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  1. I sympathize with the OP. In our 3-player, 4 Hero game the Rebels have lost every mission. The first couple were the result of not moving towards the objectives fast enough and getting bogged down trying to eliminate all the Imperial figures, but even employing a run and gun strategy we've been unable to acheive objectives quick enough to avoid running out of time without exposing ourselves to overwhelming fire capable of dropping a hero in a turn. No doubt part of it is that the Imperial player has done a great job both tactically and in finding devastating synergies between units and attachments, but it also seems like the design of the game leads to a snowball effect where the more the Empire wins, the more difficult it becomes for Rebels to win subsequent missions, since the Empire continues to amass resources and get more threat to deploy while Rebels are starved for the credits and XP needed to counter it with improved skills and better gear.
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