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  1. Well, a Google search for "cardboard wargame terrain" returned more than half-a-million results. Are you looking for buildings, hills, trees, etc? Are you looking for any particular theme? There's a series of excellent articles here, the first of which is about turning cardboard gift boxes into terrain. There are several other articles that will help you out, I think. Otherwise, some more information on what you're looking for would be helpful.
  2. Nice! Did you print these yourself?
  3. @KommanderKeldoth OK, I'll buy that. On the other hand, the minis we have in-game present a Rebellion force uniformed and equipped in a standardized manner, much more in line with that mid- to late-GCW force able to go toe-to-toe with the Empire. Circling back around to the OP, I wouldn't expect a force that's got that level of discipline and equipment to be improvising technicals out of a beat-up Camaro. Sure, sure... necessity's the mother of invention and all that.
  4. I wouldn't say I'm on the fence, but I've been near the fence for a while. I don't really have the time or space to pursue a new facet to the hobby, as much as I wish otherwise. I would love to be able to follow along as you work your way through the learning curve and try things out. Best of luck, and congrats on the new printer!
  5. Also relevant is what size of table you're playing on. A 3'x3' will require less terrain than a regulation 3'x6' table. Additionally, the smaller play area will inform your decision about what type of terrain you choose. Another important item of consideration is whether you want thematic terrain. Thematic tables (Snow/Hoth, Forest/Endor, Urban, etc.) can look really great, especially if your minis' bases match the terrain. On the other hand, it can lead to a sense of fatigue if you're fighting over the same terrain again and again and again. Modular terrain that can be assembled or deployed in different ways can offset that monotony, and the Legion system for selecting objectives and deployment is a good one in that regard.
  6. That's a great landspeeder! Nicely done.
  7. In the video, the narrator talks about each of the four varieties of ship (starting right around the 2:00 mark). There are stats down at the bottom; a slider each for Firepower, Speed, and Toughness, a little blurb for each ship's weapons, and some text about each ship.
  8. So... TIE Interceptors are faster than A-Wings? Since when?! Bog-standard TIE fighters have more firepower and "toughness" than an X-Wing? *sigh*
  9. Fantastic work so far. The panels on the troop transport will be hinged or magnetized, I assume? "We will watch your career with great interest." 😁
  10. Looks pretty good but open roof/sides and armor plating seems like a strange combo, particularly for troopers who wear wet cardboard for armor. Personally, I'd go more along the lines of that SoroSuub example above: enclosed crew compartment, better-protected engines, and maybe a roof-mounted turret.
  11. I'd be more into the rag-tag look if the Rebels were less... uniform. They have all the trappings and appearance of a well-funded, well-led, and well-trained nation-state's military. They've got uniforms, standardized weaponry, inclement weather gear and training, with infantry, cavalry (both shock and recon), elite formations, CAS, and a navy where even small one-man interceptors are hyperspace-capable. Yes, you could argue that the Rebels were on the ragged edge of supply and logistics, with insolvency and dissolution looming throughout the GCW, but they don't really *look* like it. Comparing them to examples from our own world, say mujaheddin or Somali warbands, doesn't really hold up for me in a set-piece battle game like Legion. Maybe if it were more like Kill Team? At any rate, I like the idea of a Rebel ASV or similar vehicle. I don't own one, but you're giving me ideas... 🤨
  12. I don't want to derail the thread too much, even though the OP is MIA... *BUT* Have you considered using the Legion minis (which I think are excellent compared to what's come before) in a different ruleset? If you like Infinity, or 40K, or Bolt Action, etc. etc., then surely it's not too difficult to re-skin units from that system as Rebels and Imperials. Yes, I know that the rules, rule updates, and the associated paraphernalia is wrapped into the cost of the minis and that by choosing not to use that makes the minis effectively more expensive. Over time, that's a losing proposition, but maybe you just need to hold onto your collection long enough for the world to achieve equilibrium (I won't say "normalize"). For what it's worth, you seem like a really decent guy who loves Star Wars and loves his kids. I'd hate to see you go.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that!
  14. I don't know what your experience or capabilities are... there are several companies that make products for reproducing snow on miniature scale. It's a difficult phenomenon to reproduce in scale simply because snowflakes at scale would be infinitesimally small, and thus would not behave or look the way we expect. On the easier end of the spectrum Citadel Colour makes a "technical paint" called Valhallan Blizzard, which is pretty easy to use. There's a tutorial on using it here. Citadel products are fairly expensive. If that's prohibitive, you might look into products aimed at the model train market. They will probably be cheaper, but may be more difficult to use. Best of luck to you.
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