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  1. So in a game like Armada where firing arcs and which you can fire from can be really important. Since multiples were purchased, I decided to compare them. Keep in mind the comparisons are of the same exact ship. Sometimes, a base will have port completely different from starboard. I'm aware bow/stern firing arcs can differ from port/starboard. This is a question on arcs on the same type of bases but are completely different. Check out the pictures. http://imgur.com/a/p7p9b I know some are almost the same, and that's fine. But take a look at the CR90B (one of the worst offenders). And the Gladiators. And the Assault Frigates. Why does it matter? Because between one ship and another, you could be rolling different die depending on the facing of the ships and which you're exposed to. Anyone else have the same issues? Is this an isolated printing issue? Is this even an issue? So I guess my questions are: 1) Are the same ships (single base) supposed to have different firing arcs (side vs other side, I'm NOT comparing front vs side)? 2) Are the same ships (same ship, different bases) supposed to have different firing arcs?
  2. A few pictures I took of the slides for the new announced packs.
  3. I took a few pictures of the new displayed ships. K-wing Kihraxz FIghter TIE Interdictor/Punisher Hound's Tooth Group shot Group shot for size comparison
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