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  1. Tabletopadmiral is a terrible name but awesome list builder site for Legion.
  2. Admittedly not any kind of statistician but I think it would be appropriate to consider what they do over a six turn or twelve action game rather than a single die roll, since yes the standard deviations are going to be all over the place (lookin' at you, Z-6) but also the weapons that need reloading are going to take a beating in action effeciency.
  3. Funny to rate them all in the same list since as was accurately stated you can only use one of two on any given trooper unit. But I guess a list of which trooper type was best wouldn't leave as much room for sizzling hot takes like saying anything negative about the Z-6.
  4. Is someone paying tvayumat to keep posting how much better game x is than Legion?
  5. This would be the first mini battle game to ever release a perfect Wave 0 Vader, so I'm sure he's not but in only four games I love him. Obviously a melee dead zone projects around him, but also a couple rockets plus a saber toss in a turn and those T-47 can go down.
  6. I'm just happy to see the people come over from Armada to say how Legion is not as good as Armada. I miss you guys.
  7. hahahhaha 5 loose leafs I can't wait to tape them under the bunk bed above me
  8. @ImpStarDeuces just go to the event and don't worry! It'll be fun! @everyone else, this is what happens when we start threads about how this guy or that guy ticked you off for <insert behavior> at a tournament. Come to tournaments! They're great and tournament players are a generally chill bunch who just like to play Armada. The best thing you can do to prepare for a tourney is know how to play before you get there, but it's still okay if you have only played a couple games! Just show up and have fun.
  9. Played it for a test as a two AF, two CR list versus a six small base fleet. It's so hard to get those things successfully in front of almost anything that can move. Of course, we realized afterwards that like minefields (and those other obj I dislike) it can funnel fleets but do you want to funnel the first player into you so you can square off with him/her shooting first?
  10. After playing against Craigmonition last night I'm adding Nav haZ to the list of obj I don't want to build a list around.
  11. Of course you're right. I believe there's a good list for almost every objective. Challenge for another thread: A list that would include Fleet Ambush. Not one that would be fine playing it, but one that would rather play second player Fleet Ambush than any other yellow.
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