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  1. Just to piggyback off this topic, I want to be sure I'm playing Defensive Teaching correctly. If I have two copies played, I can have a total of 5 shields per blue character, correct?
  2. Very much so. I ordered 1 box each each from different retailers, so that might have made a difference. I played some games with my wife last night with some thrown together decks using new characters and mostly existing cards. I played eYoda/eZeb vs her eAayla/Jedi Guard/Rey I included two Vibro Cutlass and two Hush Comlink in my deck (but never pulled the Comlinks). It was a fairly close matched game, but Vibro Cutlass was just too much to overcome. With Yoda having essentially three 2 focus sides (specials), that combines really well with the Cutlass. I was also using Force Speed so I could focus and resolve right away. I wittled down Aayla, one shot'ed Jedi Temple Guard, and was then able to take out Rey. I was left with 6 damage on Yoda and and 5 on Zeb. My wife needs to be better about focus firing, but I did keep adding shields to Yoda so she eventually went after Zeb. Yoda is great and all, but he can also be your downfall if your heavy hitter goes down quick and/or your heavy hitter rolls poorly and Yoda keeps having to focus instead of shield/resource up.
  3. I purchased two boxes, and one each of the starters. Yoda x2 Zeb x2 Tarkin x2 Greedo x2 Kylo's ship Rebellion Leader Finn Obi's Saber Great legendary haul IMHO. A bit disappointed in my rares though, no Obi-Wan and only 1 Battle Droid.
  4. I purchased three Rivals Draft packs this morning at my FLGS. I was told they had "lots in stock", but now I'm thinking they're all out as I took the last three on the shelf.
  5. Hi there, I'm new to SWD and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I've got a background in Star Wars Miniatures and Star Wars X-Wing, so I feel like my organization skills are decent. However SWD is just insane with how many cards and dice there are, and there are only 3 sets so far... So how are you organizing everything? I actually just purchased the Iris Photo storage case that I've seen recommended for the dice. I should be able to fit 512 dice so I'm good for a while there. http://www.joann.com/photo-keeper-large/11503711.html But what about the cards? I feel like adding every card to a binder would be tedious, expensive, and massive! I'm thinking about using card boxes and sorting by Hero/Villain, Color, then Upgrade/Support/Event all alphabetically. But that could also get cumbersome and hard to travel with. What's your solution?
  6. Out-friggin-standing, Cookie! Don't pay any heed to some of these doubters and negative Nancy's! You stated from the beginning that this wasn't an end-all be-all formula, but you were only trying to sort out why FFG has done the things they've done. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your post, and I challenge some of the naysayers to come up with their own formula to discredit yours. Whether FFG uses a formula or not is beyond my realm of concern, but at least with your formula you used a constant to help evaluate each ship. Some results were in line with common community opinion, some weren't. But I'm sure we can all agree that your formula was at least close to explaining the rationale behind their pricing "model". And even on the ships your formula "failed" on (Punisher) we can at least agree it still falls in line with perceived value and meta usage. Thakns for putting in the leg work.
  7. ....ummmmm..... Are these for realsies?
  8. So a buddy and I were playing yesterday and had a question come up. He was playing Oicunn, so he was trying to ram my ships. So he bumped one of my ships, then on the next phase when he revealed his dial, couldn't complete his maneuver so he remained exactly where he was, touching my ship. Oicunn's ability says "after executing a maneuver, each ship youre touching suffers one damage". Did he actually execute a maneuver, and thus, should I have taken another damage?
  9. OK, good to see I'm not the only one having this issue. I may pick up a pack of colored bases just to see how they work, though it kills me to spend money on bases and pegs when I have a box FULL of them in a closet. I just dont want to only have one designated peg and base per ship.
  10. So what are the colored bases and pegs? The new style? Am I being forced to buy the colored bases for the new ships?
  11. No this isnt on Huge ships, it's all on Large based ships. My original Falcon doesnt work on the new Falcon's peg and base and vice versa.
  12. Has anyone noticed on the newer large based ships that the pegs and bases arent compatible with "older" large based ships? I first noticed it with my Shadow Caster. The older pegs didnt fit up into the Caster, and the peg that came with the Caster didn't fit down into the "older" base. Then I confirmed this when I received the HOTR expansion, and the new Falcon was the same way. The Shadow Caster and new Falcon pegs/bases are interchangeable though. I usually just keep the same 10 bases and pegs in my duffle bag when I play, since this has never been an issue. But now I'm having to mark the newer pegs and bases with a sharpie to help identify them. Has anyone else noticed this?
  13. "No disintegrations" is a reference to Boba Fett killing Owen and Beru. Poor moisture farmers never had a chance. What? Fett didn't kill Owen and Beru. That was Stormtroopers. I think you mean it was Vader's instructions in regards to finding the Millennium Falcon and its passengers in ESB. http://moviepilot.com/posts/2299242 It's an interesting theory... But how about we stick to what actually happens in the movies? As opposed to fan-based extrapolation. You realize this entire thread is just fan-based extrapolation, right?
  14. Has this ever happened though? Just seems too sloppy to me for a giant company like FFG to say "Psych! We screwed up!"
  15. That's so true, Joe. Plus their prices have gone up across the board. Small ships used to be $9.99 as recently as early this year; now they're all $11.29. I bought the YT-2400 there back in the day for $14.99! That's unheard of nowadays. But I thought the Shadow Caster and HOTR expansions were a good price considering they're still so new. I had to jump.
  16. I'm not affiliated with CSI, just a regular customer. They've got the Shadow Caster and HOTR both on sale for $25 today only. Darn good price, I assume they're trying to clear up some space for the new wave. Strike while the iron's hot, friends. EDIT: I picked up a Heroes, plus an ARC, and playmat. My buddy got a Shadow Caster. Had to clear the $100 for free shipping
  17. Concord Dawn Protector doesn't work. The extra evade gets added, but it doesn't actually negate the damage.
  18. I found that mangler cannon does this and reported it to him. He's looking into it. Kath Scarlet doesn't get to shoot at all either
  19. The update is awful buggy. It'll skip entire rounds of shooting. not cool
  20. Well, I guess I won't be getting any more work done today.... haha
  21. Outfrigginstanding. I love this idea. I love the pilots, upgrades, everything. The game is called Star Wars X-Wing! Let's make the X-wing competitive again. The refit might be too much, I'd do -2 instead, and the Seeker Torpedoes may be under costed by 1 or 2. Also, I would probably make the refit a Modification instead of Torpedo, because you'd have to decide between a -2 (or -3) refit, or spending 4 (or 5 or 6) points on a one-hit torpedo. Someone would almost always choose the refit over the torpedo for a net savings of about 6-8 points per ship. It wouldn't ever make sense to take the Seeker. Advanced Blasters also seems under costed. I would price it at least 2, maybe 3.
  22. Sorry if this has been discussed, I may have missed it. What is the reasoning behind the Protectorate? To me, it's so much better than the Kihraxz, and at the same cost, that I would never take the K again. The Protectorate has a better dial. More maneuvers, more tricky turnarounds, and more greens. Sure you lose the 1 banks, but I'll gladly take the additional maneuvers over 1 banks. The Protectorate has an EPT at PS 3, instead of needing PS 5 on the K. Also, Graz with no EPT? Dumb. The pilot abilities on the Protectorate blow the K away. Sure Talonbane's is cool, 4 green dice at range 3, 5 red at range one. But I'd rather have Rau's, 5 red dice at 1, 4 green at 1. I still get 4 green at 3, plus I get an option for autothrusters. Here is where some may have differing opinions: 1 shield for the K and 2 agility; 0 shield for Protectorate but 3 agility. Give me 3 agility and one less shield all day, IMHO. Also, the Protectorate is much more flexible. You can arc dodge with some of the best in the game, but the abilities also encourage (and reward) jousting. I'll take that flexibility in a heartbeat, that way I can change mid-game if I need to. So is the Protectorate Scum's A-wing and the K is still Scum's X-wing? Was that the reasoning? Or was the Protectorate an admission by FFG that they messed up the Kihraxz??
  23. I don't think Scum ruined the game for you, they just converted you to their scumcicity. I was converted a little while ago. It's great, I love the token stealing aspect the best. Regrettably, I havent had much seat time with Bossk, but that will change once wave 8 hits. I've got a sweet Bossk/Dengar list I'm itching to run. "Bounty Bros"
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