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  1. Wave 7 appears to have removed bomber lists from my local meta. With the new rules for flotillas, the Gallant Haven nerf, relay nerf, cards like EWS, and the Rhymer nerf from a while back, I feel it’s really hard to build a true bomber list these days that’s competitive. I used to have a B-wing list utilizing a Pelta with AFFM that was pretty competent, but now I feel like it would probably be tabled before the Bs get a chance to sting more than once or twice. Is anyone still having luck using bombers as their main means of dealing damage? I’m actually seeing a lot of people either taking no squadrons at all or taking the Ciena/Valen or Tycho/Shara combo as a light screen. This would have likely been suicidal before the recent wave and FAQ. It got me thinking about reworking a new bomber list to try and catch people off guard, but I just can’t seem to come up with one I’m not afraid will be tabled too quickly now that flots don’t count. Perhaps a hybrid fleet would work best? Is this happening everywhere, or are you still seeing dedicated bomber lists? I’d appreciate any thoughts or fleet builds anyone has to share. Keep in mind I’m not really complaining about the changes. I actually have been enjoying seeing what people come up with when they’re not paranoid about being bombed into oblivion. I just want to know if/how people are still having success with bombers.
  2. I really don’t like Ackbar with the MC75 because that ship is made to double arc. I guess if you’re mostly using him for the AFMIIs I can kind of see it. Better off with a pickle though, I think.
  3. Glad II has blue anti-squadron dice. Can’t flechette. edit: Oh, Kallus... so you can flechette, but only uniques.
  4. Everybody hates on the Pelta, but I love running All Fighters Follow Me and 5 or 6 B-Wings with Jan and a couple of YT-1300s. Throw in bomber command, Toryn Farr and maybe Gallant Haven and you’ve got an annoying fleet. Watch out for flechette torpedoes though.
  5. To B-wing or not to B-wing, that is the question. I haven’t actually decided on my list yet, so we’ll all find out tomorrow.
  6. Ah, so you’re Ardaehel? That was me with the Mothma list last week. I agree that ramming, not necessarily for the extra damage but for navigational reasons, is undervalued. Nice of you to say I played well. I think I made at least 2-3 pretty big mistakes (aside from the ramming issues), but even if I hadn’t I still think you would have had the upper hand. Your rams and nav commands were on point. You’re absolutely correct that I repeatedly misgauged where you were going to land with multiple ships on multiple turns. And I was so confident every time! Oh well, I guess my most lasting lessons are the ones I have beaten into me repeatedly. Good game, and well flown!
  7. I have the same questions. I only have one pack so far and am just starting to really think about numbers and fleet building. I saw someone run four in a seven activation list the other day and it looked pretty imposing to me. They seem to have a lot of potential uses: Cheap lifeboat, ordnance carriers, Hyperspace Assault backstabber. Task Force Antilles is really interesting to me (it feels like Biggs for ships) but doesn't seem to shine unless you have a lot of HHs on the table. I think I'll end up with at least four of them, maybe six. Not eight, no way... I might get eight.
  8. As someone who is predominantly a Rieekan player, I can say that there are ways to deal with him. More so than most other commanders, losing Rieekan tends to decimate his fleet. There have been several matches where I would have lost hard had my opponent concentrated on destroying the ship Rieekan is on. Things snowball quickly once Rieekan dies, and suddenly TRC90s and MC30s are no longer guaranteed their return fire. Putting Rieekan on a flotilla can make this difficult, but massed Bombers with Intel could chew through a flotilla pretty fast, as can anything with H9s. Deploy carefully, avoid Superior Positions or Solar Corona, and you should be able to put yourself in a position to kill Rieekan. He's been my favorite commander since he came out (back before he was considered OP), so I really hope they don't nerf him. I could stomach a small points increase, but I hope his ability stays intact. Next wave(s) might offer some counters too. Now, a question for the court of public opinion. I can see how running a current Rieekan's Aces list would be frowned upon in a local meta, but he's still my favorite commander (mostly for capital ship play). What if I run him old school, just using pre-CC Aces? Is that still uncouth?
  9. I missed the final match live. Does anyone have a link to the video?
  10. So...if Leia stacks with banked tokens... I could run a double pickle list with engineering teams on both MC80s and a flotilla or two running Comms Net to feed them tokens and get 11 repair each turn on each MC80? (Base 4 + 1 for engineering team makes for base 5, +3 for Leia's token effect and +3 more for a banked token). If that is legal I could maybe see her being worth 38 points. Edit: As someone pointed out, it looks like Engineering teams only gives you an additional engineering point rather than increasing your base engineering value. So the best she could do is probably 9 repair.
  11. The Chiraneau/Jendon/Steele/Rhymer-ball with additional bombers, and an escort or two, was the downfall of my Rieekan TRC90 corvette swarm at regionals...make sure you can activate most of your squadrons, and take advantage of Jendon's relay. Flotillas are useful here. Defintiely keep the gunnery teams on the ISD. If you can get a corvette or two in blue range they aren't difficult to one-shot.
  12. Ah, cool, got it. Just making sure I wasn't missing something.
  13. Where are you seeing #1 in the rulebook? The only restriction I can find is on p. 14 that says a team may declare an all-out assault if they are within 4 points of the total needed to win. For a 3 v. 3 campaign that would be at least 8 points, but for a 2 v. 2 it could be as low as 5, right?
  14. I don't think we will run into serious balance issues at 500pts. My solution to the time issue would just be to have longer tournaments. I'm probably in the minority though, as I don't think most people would actually want a 10 hour tournament. Something more practical might be to do a 500pt league, where you don't have to play more than one game in a sitting.
  15. P. 13 of the Conflict Rulebook: If a player retires his fleet, his fleet immediately loses all resource points (including current turn income) and the opposing team receives one campaign point. That player's commander and any other unique upgrades or squadrons in his fleet are eliminated and cannot be purchased again by any player during the campaign. Then that player constructs a new 400 point fleet according to the fleet building rules on page 5. So, no, if you retire your fleet you do not get any resource points to add to your new fleet.
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