. Only the people who actually show up to play at local gaming stores need to support their local gaming store. Everyone else, who plays at home or with friends, probably just doesn't care. Because they know they can get it faster or cheaper online. I am absolutely convinced that a vast and overwhelming majority of people who play this game are not playing it at game stores. I don't know how many units of X– Wing has been sold, but from my vantage it has most certainly not contributed to increased people in my local stores. Yes, people come in, and some of them are new, to buy the game, but that's it. Gaming stores are being pushed out by moves like this. Imagine what will happen if Disney inks a deal with Amazon to offer all their new merchandise with free next day delivery and a discount? Some of you may say you're going to buy two sets of stuff because you want to support your local gaming store. I do not believe there are enough of such people in the world, because everyone else will just pick it up from online retailers because they are cost conscious.
  4. I have contacted FFG directly about this. Customer support replied to say they would be looking into it, but since this is a long holiday weekend in the United States the earliest I think we'd see any improvement is Tuesday, though we could hope for a resolution by next week's end. Please note that they didn't give me any timeline, this is just conjecture on my part.
  5. To use Advanced Projectors you need to spend a Redirect Defense Token. This allows you to shift any amount of incoming damage to a particular hull zone to other hull zones, up to the number of remaining shields on a given hull zone. Since you cannot spend the same kind of Defense Token more than once per attack, you will only be able to use Advanced Projectors once per attack. Here's a scenario to help explain things: Your front hull zone is hit by Assault Concussion Missiles for five points of damage and there is at least one critical symbol showing. You, as defender, must declare which Defense Tokens you are going to use. You decide to use Brace and Redirect. The attacker then decides which critical effect they will resolve — they have the option of two: the standard critical effect (the first damage card dealt is dealt face up) or the critical effect allowed by Assault Concussion Missiles. Your opponent elects to use ACM's critical effect. You have to handle five points of damage, which is cut down to three points because of Brace. You Redirect two points of damage to your rear hull zone and one point to your left hull zone. The critical effect of ACM also inflicts an additional one point of damage to your left hull zone and one point to your right hull zone. There is nothing you can do about that, defense– wise. You cannot Redirect this damage because you Redirected the initial hit to your front hull zone. It so happens that you had no shields remaining on your right hull zone. This causes you to draw one damage card — it is not a critical hit. While normally it would be a critical hit (because the initial damage inflicted on the ship contained a critical result on the attack dice), the attacker already declared they were using ACM's critical effect and you can only resolve one critical effect per attack (unless some card, upgrade, or game effect states otherwise). Your idea that Advanced Projectors allow you to transfer 1/1/1 points of damage around the ship is a special case. When an opponent uses XI7 Turbolasers, the defender normally cannot Redirect more than one point of damage away from the targeted hull zone. However, Advanced Projectors allow the defender to use a Redirect token to transfer one point of damage away from the attack to each of the remaining three hull zones when facing an attack from XI7 weaponry.
  6. I'm sorry, but that new Star Destroyer is ugly… They're messing with the design only to show how tech has "advanced" in the intervening years. "Look! Even the Star Destroyers are improved!" Yeah, the "Finalizer" (What are her sister ships? The Decision– maker? The Finisher? The Completer?) is so advanced and powerful, we've put a lower deck that juts so far out from under the top deck that the upper weaponry won't be able to depress enough to shoot downwards. But really, what are the chances the rebels will figure that out, right? I mean they found that one weakness to the first Death Star, then they found the weakness to the second Death Star, but come on, a third time in a row? Unlikely!
  7. Does anyone have an email address for the webmaster? It seems pretty clear they're not reading the forum, so unless we reach out directly I don't think anything will get done.
  8. In big point games with lots of ships would all the players be limited to rolling only one die per minute or so? ;-) But seriously, EVE Online would be a great miniatures game. I especially like the part about not having to break canon for a good long while. Plus, those big EVE ships would look amazing on the table.
  9. Greetings all, I'm having an issue with FFG's website, and judging by the lack of complaints I'm seeing on the forum, I'm thinking I might be the only one… Here is the problem. I can connect to and view as normal anything from FFG's community.fantasyflightgames.com domain, but that's it. Trying to view the News, Products, Upcoming, Store, About, or More domains gives me this error (changing /en/news for the appropriate section): Safari can't open the page "https:www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news" because Safari can't establish a secure connection to the server "www.fantasyflightgames.com". I get a different error when trying to connect using Firefox on a completely different computer (though one connecting to the internet through a shared router), but the issue still remains -- I cannot connect to FFG's site. This machine I'm using right now is running Mac OS X 10.8.5 with Safari 6.2.7. Does anyone have any ideas what might be going on? I think the issue started a week or so ago, if that helps narrow down the problem (I wasn't able to post earlier about this due to traveling). I appreciate any help anyone can offer!
  10. TenuousGrip

    Agent Kallus

    So… I think I must be mis– understanding something... It was my impression that the word "you" on card text referred to the ship the card was equipped to. Is this not correct? Going from the write– up for Agent Kallus: the preview spoiler article seems to suggest you pick a ship at the start of the game, and then all your ships (not just the one Kallus is equipped to) get that bonus. I'm not completely current on all the latest updates to the game, but has something changed where "you" is no longer defined as what it once was?
  11. Unless those ferried TIEs are free/super discounted, then this is not a deal I'd want. My epic ship is forced to use all its energy on dropping TIEs (or preparing to do so) instead of powering weapons or using other (presumably) awesome new upgrades? It'd be better to just bring the TIEs unattached and fly them close enough to the carrier to get the benefits from the upgrades. But if those ferried fighters are fabulously free? OK then, maybe it's worth it.
  12. He doesn't. Brace just halves the damage and unless he does something else (ie, Scatter defense token to reroll your dice with a crit icon), the crit still stands. I think you meant Evade there. For the original poster, an Evade defense token would allow the defender to select one of your attack dice and either A) completely cancel that die and remove it from the attack pool if the attack came from long range, or B) force you to re– roll that attack die if the attack came from medium range. At short range an Evade defense token cannot be used (but there is of course an exception in the form of the Rebel upgrade card Mon Motha). If the defender used a Scatter defense token (which so far only select fighter squadrons have), then the defender could cancel the entire attack regardless of the range. There are a number of good posts on the forum that will walk you through an expanded attack routine, and once you get the procedure down it really is pretty simple.
  13. I think the "Relentless" title upgrade for the ISD is worth a whole lotta talkin' 'bout. For only 3 points, it makes the big boy really light on his feet. You only have to assign two command dials to the ship now, but you still have the ability to bank three command tokens. So your huge, giant Imperial – class beat stick now dances around the battlefield like a Gladiator. I think that title card is going to heavily contend for most– used Imperial upgrade alongside "Demolisher."
  14. Nifty little write– up about just that exact thing here: http://www.outpostzero.net/2015/07/terrain-for-star-wars-armada-by-space.html
  15. The "Like" button just isn't large enough for this thread...
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