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  1. Nice! Are the legs removable (for storage), or did you glue them in?
  2. Wow, that looks like it has some real depth to it. Nicely done!
  3. I like the doors as-is. Buildings and vehicles always suffer in scale comparisons to minis, because the minis are on a base that raises them off the the tabletop whereas most scenery pieces are not. As such, scale-correct scenery always looks a little "off" next to the minis. The doors are a perfect example: too tall for an unbased mini, but if you made them the scale-correct height, they'd look too short on the tabletop. And as @Castlecruncher said, the floor panels all look pretty similar. Without a side-by-side or dimensional comparison, I'd recommend the big ones just to save yourself some time.
  4. Nicely done! You might consider MDF for your next terrain base. It can be prone to warping but it's sturdier than foamcore, cuts nicely, and can be more easily textured than styrene sheets.
  5. More ideas might include a field of shattered stumps from an obliterated forest (such as the Somme or Passchendaele), gabions/mantlets/fascines, ruined train tracks, an abattis would make cool area terrain, if you're of a morbid bent a hasty graveyard or cemetery could be interesting. Smoke effects or gas clouds would be more difficult to simulate in this type of game, but might be worth looking into.
  6. Ooh, yeah! It would make a great holotable or tactical projector.
  7. Elmer's Glue will work, though you may have to apply several coats. I've used it successfully to cover the edges of Foamcore before spraypainting. Many craft stores sell purpose-made products for this, but they're often more expensive than the options you've listed. How big a piece are we talking about here?
  8. Assuming that you want to purchase the ship legally (whatever that means), you'll need the appropriate permissions and licenses from the dominant power in your sphere of influence. The Empire is the most obvious, if you intend to work with them as subcontractors. The Hutts are another possibility, as is the Rebel Alliance or any of the more powerful nation-planets. Once a semblance of legitimacy is established, you should be able to contact the manufacturer directly. If you're looking to buy used, then your best bet is finding one of those nation-planets that's engaged in upgrading their fleets with the latest & greatest. As is the case in our real world, they're often willing to sell off older military equipment to offset the expense of upgrading to the new hotness. A de-milled hull might be cheap & easy to come by, if you're willing to source your weapons & targeting hardware and do the installation yourself. Finally, for what it's worth, I think that stealing a ship is a viable option. It may be a little trite, but if you're wanting to establish your reputation as a legitimate paramilitary force, stealing a capital ship from whichever power you plan to NEVER work for has got to earn you some instant credibility. Naturally, it's also great story fodder for your GM.
  9. Assuming a 1:48 scale, a 6' x 3' tabletop would be the equivalent to a 288' x 144' area, or 41,472 square feet, which is a little less than an acre. Wikipedia (for whatever that's worth) lists the "average" Walmart store at around 105,000 square feet, or more than twice the size. The farthest point on that hypothetical battlefield, from one corner to the opposite corner, would only be about 322' feet, well within the range of almost any rifle with open or iron sights. Marksmen consistently made shots like that back as far as the American Revolutionary War.
  10. Only if you're concerned about it remaining square, i.e. true to desired dimensions. For something like this a little warping wouldn't be such a bad thing, I think. You could always hit it with a wash before assembly, just so any warping doesn't create tension.
  11. Highly debatable! The 12.7 has a slightly longer case than the .50 BMG, but my Google-fu shows that the two rounds offer very similar performance. I'd give the edge to the M2 as the longer barrel gives slightly better velocity. The fixed headspace & timing on the new M2A1 make barrel swaps much faster, as well. The W89/W85 is certainly lighter and more easily man-portable, but that's less of an issue in motorized/mechanized units. Are you familiar with the M903 SLAP round?
  12. So... we'll take the worst, most ridiculous part of the B-Wing design and apply it to a TIE Interceptor. Why the **** not?
  13. Looks almost like an early anti-tank weapon, similar to the Finnish L-39 Lahti 20x138mmB. Fun! (But not the same as an M2HB)
  14. There are some very good fan-made supplements floating around for tracking things like fuel consumption. Personally, that level of granularity doesn't do much for me. If you're planning a game based around running a shipping company on a tight budget, and both the GM and players are into that sort of thing, then I wish you the best. For me, that sort of focus on minutiae slows down the game without adding any enjoyment. It doesn't fit the feel of Star Wars. I think you can constrain the party to a tight schedule and tighter budget without getting down in the weeds with spreadsheets accounting for each credit.
  15. In-game it has whatever effect you'd like it to. As alluded to by the other respondents, a hyperlane is like a highway. The route has already been mapped and coordinates are already available for jumps, refueling depots, realspace transitions, etc. Using an existing hyperroute is the fastest and most efficient method to get from Point A to Point B in the SW galaxy. But... just as in the real world, it's possible to get from one point to another without using the expressways and highways, it just takes a lot longer and requires you to do much more of your own navigation. If you run into trouble along the way, you might find yourself a long way from any help, or travelling through bad "neighborhoods," or stranded far from the view of any potentially helpful passers-by. Another angle to consider is that most above-board, honest travelers and merchants will use existing hyperroutes BECAUSE they're faster, more efficient, and thus less expensive. Beings that go out of their way to avoid existing hyperroutes might, in the eyes of the Empire, be viewed with... suspicion.
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