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  1. My campaign mixes modern day with Wicca and Demonology, with some near-future cyberpunk tech and an overall horror tone. Going well so far...!
  2. Yes, I'd be keeping the Fear checks to a relatively infrequent level, rather than having everyone develop paranoid delusions every time someone pops a balloon. I do have one concern about the soft cap of 5 for the Mythos skill, which means 'awarding' ranks in it will have to be quite a rare event, rather than the creeping realisation of CoC's Mythos skill. I'm toying with the idea of having them make a Cool or Discipline check when faced with undeniable proof of the horror, which only if they fail gives them a rank in the Mythos skill. FOr the effects of madness, I'm going with a failure provoking a 'bout' of GM-controlled short-term insanity (duration being one turn plus an extra turn per Threat), with a Despair inflicting a longer-term phobia or mania, success on a Discipline check at the end of each session being required to shake it off. Which, of course, the Mythos skill will add setback dice to as normal. My setting is a little less bleak and fatalistic than Lovecraft's, so there are a couple of Talents that allow my characters to nullify the setback dice under certain circumstances. I still fully expect them to go bonkers every two or three sessions though...
  3. I have a Mythos-like knowledge skill in my urban horror setting, which players cannot buy ranks in but instead gain after discovering major secrets and truths about the universe they live in. The skill is used to identify or notice signs of the hidden horrors they face, with Advantages and Triumphs giving tactical advantages when facing such horrors in combat or magic-based encounters. i am using the Fear mechanic from the horror tone in the core rulebook, with setback dice being added to a Fear check based on the character's ranks in the Mythos-like skill. I've also adapted the mania, phobia and madness tables from CoC which are applied with various levels of severity / duration based on the number of Threat or Despair generated on a Fear check roll. That said, I really like @Larry Ho-Teep's derived Sanity mechanic...
  4. Thanks - and in that case I shall continue A brief sample of the Season One missions, showing one of each type. http://trinity.eternalstories.co.uk/TrinityCodeMissions.pdf
  5. Draft of the first batch of setting-specific Archetypes for The Trinity Code. Average Human, Labourer and Intellectual will also be available (likely reskinned as Ordinary Citizen, Athlete and Academic). (with thanks to @Korlall for the excellent photoshop card templates) http://trinity.eternalstories.co.uk/TrinityCodeArchetypes.pdf
  6. Unknown to all but a few, the world is a battleground. The benign Elders are all but extinct, made irrelevant by humanity's advances in technology and science. Without their protection, the forces of the Endless gather, awaiting the perfect moment to break through the barrier separating their world from ours and establish an eternal dominion of pain and suffering. Only a few desperate but brave souls have the slimmest of chances to avert Armageddon... The Trinity Code is a modern day urban fantasy horror campaign setting and adventure path for Genesys, featuring: new Archetypes and careers including Conspiracy Theorist, Dark Web Hacker and Man/Woman In Black new skills and talents including Martial Arts, Demonology, Friend On The Inside, Child of the Elders and I've Seen Things You People Wouldn't Believe modern day equipment, including black ops weapons, armour and gear, and items imbued with Elder magic a wide range of adversaries both human and supernatural vehicles, including The Enbarr, a stealth craft which will function as an upgradeable mobile base of operations for the characters a new Elder Magic system aligned to the sun, moon and constellations an alternative world history, including details of organisations, urban legends, conspiracies and NPCs expanded Fear and Sanity rules, reflecting the players' state of mind as they uncover 'the truth' In addition to the setting, The Trinity Code will include a campaign adventure path featuring: an epic struggle between the Elders and the Endless, with the fate of the world at stake gameplay divided across a series of 'missions' that provide a mix of action, investigation and intrigue a campaign split into four 'seasons', each culminating with a conflict against a 'big bad' a living sandbox world with an emerging mission / reward structure based on player actions a metagame layer inspired by the likes of X-Com, where the players must choose how to spend a limited amount of time and resources to balance thwarting the Endless, uncovering conspiracies and researching new technologies - all of which will have an impact on the 'Final Conflict' at the end of the campaign a setting that spills out into the 'real' world, allowing enterprising players to uncover additional lore and secrets - e.g. http://trinity.eternalstories.co.uk/ Work on the setting and core campaign mechanics is well underway, aiming for an initial release of the setting and first 'season' in early 2018.
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